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Monday, December 27, 2010

Rwanda National Dialogue or Another “Animation”?

From the proxylake by Claire Umurungi

Throughout history, dictatorships needed praises. They have always used the state resources to fund big gatherings around them.
They always relied on force, brainwashing, coercion and manipulation to keep going until praises are done freely.
At the time of Habyalimana’s regime in Rwanda, there were political rituals called “Animation”.  
Every member of the civil society would have to join their “cellule”, the smallest administrative unit in the country. Workers would be part of their “cellule specialisée”, a private organization or public institution.
Government policies, such as promotion of modern agricultural techniques and education were often mentioned. But the strategy behind it was one thing; praise to the regime.
It seems another Rwandan regime needs praises. In this year’s “Rwanda national dialogue” that took place in Kigali in December 2010, we saw a rising trend that proves that Kagame needs praises. His version of “animation” is called “national dialogue”.
They brought together Rwandans from all walks of life around President Paul Kagame. Participants, especially those from abroad, were handpicked. Only certain members of Rwandan Diasporas were carefully chosen to travel because of the necessity to ensure that there are no dissenting voices.
For this purpose, funds were dispatched to agents across Europe, America and Africa. They met and dissuaded those who are ready to do the job and play the role. Plane tickets were handed to the chosen ones.
On this point, it was a success. All who attended did nothing but praised President Paul Kagame. One exception, a lady went astray in her speech but two days later she apologized.
With carefully-worded karaoke-type of speeches, participants in turns told President Kagame every word that he would like to hear. They clapped and clapped and clapped. They clap at every word that mentioned anything to do with him. It was “animation” on a big budget.
There was nothing of a true national dialogue. They praised him for his re-election, for his “political space opening”. Some even praised the President for having imprisoned his political opponents such as Madame Victoire Ingabire or for insulting his former colleagues in exile.
One great sign of a dictator: A dictator always has issues with anyone with criticism. Always! Look around and when you see a leader whose political opponents are in jail, exiled or dead, you will have found a good dictator.
Claire Umurungi
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