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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Rwanda: Former Aide to Victoire Ingabire Refuses to Falsely Testify

Olivier Rukundo, a Rwandan PhD student in China will soon see his scholarship terminated, his new Rwandan passport request denied. His own embassy is negotiating his deportation to Rwanda, Olivier told newspaper Umuvugizi.
According to the newspaper, he has been under constant pressure from Rwandan embassy in China to hand over copies of his emails with Victoire Ingabire.
Olivier may have been forced to falsely testify, when his email account proved to contain no implicating evidence against the party chairperson.
Olivier Rukundo claims that Rwandan Embassy in China argued him to cooperate otherwise, without his new passport, China, which takes no refugees in its territory and does not hold much respect to human rights, would deport him back home.
Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza, an opposition leader and chairperson of FDU party is currently behind bars, in Rwanda’s 1930 maximum security prison, awaiting trial.
Victoire Ingabire is one of the two candidates who attempted to contest 2010 Rwandan presidential election. Charges against her include association with terrorist groups, threat to national security. She denies all charges.
Her party says that her detention is illegal as her pre-trial detention order expired on 25th December 2010. The case has not yet been transmitted for evidential trial.
Olivier, a student with a government scholarship in China, was one of the two aides accompanying opposition leader, Mrs Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza in January 2010, during her return to Rwanda for presidential election campaign.
He returned to China two weeks later when he learnt that Victoire Ingabire and her team were facing a threat of imminent political motivated arrests
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