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Monday, April 30, 2012

RWANDA:Letter to William Penn University President to Protest Against Inviting President Paul Kagameto Address the Commencement

I am writing to express my very serious concern over your plans to invite Paul Kagame to your William Penn University to address your commencement on 12 May and to bestow on him your honour of Humane Letters. I suspect you are unaware of his horrendous human rights record to this day and, given the seriousness of the evidence, that he is likely to end of in the same situation as Charles Taylor. (This is not to mention the corruption in the government: I am just involved in a recent case where a Rwandan has fled to the UK. He was in charge of the National Tender Board and saw it all.) We ask you to seriously consider cancelling his invitation, because I am sure it was extended in total innocence of the situation in Rwanda. So that you can assess who is writing this appeal, I attach a brief biographical note.

Since September 2011, the Fahamu refugee Programme has been actively engaged iin a campaign to convince host States and the UN High Commissioner for refugees (UNHCR)  not to invoke the cessation clause. An article in the monthly Fahamu Refugee Legal Aid Newsletter, that will go out tomorrow, is attached. You can see it and past issues on and  We had a petition signed by more than 200 organizations and individuals by December and UNHCR has now postponed the deadline to June 2013. This is not enough.

Here in Britian, the Metropolitan Police have had to warn Rwandans that they could not protect them from the death threats they had been receiving from agents of the Rwandan government  (Rwandan exiles warned of assassination
threat by London police: Two dissidents living in London told that Rwandan government poses imminent risk to their lives; a similar incident just happened in Sweden. In Uganda they have shot a Rwandan journalist and there are many more credible threats against Rwandan refugees.

If you doubt my words, I could mention dozens of books and articles reviewing the human rights record of Kagame from the time of the genocide in 1994 and since. My I suggest just one such scholar, Filip Reyntiens ("Reyntjens Filip" <>), who spends a great deal of time in court on behalf of recent asylum seeker in Europe. There are many others I could refer to you as well.

I would be glad to discuss the matter in greater detail, but I would suggest you check HRW and Amnesty reports, the UN Mapping Report, the Gareton Report - even a recent State Department's representative's report, to help you see what a very serious mistake it would be to encourage this

With best regards,

Dr. Barbara E. Harrell-Bond, Director
Fahamu Refugee Programme
298 Banbury Road, Flat 2
Oxford OX2 7ED
Phone: +44 (0) 1865 424 697
Mobile: 07906203368
Skype: Barbara.Harrellbond

In September 1993, UN General Romeo Dallaire reported to UN Secy Gen. Bourtros Ghali in his Report of the Reconnaisance Mission to Rwanda (International Humanitarian Law Institute, St. Paul, Jan 2012).  That the RPF was the militarily dominant force in Rwanda and had almost seized power in February 1993, being transformed from 2,000 defeated Ugandan troops to 20-25,000 well-armed, trained, and provisioned light infantry.
This transformation occurred, according to Dallaire in the remote Virunga mountains in Uganda, without visible means of support....the Reconnaisance Report is available on Amazon.  Dallaire also reports that, after confering with all parties....the population of Rwanda includes 660,000 Tutsis...slightly more than the 600,000 plus reported in the 1990 census.  
After the genocide, the victorious army and government  like every war ever fought gave the victors the chance to tell the story of the war, and the RPF Tutusi-survivors organization reported in 1995 that 300,000 Tutsi survived the genocide.
This means that some 300-350,000 Tutsis were killed in the genocide....a horrific number to be sure....However, Mr. Kagame's government and his supporters tell us 800,000-1,000,000 mainly Tutsi were killed...when he speaks at the graduation ceremony...would you please research my figures and inquire how this is possible? 
Davenport of Notre Dame and Stam at U Mich did so when employed by the ICTR prosecution and concluded twice as many Hutus and Tutsi were killed in Rwanda.
Also, in December 2011....the supposed "mastermind of the genocide" Col Bagosora received his final appeal all national military leaders, including my client he was acquitted of planning or conspiracy to commit any crimes BEFORE the assassination of the two presidents....which means he was not invovled in that either.  He WAS convicted of failing to properly supervise troops on April 7/8/9...that's all.  The british press has called it "a genocide without a brain"
Kagame arrest me...and would have imprisoned me for life....because the contents of this email are "genocide denial....citing the Judgements of the UN Tribunal that exculpate the defeated was my crime.  Kagame issued a standing "wanted dead or alive" order to all Rwanda ambassadors and top military officers in October 2010...last week the Amb to US and UN still were attempting carry out the order through getting UN intermediaries to get my wife to Rwanda....this is for keeps and is not just an academic exercise....even an academic stumbles on documents ala Julian Assange. 
Please read the Oct 2010 UNHCHR mapping report to get a flavor of the massive crimes since the 500,000 killed in the Luwero Triagle in Uganda in the 1980's when Kagame helped Museveni seized power.  You are consorting with a criminal....but please, do not believe me.  Check the sources.
Please note sources in the attached article and let me know, if....after this graduation....your campus has interest in developing a deeper understanding of what actually did happen in Rwanda....with the victor's slant which in history is much too common, as we know.  See also, the largest researchable database of daily UN and US reports of the Rwanda genocide, which confirms the narrative that acquitted the top miitary and government leaders of conspircy and is the basis for the article. 
Prof. Peter Erlinder
University of Chicago Law School, Bigelow Fellow
Director, International Humanitarian Law Institute
c/o Wm. Mitchell College of Law
St. Paul, MN 55105

Thursday, April 26, 2012


By Jean Paul Ndindamahina

It is always good to fight for what you believe in and have that courageous and consider yourself as the best but, as i write this,I am asking myself where an arrogance within Rwanda National Congress is going to lead Rwandan people especially those who have thirsty to go back to their motherland in peace?.
Many RNC members do  think  only they know how to push for a change and, I find that to be wholly arrogant. There are those members of RNC who believe that without RNC,all Rwandan opposition parties  will be silenced. RNC Members believe that they are the ones who are able to push for a really change in Rwanda and the contraly is the truth.

Before Lt Gen Kayumba Nyamwasa run way from his accountabilities as his friend Kagame claims, Opposition in Rwanda was getting stronger and stronger. What RNC brought within opposition climate is the state of confusion.There are those members from other opposition parties who looked at RNC leaders as  saviors who hold a lot of hell secrets about  both the Government of Rwanda and about all crimes committed in the past against the citizen of Rwanda.Most exiled Rwandans seemed to be more interested in those who claim to hold a key to secrets to what happened to them in the past.Rudasingwa claims he knows who killed Habyarimana, and many Habyarimana supporters are following him one by one. People are manupulated quickly! I have strong doubt that Rudasingwa, a simple medical officer in other words,a nurse within RPF Liberation movement, could hold key information in Habyarimana's death. It is impossible.It is just his tricks to trap people and confuse them.
When he was in France, Dr Theogene Rudasingwa said that under their efforts, they have brought together all Rwandan people for a really change "It is the first time that Hutus and Tutsis come together for a common cause" he told a mass of  exiled Rwandan refugees. For him, he thought he was addressing his lies to idiots people who would not in turn analyse his speech. But, him to avoid any question about other Hutus involvement  within RPF during their bush war,he referred to one member of FPR , Alex Kanyarengwe who was overall the president of APR and FPR. Rudasingwa, in addressing to the cloud of people including Kanyarengwe's friends and may be relatives, he said that  Kanyarangwe Alex was picked up for tricks to show to an international community that their movement was not ethnic based.
It was all tricks, he said. Kanyarengwe was used by us. The message from Rudasingwa about Kanyarengwe is that  whatever Kanyarengwe did, including signing the Arusha peace accord, it was all tricks and for Rudasingwa, Kanyarangwe was a tool used by Tutsis elites within RPF. I wonder how that can happen as until his death Kanyarengwe remained on his role as the chairman of RPF. I find it hard to believe in Rudasingwa's words that Hutus were used by Tutsis during the liberation movement when a hutu, Pasteur Bizimungu who was heavily involved in RPF liberation movement was the one who was nominated to lead Rwanda as President after the war ended in 1994.There is obviously a say that Kagame has been a president of Rwanda since 1994 which may be the truth but, That may have pushed by extremists individuals such as Rudasingwa who did not want to see a Hutu as a president. As many claim, Rudasingwa has a cotempt towards Hutus ethnic.So, i was not surprised to learn from Rudasingwa that he picked kanyarengwe up for just to be used and for political tricks.

Their tricks continue to trap many  democratics citizen. Their tricks are based to nothing else but promising their followers,a card which seems working for them so far, to bring Kagame and his crimes to book. This kind of political ideology to fight the past rather than the present has slowed the proccess of retaining the Rwanda's political ground.

RNC Leaders believe that they are the only ones who can push for actions.One member of RNC comment on facebook that other party have spent a long time doing nothing and they are now the ones to push for a change. It is true that most of Hutus who are in exile are afraid to speak up because the tricks used by RPF-led government to falsely accuse every Rwandan,  especially Hutus who  speaks out, is falsely accused of playing roles in the crimes of genocide against Tutsis. This false allegation tactics have led many Hutus exiles to keep silence to their own problems. I believe Rwandans have worked tirelessly to bring change in their motherland. It is unbelievable that many Rwandans seem to ignore that before kayumba and Rudasingwa together with his elder Brother run away from their accountabilities in Rwanda, there were deo Mushayidi who is now serving a life sentence in prison for forming a terrorists group(uncomfirmed facts) and Ntanganda a leader of  PS imberakuri and MmeVictoire Ingabire of FDU Inkingi  who are all now in prison  for pushing for a change in Rwanda. All those are heroes you can not dismiss regardless how they play their politics, they are true heroes.
What the people especially those who believe in RNC political activities,do get their misunderstanding from? For me and on my behalf, i do not see any political activities that  RNC is involved in. All i see is RNC travelling all over the world sawing their seeds of propaganda and person hatred ideology. I amy also say that all RNC followers will gain nothing but bad confusion and defeat. First of all RNC is a movement that lacks political strategy to the real problems of Rwanda. And, unless RNC and other political parties employ political strategy to fight against the current regime, RNC members will reap nothing but an arrogance and a bad defeat. Politics has many tricks  and its up to the members of Rwanda democrats to be aware of those tricks and that is our challenge.

RWANDA:Ubuhanuzi ku Rwanda, iyicwa rya Kagame (Rwabujindiri rurya ntiruhage)

by Tingiting Survivors on Saturday, March 3, 2012 at 8:10am ·
Ku batarumva uwitwa Nyirabiyoro, umupfumu wabayeho muri za 1740, dore igice cy’amagambo yuzuye ubuhanuzi yateranye na Kigeli III Ndabarasa, Umwami w’u Rwanda wabayeho mu kinyejana cya 18; ibi byagiye bihererekanywa par tradition orale, ibi byandukuwe mu kinyamakuru CANARD ENCHAINE N° O43 (page 5) cyasohotse mbere y’intambara ya 1994. Icyo kinyamakuru cyandikwaga mu gifransa; nyiracyo yandikaga n’ikindi mu Kinyarwanda:”NYABARONGO”. Iyi version yasohotse muli za 1993, NYIRABIYORO NA NDABARASA (1741) ....NYIRABIYORO ati n’ubwo unyise incike ariko nawe ni nk’aho uriyo kuko wabyaye ibigina bitazagira icyo bimarira ingoma. Ati nyuma y’ingoma eshatu, niho hazaza RWAGITINYWA[1] uzarasana inkundura mu myambi n’ibishirira.
Ati azaganza ariko igitero azagaba hakurya y’amazi magari kizamusama[2]. NDABARASA wari umaze umwanya ajunjamye asa nawe n’urimo kubonekerwa asubiza NYIRABIYORO ati ntacyo RUTAMU[3] azaramira ingoma. NYIRABIYORO: Umunsi se RUTAMU yatsindiriwe kuri SINE[4] ikayitera umugeri igatora iyayo, bizagenda bite? NDABARASA: Yireke RUSINE[5] yonke. NYIRABIYORO: Uravuga se RUKARA mbona rurebera mw’ihembe?[6]
Umunsi yacumitanye na RUTAMU ko mbona azarutera amacumu akarutwikira mu nzu nk’umugome, rukota ku manywa rugakongoka ![7] NDABARASA: RUKARA nyirarwo azarusegasira. NYIRABIYORO: Urankangisha se RUKARA rutwariye urumoso rutsinze umusaya?
Ko mbona se ibigenzi bifite uruhu rutukura[8] nk’urw’impinjEse ko mbona ikinyamaswa gihetse ikindi giturutse mu MUBALI wa KABEJA azagitsindisha iki?[10] Ese iriya nyamaswa izatera umurizo I Karagwe undi ikawutera I Bunyabungo wowe urayibona?[11] Biriya bigenzi bifite uruhu nk’urw’impinja ko RUKARA abirebera mw’ihembe azabigamburuza bizagenda bite?
Ko mbona RUKARA rwonkereje nyina mu muraru, maze rukagwa igihugu igicuri?[12]
NDABARASA: RUKARA rw’amabuno[13] azime ingoma. NYIRABIYORO: Urankangisha RUKARA rw’incike[14] mbona ruzagenda hasi no hejuru rukagenda mu nda y’inzovu, harimo ibuye rivuza ubuhuha, narwo ruzagwa ishyanga hakagaruka umurambo?
NDABARASA: RUKARA rundi azaramire ingoma. NYIRABIYORO: Urankangisha RUKARA rw’igisage rutazambara ikamba rukaraza ariko ntirusamure, maze rukazagaruka mu Rwanda rushaje?[15] Dore nta kabuza u Rwanda ruzarara nze. Ndabona ba bagabo b’urutuku igihugu bakigabije umubambuzashakwe[16]. Ese zirajya he CYIMUMUGIZI, RWOGA, RWAMO na
KALINGA ![17] Dore umunsi imbwa zambaye ingoro, ingoma zivugira mu Marangara, ku munsi wa Ngirente, ababyeyi bazifuza kuba ingumba.[18] Ubwatsi bwo munsi y’inzira buzahura n’ubwo haruguru yayo maze arugenge NYANGUFI.[19] Ariko ariyimbire kuko amugenda runono RUKARA rw’igisunzu rugoreka amagambo[20]. RUKARA rw’igisunzu rwambaye utubuye tubengerana ku ntugu azirenza NYANGUFI, igihugu akigabire umugore[21].
Ndabona abasangirangendo baryana ijoro n’umunsi bamwe bashyirwa ku ngoyi[22], RUGANZU yambuka Akagera ashinga imiganda I Karagwe yunga ubumwe n’abavantara. Ariko RUKARA rw’igisunzu rugenda rutseta ikirenge[23] aririwe ntaraye.
Uru rugamba mbona ararurwana ahereye hehe?[24] Aragoreka amagambo ariko niyiyimbire ndabona aguye mu mibyuko igihugu gicura imiborogo,intore zigarura ituze, intebe ihabwa RUKIRIGITANGWE RWA MUDATINYA akarangwa n’uruziga mu mboni[25]. Ihumure riragaragara ariko ndabona bacuranwa, abana bose ntibahabwa ijambo.
Ndabona RWEGO RUKANGURA-SHYAMBA afite inkoni y’icyuma mu ntoki. Ndabona imandwa zisatira ku mulinzi zisakabaka. Ese ko ntabona uyoboye imihango umukuru ngombwa arava he? Ndabona RUKIRIGITANGWE RWA MUDATINYA ashinze icumu I Bunyabungo bavuga amacumu abakuru b’ingabo. Ndabona I Karagwe habaye ingaruzwamuheto abavuzi
b’amacumu barizihirwa. Ko mbona se u Rwanda rushubijwe bene rwo ariko umwezi
ntutambe? Ko mbona RUTUKU agaruye induru impundu zikabura?

Dore ubwatsi bwo mu nsi y’inzira bwongeye guhura n’ubwo haruguru yayo ariko ndabona RUGILI mu nda y’inyoni ahageze aramira ingoma bamuha ijambo atangariza bose ati u Rwanda ndarubogoye. Maze u Rwanda rutemba amata n’ubuki.
“Abafite amatwi nibumve ibigiye kuba ngo u Rwanda rugere ku mahoro asesuye.
Uliya RUGILI uzataha munda y'inyoni agatanga ihumure ninde?? "
Source: CANARD ENCHAINE No.43, page 5
[1] RWAGITINYWA ni Kigeli IV Rwabugiri
[2] Kigeli IV Rwabugiri yakomerekeye bikomeye ku rugamba rwo kw’Idjwi I
Bunyabungo, hanyuma atanga ari mu rugo rwe rw’I Rubengera.
[3] RUTAMU ni Mibambwe Rutarindwa
[4] SINE ni umugabekazi Kanjogera. Rutarindwa yimitswe ari impfubyi atagira nyina.
Nta mwami rero wimaga atagira umugabekazi. Nuko bamutsindira kuri muka se Kanjogera nyina wa Musinga.
[5] RUSINE yaba ari Musinga umuhungu wa Kanjogera. Niwe Nyirabiyoro yita Rukara rurebera mw’ihembe.
[6] Kurebera mw’ihembe nuko Musinga yari afite amaso manini cyane, ku buryo wabonaga asa n’ureba imirari.
[7] Aha Nyirabiyoro arashaka kuvuga ibyo ku Rucunshu, aho ingabo za Musinga afanyije na Nyina Kanjogera na nyirarume Kabare, bateye umwami Rutarindwa iwe bakahatwika hagahinduka umuyonga.
[8] Aha arashaka kuvuga abazungu
[9] Amasuka ni imbunda.
[10] Aha Nyirabiyoro arashaka kuvuga abazungu ba mbere baje bahetswe n’indogobe, bagaturuka mu Mubali, mu burasirazuba bw’u Rwanda.
[11] Iyi nyamaswa ni umuhanda uva muri Tanzaniya ukagera I Bukavu wambukiranyije u Rwanda. Niwo agereranya n’inyamaswa y’imirizo ibiri, Ntabona neza umutwe n’umurizo
[12] Aha Nyirabiyoro aravuga ukuntu Abapadri bera muri 1931 bazacira Musinga I Kamembe, hanyuma akahava ajya I Moba muri Kongo aho yaguye.
[13] RUKARA rw’amabuno ni umwami Mutara Rudahigwa
[14] Rudahigwa yabaye incike kuko nta mwana yabyaye. Yabaye umwami wa mbere w’u Rwanda wagendeye “mu nda y’inzovu” (mu ndege) ajya I Bulayi muri 1949 no muri 1958.Ibuye rivuza ubuhuha ni moteri yayo. Hanyuma kuwa 25 Nyakanga 1959, Rudahigwa yaguye I Bujumbura hagaruka umurambo
[15] Uyu Rukara rw’igisage ruzagaruka mu Rwanda rushaje ni Kigeli V Ndahindurwa.
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[22] Aha Nyirabiyoro aravuga ubwumvikane buke bwavutse hagati y’abafatanyije na Habyarimana guhirika Kayibanda, maze bamwe muri bo bagafungwa
[23] Habyarimana yari afite igisunzu, kandi yari yaravunikiye mu myitozo ya gisirikare akiri muri Ecole d’Officiers, ku buryo yacumbagiraga gato. Waba utabizi ukaba utabibona kuko yashyiragamo ifiyeri
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[25] Rukirigitangwe rwa Mudatinya ni Paul Kagame, imboni ku maso zimuranga ni amadarubindi yambara.
Uwatanze ibi bisobanuro ntabwo yakomeje ngo arangize ubanza ibikurikira ubutegetsi bwa Kagame atabyifuza.

Ubwatsi bwo mu nsi y'inzira buzahura n'ubwo haruguru, u Rwanda ruzahabwa Nyangufi,
Nyirabiyoro ati: "Rukara rw'Igisunzu ruzagwa mu mibyuko, igihugu gicure imiborogo. NYIRABIYORO yari umunyakaragwekazi, akaba n'umupfumu wari uzwi ho ubuhanga busesuye; Ku ngoma ya Kigeli IV Rwabugiri, wari warasimbuye Mutara II Rwogera, NYIRABIYORO yari afite imyaka 55, Icyo gihe (ahagana mu w'i1880), igihugu cyali gifite ibibazo ku nkiko, ikirwa cy'Ijwi cyarigometse gitegekwa n’uwitwa NKUNDIYE wa KABEGO.

Mu Ndorwa no mu Bunyabungo barigometse, imyaka itakera mu buryo bushimishije, u Rwanda
ubona rwugarijwe n'akaga. KIGELI IV RWABUGIRI atumiza NYIRABIYORO ngo ahanure insinzi y'ako kaga; Kubera ko RWABUGIRI yateguraga gutera Ijwi mu Ndorwa n'Ubunyabungo akahagarura, NYIRABIYORO amuragurira ko azabatsinda.

Amubwira n'amaza, amumenyesha ko ingoma izahinduka mu gihe kitari kure, abana be RUTARINDWA na MUSINGA bakayirwanira bigacika ku Rucunshu. Koko rero ahagana mu mpera z'umwaka w'1896 MIBAMBWE RUTARINDWA yimye ingoma (RWABUGIRI amaze gutanga) bamuha KANJOGERA (nyina wa YUHI MUSINGA) ho umugabekazi, bafata izina ry'ubutegetsi NYIRAMIBAMBWE. Yari afite basaza be KABARE na RUHINANKIKO, bagambiriye kwambura ingoma MIBAMBWE RUTARINDWA, bakayiha mwishywa wabo YUHI MUS INGA. Niko byagenze rero maze bafatanyije na mushiki wabo KANJOGERA, bararikoroza ku Rucunshu, bica RUTARINDWA, YUHI MUSINGA yima ingoma, nyina aba umugabekazi ku izina rya NYIRAYUHI.

NYIRABIYORO yaraguriye RWABUGILI kandi iby'umwaduko w'abazungu n'ibintu bizawukurikira: NYANGUFI uzambura ubutegetsi abanyiginya umunsi imbwa zambaye ingoro ingoma zikavugira mu Marangara. Aragura ko Nyangufi azicwa na RUKARA rw'igisunzu rugenda ruseta ikirenge, ruzateza u Rwanda akaga umunsi ruzagwa mu mibyuko, amaraso akameneka ari menshi. NYIRABIYORO abwira KIGELI ati: "Koko uli KIGELI kigera ikirenge mu cya RWOGERA". Uragura inkiko uganza u Mulera, uragaruza mu Bushubi no mu Bishugi, uragenga u Buhoma, mu Buberuka no mu Bwanacyambwe, urahaca ibiraro, Nyaruguru no mu Buganza bagatura amahoro, Urarwagura u Rwanda nyamara urakorera ubusa

RWABUGIRI, yireke Rusine yonke.. NYIRABIYORO Rusine rw'incike ruzima inka rutazibyarira ruzagenda hasi no hejuru, maze rukazagwa igihugu igicuri ? Dore bazaza abagabo b'urutuku rwera, bitwaje imyuko kandi bagenda bicaye. Bazakigabira umubambuzashakwe.. Zirajya hehe Cyimumugizi, Rwoga, Rwamo na Kalinga. Umunsi imbwa zambaye ingoro, ingoma zivugira mu Marangara, ku munsi wa Ngirente, ababyeyi bazifuza kuba ingumba, ubwatsi bwo mu nsi y'inzira buzahura n'ubwo haruguru. U Rwanda ruzahabwa Nyangufi.

Azamugenda runono Rukara rw 'igisunzu ruvuga rugoreka amagambo. Ruzamwirenza Rukara rwambaye utubuye ku ntugu, igihugu rukigabize umugore. Ariko urugo ruvuga umugore ruvuga umuhoro. Dore abasangirangendo bararyana ijoro n'umunsi. Bamwe bashyizwe ku ngoyi Ruganzu yambuka akagera, ashinga imiganda ishyanga, afatana urunana n'abavantara... Dore Rukara rw'igisunzu rugenda ruseta ikirenge aririwe ntaraye.

Uru rugamba mubona ararutsinda ate ? Inkiko zirugalijwe. Aragoreka amagambo ariko niyiyimbire. Dore bazamutsinda mu mibyuko igihugu gicure imiborogo. Intore zizagarura ituze intebe zizicazeho Rukirigitangwe rwa Mudatinya umugabo wambaye uruziga mu mboni. Ihumure riragaragara ariko se ko mbona bacuranwa abana bose ntibahabwe ijambo? Dore Rwego rukangura-shyamba azuye umugara.

Ese izi mandwa ko mbona zisatiye ku Mulînzi zisakabaka umukuru-ngombwa azayobora imihango ate ? Ndabona umugabo usheshe akanguhe uvuga isi igatigita ababyeyi bakamuha impundu. Dore yegereye ku mulinzi Ruterandongozi. Ashagawe n'abaturage ibihumbi n'ibihumbagiza. Ndabona Rutuku amusanga afashe uruboho mu ntoki, afashe ijambo ahumuliza abaturage, impundu zivuga urwanaga.

Indagu igeze aha Rwabugiri wali wicaye ku gisasiro igihe Nyirabiyoro yamuhanuriraga ibi byose. Yasabye ko yabanza akibambika, yaza kwibambura umunyakaragwekazi akagumya kumubwira ibisigaye, akamubwira n'intsinzi. Nyirabiyoro abanyagikari bamujyanye kumutegurira aho aryama, Umwe muri bo asubiye gufata amategeko ku mwami, asanga uyu ameze

nk'ubabaye kubera indagu Nyirabiyoro yari amaze kumugezaho. Uwo munyagikari asohoka atekereza ati uriya mugore usize arakaje umwami akoze ishyano, Amucumita ikimito mu rwano amwica atarangirije Kigeli indagu, ubucurabwenge bwari busigaye bubura butyo


Perefe Zigiranyirazo muramu wa Habyarimana akimara kumva ko nta kabuza Abatutsi bari hanze bazafata u Rwanda, nyuma ariko ngo bakazarwirukanwamo n’umuzungu warubahaye, Zigiranyirazo yatse intsinzi, Magayane ati kereka Habyarimana yeguye igihugu akagiha Abanyenduga kuko ni bo bazi amacenga y’Abatutsi, bityo mwebwe mukicara.
Zigiranyirazo yavuze ko bafunga Magayane, Magayane akigera mu buroko 1930 yabwiye uwamutekeraga ati: kuwa kane nzapfa maze kurya imboga, Niko byagenze Kuko yahawe imboga z’isogo yakundaga kuwa kane yitaba Imana. Yanabwiye n’uwo musirikare wamutekeraga ko azagwa mu maguru y’abagore, niko byagenze uwo musore yagiye gusambanya umugore w’undi mugabo, ategerwa ku irembo bamutsinda aho. Ibyo yahanuriye abandi ni ibi: yabwiye Ambasaderi Kagenza Alphonse muri Nzeri 1972 ko Kayibanda uzengurutse u Rwanda rwose ngo aribuka isabukuru y’imyaka 10 y’ubwigenge ko ariho asezera ku banyarwanda ko nta myaka itatu azamara ategeka, ko nategura n’imva ye itazaboneka.
Yabwiye Kanyarengwe Alexis ko azahunga akambuka Akagera, akagaruka arwana, akazitwa umutegetsi wa nyirarureshwa, akabona ibibi n’ibyiza, nyuma agapfa adahinwe azize indara-mabuno. Yavuze ko hari abazungu bagiye gufungirwa mu Ruhengeri, abandi b’abatasi bazabakurikira bakagwa kuri Muhungwe byarabaye, abacanshuro bashatse gufata Congo banyuze i Goma mu 1978. Surete ya Lizinde yari ikaze ibata muri yombi bafatirwa mu mahoteri ku Gisenyi, bafungiwe mu Ruhengeri, nyuma y’aho abandi bakoreye plan yo gufata u Rwanda na Congo byombi muri Parc y’ibirunga i Rwindi(Congo), baje mu Rwanda n’ibyuma kabuhariwe bifotora, indege ibagusha muri Komini Kanama(Bugoyi-Gisenyi) hafi ya Muhungwe.

Magayane yahamagariwe gukora animation bamamaza, banacengeza amatwara ya Muvoma, ati: uwabyiniye Nkubitoyimanzi Rudahigwa, na Bwenge nyakuri Kayibanda, ntiyabyinira Muvoma izanywe n’abungura bazubika u Rwanda. Burugumesitiri Kabalira yahise amufungira mu kasho amuziza gupfobya MRND AKANATUKA Perezida wayo ngo ni umwungura w’umushyushya. Nyuma y’icyumweru baramurekuye, Magayane abwira Kabalisa ati ati: kumfungira ubusa kwawe nawe uzafungirwa ahatava izuba. Bwarakeye basanga Kabalira yarariye imisanzu ya MRND, YAFUNGIWE MURI Prison Special mu Ruhengeri; Magayane yabwiye Theoneste Lizinde ati: Ugiye kuzafunganwa n’abantu bambaye utubuye tubengerana ku ntugu, mukazashyirwa aho wajyaga ufungira abandi. Bwarakeye Lizinde avumbura imashini yakoraga amafaranga, iyo mashini yari ihuriweho na Majyambere n’ibindi bikomerezwa. Lizinde agijeje I bukuru, bati uyu muntu azabwira abanyamahanga akari I Murore bati: tumwohereze Zimbabwe, navayo tuti yateguraga coup d’Etat, ahite afungwa. Yabwiye Lizinde ati ikimenyetso cy’ifungwa ryawe n’umwana uzabyarwa na Madame Habyarimana ari ikimara. Byarabaye uwo mwana avukira mu Bubiligi ari ikimara(baramuhishaga) nta cyumweru cyahise Lizinde atabwa muri yombi. Magayane ati Lizinde nafungurwa ,ingabo zizaturuka hanze, uzicarana nazo akanya gato, uzahunga zizagutsinda hanze. Magayane yabwiye Adjudant Chef wayoboraga Gereza ya Ruhengeri witwaga Sembagare ati: uri igikenya ntuzisazira. Bwarakeye ajya iwabo I Muramba-Gisenyi, inkuba itagira amazi iramwasa. Magayane yabwiye undi muyobozi w’iyo Gereza Adjudant cyarahani ati: uzicirwa muri iyi prison. Umwaga wawe uzashirira aha. Yabwiye abanyururu bagenzi be ati; iyi myenda mubona y’umukara twambaye izasimbuzwa ibara ribengerana(Rose) yarongeye ati: ibohozwa ry’iyi prison rizabanzirizwa no kuma kw’iki giti cy’ingazamarumbo mubona imbere ya Gereza, ati hano mu nzu indani hazinjira ihene izaherekeza abashyitsi, bwarakeye igiti kiriyumisha, naho ubwo Musenyeri Nsengiyumva yasuraga Gereza ya Ruhengeri, bibagiwe gukinga ihene irabinjirana, nijoro bumva iramena amasafuriya irya ubugali. Magayane ati: ngicyo ikimenyetso mwatashye, mais abazahungira Rwabeya muzashira. Abahungiye Rwabeya-Musanze bahuye n’abakodo ba Mukamira baje kubohoza Ruhengeri, babamenaho urusoro babita inyenzi kubera atahwemye kwikoma ingoma ya Kinani, byateye ubwoba abayobozi ba Gereza ya Ruhengeri, bahitamo kumushyikiriza ibiro by’iperereza ngo yisobanure. Yasabye ko Habyara n’ibyegera bye baza, maze ubuhanuzi bufatwa kuri za kasete buranandikwa.
Dore uko yavuze: wowe Habyarimana ndagukandagiye ugiye kugwa ku kibuga gikikijwe n’imfunzo kandi nupfa Kigali izuzuramo intumbi agahishyi. Ibimenyetso ni abazungu bazaza kugukanga nawe uzashyira mu bitugu byawe mu bushoroshori umugore w’umugambanyo, inyamaswa y’ihembe rimwe izaba ibiyogoza mu rukiga na Ndorwa, iyo nyamaswa izakwira u Rwanda imena amaraso menshi, izaguhitana nta kabuza, keretse weguye. Habyara ati shaka intsinzi: Magayane ati ntayo, ati ubutegetsi bwawe buzafatwa nabo bavantara, bazigera kino gihugu, nyuma bazakivanwamo nk’ubufindo. Magayane ati uzasimburwa na Rusukumo ruzamara amezi atatu, hakurikireho bihwahwa wok u ruzi rw’iwanyu, nyuma ye ngo hazategeka Rwabujindiri rurya ntiruhage; uwo Rwabujindiri azajegezwa ihembe inshuro enye, Ihirikwa rya Rwabujindiri rizagenda ritya; Magayane ati: azaraswa umwambi w’igishirira na bene nyina ari mu Bugesera nyuma hazameneka andi maraso menshi, noneho rutuku wamuhaye ubutegetsi ashyireho umusaza usheshe akanguhe uzaba ari inyuma y’igihugu azane Ihumure, acyure rukara rw’ibisage ruzabyinirwa bigatinda. Abantu bazaba baragiye ishyanga bose batahuke, habeho umunezero n’uburumbuke n’amahoro ya nyayo.
Uko bizamera ingoma ya Rwabujindiri igeze mu marembera: Hazabaho isubiranamo ry’abicaye ku ntebe. Hazabaho inzara, agahiri n’agahinda, no kwiyahura. Hazabaho urwikekwe yewe n’umwana azatinya se na nyina; hazabaho amalira yuzuye intango ku bari mu bihome, hazabaho ibisahira-nda birya akaribwa n’akataribwa bazakora ibishoboka byose ngo batsindure rwara rw’umugara rubundiye mu mashyamba, nyamara nabyutsa umugara igihugu kizabyara igihunyira. Bazafatanya n’amahanga, nyuma bibe zero, ahubwo intambara yongere itangire ikazahagarikwa na l’ONU ya gatatu. Magayane ati uwo rutuku uzaza agahagarara hagati y’abazaba barwana, niwe uzatoranya umutegetsi. Hazabaho inyoni z’uducurama zizarika mu biti by’abo biyicaje ku ntebe. Hazabaho ibika ry’isake isura urwimo ikigera ku mutambiko w’urusenge, hazabaho abandi bazahanura nkajye bakabizira: hazabaho ihene izabyara isekurume indwi zange konka. Umwami w’ishyamba azaza kwiba.
Mwibuke ko Magayane yavuze ati: nimubona Kigali yuzuye amase atewe n’imyigaragambyo y’inka. Muzamenyeko Kinani yahirimye, kuko amase azasimbuzwa intumbi z’abantu. Byarabaye mu kwa gatatu 1994 umugabo watswe igikingi yazanye inka ze kuri Rond-point Kigali inka zacunzwe n’aba GD Umujyi wabaye umunuko kubera amase. Nyuma y’ukwezi kumwe intumbi zasimbuye amase. Ikindi gikomeye yaravuze ati: Habyarima napfa, abantu bazahunga iki gihugu, ati ariko abazahungira mu majyarauguru y’uburengerazuba bazapfamo benshi. Koko abahungiye Goma, Mugunga, Kibumba, Katale, Kahindo basanze Dogiteri w'umututsi w'Umunyamurenge Ukomoka ku Kibuye wo mu bihugu byo hanze yakwije amarozi mu majyaruguru ya Kivu, bayasigaga ku gisheke, irindazi, umuneke, ikijumba, ikigeri, bashyize no mu bigage, inzagwa n’amasigara, imbaga yarahatikiye ngo ni kolera daaaaaaaaaa! Magayane yabisubiyemo inshuro eshatu ati: aba bavantara baturutse i Bugande Bazafata kino gihugu nta kabuza, ati: ariko bararye bari menge kuko bazakibavanamo kandi nabi. Ababizi bemeza ko abo mu kazu ka FPR imitungo yabo yambukijwe kera ikaba iri muri Eritereya, Etiyopiya, Afurika y’epfo, I Burayi na Amerika, mbese barasahura nk’aho nta mizero bafitiye u Rwanda. Ubu buhanuzi mbukesha umwe mu bakozi b’ibiro by’iperereza bo hambere mu mwaka w’1978 uwandikiraga Kinani ibivuzwe na Magayane. Ukunyunganira kwanyu bizadushimisha. Ntabwoba Gregoire. Cyangwa se niba ufite ibindi watumenyesha wa kwandikira iyi website kuli

Maman Domitilla:  Maman Domitilla nawe, ukomoka i Murenge ho muri Zaire mu buhamya bwe, akimara gupfa akajyanwa mu ijuru, akaza kuzuka, akagaruka nyuma y’iminsi 4, yazanye ubutumwa bugaragara, kandi bwo kwitonderwa. Mu gice cya nyuma mu buhamya bwe aragira ati:
  • Ibi mvuga nibyo nabwiwe ndi mu ijuru, nasabwe kutagira icyo nongeraho; nicyo nkuramo, kandi ko ngomba kubibwira abantu bose, bagahinduka inzira zikigendwa.
  • Aho avuga ngo"anti-christ"ni umwe mu bategetsi Urwanda rufite,ukomeye cyane; utavuguruzwa ,bita Afandi Pc; nkurikije uko uyu mugabo twaganiriye yabinsobanuriye. Yemeza ko Anti-christ ari umuntu tubana. Inyamaswa iri ku gise avuga, ikanatera imbabazi ni ugutabariza abana b’abanyarwanda, aho bababwira ko bafite intsyo zizatsya amasaka bejeje, kandi ko azaborohereza guhunga, bakwanga akabamenesha cg se akabatoneka.
  • Avuga ko anti-Christ ahabwa ububashya n;abantu bari kuri iyi si(aha yansobanuriye ko ari COMMUNAUTE INTRANTIONALE imutera inkunga, cyane cyane igihe yafashye bamwe ikabazirika amaboko, abandi ikabaha ibirwanishyo;abandi ni nka ba Museveni bamushyigikiye kimwe nabo bise ibyitso bamukorera, ariko ingaruka zabo bose ntizatinze kugaragara)
  • Aravuga ko iyo nzoka isa namwe mwese,ikaba ifite amayeri menshyi(guhimbira inzira-karengane amakosa batigeze bakora, kandi amahanga yose akabyemera;akanakingira ikibaba abagizi ba nabi ngo batazajya kuburanishwa muri TIPR)
  • Aho avuga ngo "Langi tatu": -Umweru: Uwo muntu azababeshya ngo azanye amahoro; ahagritse ubwicanyi, itsembatsemba n’itsembabwoko; ibintu byiza byinshyi(amazu=kubohoza)bose bamuyoboke,kandi anafashye benshyi,bati dore uwo twari dutegereje! -Umutuku: Niyo yazana amahoro ate, azaba yaramennye amaraso y,inzirakarengane nyinshyi, zitagira kirengera;kandi azakomeza kumena andi menshi y,abera(nawe se murebe amaraso y,abatutsi bari mu Rwanda bitwa ngo impamvu batapfuye ni uko bakoranaga n,interahamwe;amaraso y,aba Perezida 2 BOSE hamwe n,abafashya babo,inzirakarengane za Byumba; Kigali;Nyakinama(grotte);Nyamutera-Gitarama;Kibeho-Kinigi;Giciye n;ahandi; ntavuze imirambo yanamye mu mashyamba ya Zaire(Tingi-tingi;Ubundu;Masisi; KISANGANI_Mbandaka(wendji);mu makambi n,ahandi henshi ntarondoye...);ukubitereho amaraso y,Intama z,Imana :Abasenyeri 4 BOSE; abapadiri iryaguye; ababikira, abapasitoro n;izindi ntama z,Imana z,ubwoko bwose; ariko ngo abazaniye amahoro!UMUKARA: Ngo niyo yakora ibyiza ate abeshya,isi ikamuyoboka;ikamuramya; azaba mubi kurusha abayobozi bose bamubanjirije(abategetsi bose baranze Urwanda)
  • -Guhambwa kwiyo nyamaswa igicye kimwe:Anti-CHRIST akora yihishe inyuma y;abantu kuko akiboshwe(aha yihishya inyuma y;abitwa abategetsi b;abahutu nka Pasteur Bizimungu n;abandi bameze nkawe, akikorera ibyo ashyatse, bikitirirwa bo, kimwe n;amahanga yamufashije gusoza umugambi we wo kwanga amasezerano ya Arusha ku mugaragaro.KANDI WARI UGAMIJE AMAHORO nyakuri. -Ntiyakora kumugaragaro:anariyo mpamvu asenya amashyaka yose ashyira mu gaciro;agatera ubwoba za Eglises zose anariko afunga abayobozi bayo, akanafunga akirukana za "ONG"; akanyereza bamwe mu bavugisha ukuri nk,abacamanza dont les Nkubito, Cyiza;Alype n;amashirahamwe arengera ikiremwa-muntu yose agatotezwa; kugira ngo adashira ahagaragara ibibi bikorwa n;ubutegetsi Ibyo byose ngo bizakomeza kugeza igihe Yezu azamushirira ahagaragara, natikosora ngo ahe abana b,Urwanda amahoro, kuko abababaye aribenshyi cyane, kandi uburakari bw;Imana buri hafi kwigaragaza.
  • Inyanja itukura: Azakora ibimuguye neza ngo arambe ku ngoma; ariko amaherezo azatabwa mu muliro; ariyo nyanja yaka umuliro ajye kuba hamwe n’umuhanuzi w’ikinyoma.
  • Naho mu gitabo cya AMOSI;inzara avuga , si inzara y,ibiryo, si inzara y,ibinyobwa, ahubwo ni inyota n,inzara byo kumenya ukuri ku byabaye mu Rwanda, bikajya ahagaragara, enquetes zigenga zigakorwa, abateguye umugambi mubishya bakamenyekana, bakajya ku karubanda;bagakanirwa urubakwiye; kuko Yezu ubwe yivugiye ngo "ibiboshwe ku isi; no mu ijuru bizaba biboshywe"kandi ukuri kuri hafi kugaragara. Nti mumbaze ngo hasigaye igihe kingana iki; kuko Imana ifite ingenga-bihe yayo n’ukuntu iyibara. Icyo nzi ni uko ukuri kuzamenyekana, kandi abanyarwanda bagakizwa, bakoroherana; bakababarirana; ariko bazi neza amavu n; amavuko yibyateye amahano yabahekuye. Ngibyo ibisobanuro nahawe n’inararibonye, kandi ushyishoza; akanashira mu kuri. Igihe kirageze rero ngo abana b’Urwanda baruhuke imiborogo; bature kandi batuze; ariko baze bibuka kubishyimira Imana yo yaboherereje ubwo butumwa ibucishije ku bajya bayo. Imana ishimwe iteka ryose. Amen
Umusirikare Sgt Nsabagasani Dominic yahanuriye Kagame uburyo azicwa n’inshuti ye.
Byakuwe mukinyamakuru Inyenyerinews

Mu bimenyetso yamuhaye hasigaye 1 gusa

Mu kiganiro ikinyamakuru Inyenyerinews cyagiranye na Sgt Nsabagasani Dominic, yatubwiye ko Imana yamweretse  ko ubutegetsi bwa Kagame bugeze mu gihe cyabwo cya nyuma, kandi yabimubwiye, ariko ntiyabiha agaciro, atubwira kandi ko nambere y’urupfu rwa Habyarimana yabimubwiye nawe ngo ntiyabyumva.
Abantu beshi bakunze kuvuga ko ubutegetsi bwa Kagame buri mu marembera, bavuga ko ari ubuhanuzi Imana ibahaye, ariko akeshi nta muntu wigeze ujya ahagaragara ngo atange amazina ye, avuge n’uko bizagenda mu ruhame. Ikinyamakuru Inyenyerinews cyegereye umunyarwanda wahoze ari umusirikare wa Habyarimana akaza no kuba umusirikare wa FPR atubwira uko Imana ngo yamweretse amarembera y’Ingoma ya Kagame, ndetse adusaba gutangaza ubuhanuzi bwe uko bwakabaye ntakintu nakimwe twibagiwe, kuko ari amagambo y’Imana, kandi ngo ikaba imutegeka kubitangaza mu banyarwanda.
Twamubajije niba kubitangaza bitamutera ikibazo cy’umutekano we, atubwira ko we ntakibazo afite kuko azi iby’Imana yamubwiye kandi ariyo yamutumye, bityo ngo kutabitangaza nibyo bibi kuri we kuruta kubitangaza.
Sgt Nsabagasani Dominic ni muntu ki?
Ni umunyarwanda wo mu bwoko bw’abatutsi, yavukiye mu cyahoze ari Gitarama, 1971, ahitwa Musambira, yatubwiye ko akimara kuvuka Mamawe yahise yitaba Imana nyuma y’ibyumweru bibiri, hashize ukwezi na Papa we aba arapfuye, ngo yarerewe kwa sekuru nawe waje kwicwa muri jenoside y’abatutsi muri 1994.
Mu 1992 yinjiye mugisirikare cya Habyarimana, arangije inyigisho za gisirikare yanjiye muri Batayo ya 71 yabaga Bugesera, Gako, nyuma ngo ajya Byumba, ahava yinjira muri  Batayo ya Paracomando yabaga i Kanombe ngo icyo gihe yari afite ipeti rya Premier solda / R. Caporal. Yatubwiye ko ngo yinjiye igisirikare ari umukatorika ariko ngo yaje guhinduka aba umurokore.
Ahanurira Habyarimana.
Muri 1993 yarose inzozi zirimo iyerekwa, hanyuma yumva ijwi rimubwira ko ngo agomba kubibwira Habyarimana ko ingoma ye irangiye kandi bazica abantu beshi, ariko agira ubwoba bwo kubivuga kuko yacyekaga ko ari buhite yicwa, nyuma ngo ijwi rya komeje kumuhata, aza gushirika ubwoba ara bivuga, ahereye kubasirikare bose babanaga muri iyo Batayo ya Para commando. Nyuma ngo yaje kubibwira Majoro Ntabakunzi Aloyozi  wari umukuru w’iyo Batayo ya para commondo yabagamo (ubu Maj. Ntabakunzi afungiye Arusha), ndetse amusaba ko abibwira Habyarimana kuko ngo Imana ariko yari yamutegetse.
Abo basirikare  ngo ntibabyumvaga batangira kuvuga ko aribyo yatumwe na bene wabo kuko ngo yari umututsi, bimuviramo ingaruka zikomeye zo kwangwa n’abasirikare babanaga, ariko ngo Imana imubwira ko atazicwa. Nyuma ngo Maj Ntabakunzi yaje kubibwira Habyarimana, ngo ategekwa ko agomba kurindirwa mu kigo cya gisirikare i Kanombe ntasoheke.
Indege ya Habyarimana imaze guhanurwa, ngo yari mu kigo i Kanombe, naho bavuga ko ngo yari abiziranyeho nabene wabo baba tutsi, yajyanywe mu kigo cy’abasirikare barindaga Habyarima ( Camp GP) ku Kimihurura, ajyanywe kwicwa, ariko ngo Imana ikomeze kumuha isezerano ryo kuzabaho ntiyicwe.
Ajya kwicwa Inuma imuhagarara ku mutwe abasirikare bagira ubwoba.
Ku itariki ya 7 Gicurasi, 1994, abasirikare abahawe amabwiriza yo kujya kumwica, bamutwara hanze y’ikigo ahegereye ahantu ngo bita Murugando, bakigerayo abasirakare bari gushaka ahantu ho kumwicira bagihagaze ngo hamanuka Inuma ihagarara ku mutwe we abasirikare barwana no kuyirukana ariko iranga, barwana nayo nk’iminota 5 yanze bariruka bagira ubwoba. Babibwira abari babohereje bamusubiza mu kigo batangira kumugirara ikizere ko yatumwe n’Imana. Ariko bategeka ko atagomba kurenga icyo  kigo cya Camp G P (Umutwe warindaga Habyarimana).
Yinjira mu gisirikare cya FPR.
Ku itariki ya 3 Kamena ngo hapanzwe kumwica bwa kabili, ariko ngo  umwe mu basirikare babanaga, yamubwiye  ko bapanze kongera kumwica,  ndetse ngo amufasha gutoroka, yanyuze  Kivugiza i Nyamirambo, yinjira ahari abasirikare ba FPR, asanga abari kuburinzi basinziriye bose, arabakangura  afite imbunda yambaye n’imyenda ya gisirikare, umwe ngo ashaka kumurasa, ariko  amubwira ko atari umwanzi ntiyabasha kumurasa. Yajyanywe  kwa Lt Col Nzaramba ubu usigaye ari Maj Gen muri RDF, niwe wari ukuriye abo basirikare ba FPR bari bo muri Batayo ya 21 yari aho.
Avuga ko agezeyo yahise yerekwa n’Imana ko  Kigali izaba ifashwe ku itariki 4 Nyakanga 1994 abibwira Nzaramba. Nyuma yo gufata Stade ya Nyamirambo, ikibuga cy’Indege i Kanombe, yajyanywe kuruhuka, amara umwaka wose ntacyo Imana imubwira.
Ahabwa ubuhanuzi kuri Kagame muri 1996 agatekwa nawe kubimubwira.
Nyuma ngo yaje kuryama nanone yerekwa ukuntu Kagame azapfa, kandi ategekwa kubivuga, ngo muri iryo yerekwa yeretswe. Ngo yabonye Kagame araswa n’imwe mu nshuti ze zimuri hafi, ariko atashoboye kumenya izina neza cyangwa kwerekwa isura. Nyuma ngo Imana yaje kumuha ibimenyetso, avuga ko ibyo byose yabyeretswe ari Gisenyi muri Batayo ya 31.
Bimwe mu bimenyetso yahawe  bizagaragaza ko kwicwa kwa Kagame kuri hafi.
Kuko ubu butumwa yabuhawe ari 1996, harimo kujya Kongo kw’abasirikare no kuvayo gucyurwa kw’impunzi nyishi zari zarahunze u Rwanda ;  intambara y’abacengenzi  no kurangira kwayo ; Kagame aba perezida , no kwamamara kwe hirya nohino ku isi ;  ifungurwa ry’abanyururu ;  agahe k’amahoro ; gahunda zihindagurika za leta ;  kumanurwa muntera kwa Kagame no kwangwa n’abanyarwanda n’amahanga ; gusubira Kongo kw’ingabo ; ngo ingabo zimaze gusubira Kongo Kagame azicwa, gusubiranamo kw’ingabo Kagame amaze gupfa ;  kugaruka kw’ingabo zagiye muri Kongo zihuruye kubera ubwicanyi buzaba buri mu gihugu ;  Kugotwa impande zose z’u Rwanda nabasirikare beshi ; kumeneka kw’ amaraso meshi y’abanyarwanda kuruta ayamenetse mbere muri 1994, kugaruka kwa k’Umwami Kigeli V Ndahindurwa ; gutahuka kw’abantu beshi bari hanze ; kuzaba  Sgt Nsabagasani nyiribuhanuzi  atakiba mu Rwanda.
Ubuhanuzi buhabwa Kagame.
Avuga ko akimara kubyerekwa muri 1996 yahise abibwira abasirikare bose babanaga muri Batayo ya 31 nk’uko yabibwiye abasirikare babanaga kwa Habyarimana. Amaze kubivuga kandi yabivugiye imbere y’abasirikare bari munama yari iyobowe na Gen Mubaraka. Ngo Gen Mubaraka yamubajije niba igihugu kizafatwa n’abacengezi kuko aribo barimo kurwanya igihugu, amubwira ko igihe kitaragera.
Avuga ko Mubaraka yaje kuhava asimburwa n’uwitwa Maj.  Jacob Tumwine icyo gihe, ngo Imana yakomeje kumuhata ngo yandike avuga ubuhanuzi bwe kandi abubwire abayobozi bohejuru. Ku itariki ya 13 Gicurasi 1998 yandikiye Perezida Bizimungu amubwira ibyo yeretswe, ariko ibaruwa yamwandikiye yatwawe n’ushinzwe urwego rw’iperereza  muri iyo Batayo ya 31 yabagamo, 2Lt Claude (ntabwo ngo yibuka irindi zina),  arutwara muri G2,  urwego rushinzwe iperereza muri Ministeri y’ingabo, ari naho banyujije ibaruwa y’ubuhamya yandikiwe perezida ihabwa Kagame wari visi perezida akaba na minisitiri w’ingabo icyo gihe.
Nyuma yaje gutumwaho n’uwitwa Capt  Franco (nawe ngo irindi ntaryibuka) wakoraga muri G2, amubwira ko ubutumwa  Visi perezida adahari (icyo gihe yari Kagame), ariko ubutumwa yabubinye, asabwa gusigara i Kigali ariko arabinginga ngo asubira aho yari mu gisirikare kuko yumvaga aribyo byamufasha.
Atangira guhigwa bashaka ko apfa.
Kubera ubwo butumwa butigeze bushimisha abo yabuhaye ngo hatangiye umugambi wo gushaka uburyo yakwicwa, maze hapangwa kumwohereza kurugamba ahantu habi kugirango apfiriyo, Sgt Nsabagasani avuga ko yaje koherezwa kurwana Kongo, Imana nanone yaje kumubwira ko agiye koherezwa ahantu habi ariko ntacyo azaba, ngo bari ahantu hitwa Mpfizi muri Kongo, yari ayobowe n’umusirikare witwa Maj Rutayomba Theogene, yaje koherezwa kurugamba ahantu habi, ajyana n’abasirikare 2 gusa kureba aho abasirikare barwana bari bari.  Ariko ngo wari umugambi wo kumuroha ngo agwe aho, yakomeje kwizera ijwi ry’Imana ko iri bumurinde.  Avuga ko Imana yakoze igitangaza ngo abagezeho yumvise ijwi rimubwira ngo narase isasu rimwe gusa, amaze kurirasa abasirikare bose bari ruka ngo barahunga bata imbunda nyishi cyane kuburyo abasirikare bandi baje kuza basanga azicaye iruhande wenyine n’abasirikare 2 bari kumwe kuko batari gushobora kuzikorera zose. Yaje gusubizwa mu Rwanda muri 2002 ariko asize ababwiye abasirikare  ko bose bagiye gutaha kuko ariko Imana ngo yari yamweretse.
2003 Kagame yaje kumutuma ho intumwa amubaza niba azatsinda amatora, ariko ngo amusubiza ko atazayatsinda ahubwo azayiba, amaze kumusubiza gutyo ategeka ko bamukura mu gisirikare, yaje gukurwa mu gisirikare atabizi yumvise gusa bamusoma kuri lisiti y’abasirikare bagomba gusezererwa. Avuga ko amaze gusezererwa yasubiye iwabo i Musambira, ariko akomeza kuvuga ubutumwa, hirya no hino mu gihugu.
Uko Sgt Nsabagasani yavuye mu Rwanda.
Avuga ko mu kwezi ku Ukwakira 2009, yabwiwe n’ijwi ry’Imana ko agomba gushaka ibyangobwa kava mu gihugu, kuko ngo ibyo Imana yahanuye byenda gusohora, amaze gushaka ibyangobwa byose, we ngo ntabwo  yaje yihishe kuko yategetswe ko agomba gusiga abibwiye abantu igitumye agenda kuko Imana igiye gusohoza ibyo yavuze. Yatangiye gusezera abantu ahereye ku baturanyi be, ndetse n’abayobozi ababwira ibizaba, asezera ngo amatorero ndetse n’iy’i Kigali, cyane irya ADEPR riri ku Kacyiro aho bakunze kwita Meridien, abibwira bakirisito bose ko agiye kugenda ariko ngo Imana yamutegetse ngo ibone gusohoza amasezerano yavuze ku Rwanda.
Ubuyobozi ba leta bwumvise ko asezeye yamutumye ho uwitwa Senateri Antoine Mugesera, amubwira ko nubwo agiye ariko atagomba gutwara abantu, kandi amusaba kudakomeza kuvuga ko igihugu kigiye gusubira mu bwicanyi kandi kizapfamo abantu beshi.
Ku itariki ya 8 Gashyantare 2010 niho ngo yahagurutse mu Rwanda Imana imubwiye ko ngo izagaruka kandi azaza azanye n’Impunzi nyishi zabaga hanze zose kuko  igiye gusohoza imigambi yayo.
Yatubwiye kandi ko mu byo yeretswe byose igisigaye ari ugusubira Kongo kw’ingabo z’u Rwanda, kwicwa kwa Kagame n’abanyarwanda no kugaruka k’Umwami Kigeli V Ndahindurwa.
Iki kiganiro ikinyamakuru Inyenyerinews cyagiranye na Sgt Nsabagasani, twagitangaje uko cyakabaye, twirinze kugira icyo dukuramo cyangwa se twongeraho.
Basomyi bacu, n’ahanyu buri wose afite uko abyumva, n’uko abyemera !
Ifoto iriho niya nyirubuhanuzi Sgt Nsabagasani Dominic
Charles I.
Ubuhanuzi bwa MAJESHI Léon wabaye ingabo ya FPR Inkotanyi : Bwerekeranye n'irangira ry'ingoma ya Kagame Paul !
Abantu bakomeje kutwandikira ari benshi cyane basaba ko twabasubirizaho ubuhanuzi bw'Umuhanuzi Majeshi Léon kuko bamwe bashobora kuba batarashoboye kubusoma cyangwa ngo babubone. Ikinyamakuru Inyenyerinews cyaganiriye n'Umuhanuzi MAJESHI Léon, akigezaho ibyerekeye ubuhanuzi bwe, ari nabwo tugiye kubagezaho muri uyu mwanya. Ubwo buhanuzi buri mu bice bitatu, tukaba duhereye ku gice cya mbere, ubutaha tuzabagezaho ibice bibiri bisigaye. Tuzabagezaho ibyo uwo muhanuzi yavuze ku ivanwaho rya Pasteur BIZIMUNGU wahoze ari Prezida wa Republika, kujya ku butegetsi kwa Paul KAGAME, ivanwaho n'ihunga rya Petero Celestini RWIGEMA, ihunga rya Joseph SEBARENZI KABUYE, amatora ya FPR, ihunga rya General KAYUMBA na Col. Patric KAREGEYA, iyicwa rya Paul KAGAME, intambara izakurikiraho, itahuka ry'Umwami w'u Rwanda KIGELI V NDAHINDURWA, no kugaruka kw'Umwami YESU.
Umuhanuzi MAJESHI Léon yavukiye muri Tanzania mu Ntara ya KAGERA akaba ariho yigiye amashuri ye abanza. Amashuri yisumbuye yayakomereje mu Rwanda, ndetse n'aya Kaminuza. Yabaye mu gisikari cya APR/FPR. Icyo gisirikari yacyinjiyemo muri 1992 aho yahise ashyirwa mu bantu bashinzwe kurinda abategetsi ariyo High Command ya RPF/ APR kugeza intambara irangiye; nyuma y'intambara yakomeje gukora umurimo we wa gisirikare muri Presidential Protect Unit PPU ariyo yaje kwitwa Republican Guard R/G abenshi bakunze kwita abajepe.
Muri Gereza yo ku Mulindi, hari hafungiyemo abasirikari bagera ku 2.000, MAJESHI yatubwiye ko babaga bafashwe nabi, nta byo kurya, nta n'amazi yo kunywa yari ahari, usibye ikinogo cyahoze ari W.C. cyari inyuma ya Gereza, ari nacyo bajyaga gushakamo amazi yaretsemo. Icyo kinogo ariko nacyo cyaje gukama, uyu MAJESHI Léon niwe wari umuyobozi w’Itorero ry’aho muri Gereza; Yateguye amasengesho y’iminsi irindwi kugirango basenge Imana ibashe kubaha amazi yo kunywa, nibwo ku munsi wa gatanu saa sita na 45 Imana yakoze igitangaza amazi apfumuka mu kibambasi cy'inzu abafungwa bose baravoma batangira guhimbaza Imana yo mu Ijuru. Umuyobozi wa Gereza ntibyamushimishije, yashatse guhagarika ayo mazi yo mu rukuta, ariko Imana ihita itanga andi mazi hanze ya Gereza, aba ariyo bajya kuvoma.  Barabaretse bakajya bajya kuvoma ayo mazi yo hanze kugirango hataba ikidendezi.
Icyo gitangaza kimaze kuba, bamwe barabyemeye abandi ntibabyemera;  Hari umugabo w’umuyisilamu witwaga Sheh CYAKABARE wahise avuga ko atari Imana yatanze ayo mazi, maze atega n’Umuhanuzi MAJESHI, amubwira ko niba  ari Imana yabahaye amazi, nyuma y’iminsi itatu azapfa, niba kandi atari yo nyuma y’iminsi itatu ntapfe, ko nawe azaba Umuyisilamu.  Ku munsi wa kabiri, nk’uko MAJESHI yabitubwiye, uwo CYAKABARE yahise abyimba hagati y'urutugu n'ijosi. Amusaba ko amusengera undi arabyanga. Yajyanywe mu bitaro bya gisirikari i Kanombe, ku munsiwa gatatu yitaba Imana
MAJESHI yahanuye kandi ikurwa ku butegetsi rya Pasteur BIZIMUNGU: “Imana yanyeretse igiti kinini cyane gifite amashami atatu, ishami ry’ibumoso ryari rito ugereranyije n’ishami ry’iburyo hanyuma hagasigara ishami ryo hagati rirerire cyane, maze mbona haje umuntu atemye ya mashami yombi uko ari abiri hasigara ishami ryo hagati “Daniel 4:1. Ubwo Imana yambwiye ko ishami ry’ibumoso ari Ministiri w’Intebe Peter Celestini RWIGEMA ugiye gukurwa ku butegetsi agahita ahunga igihugu, naho ishami ry’iburyo akaba yari Perezida Pasteur BIZIMUNGU ugiye gukurwa ku mwanya wa Perezida agahita ajyanwa mu nzu y’imbohe akazakurwamo ntacyo ashobora kwimarira, hakazasigara uwahoze ari Vice-Perezida akaba ari nawe uzaba Perezida kandi akazahura n'ibibazo byinshi cyane kuruta iby'abaperezida bandi bamubanjirije. Azaba afite ibyo yifuza byose ariko n'ubwo aziringira amagare n’amafarashi ifeza n'izahabu ntacyo bizamumarira; Imama yavuze ko izamwanga ndetse n'abana b'abantu nabo bakamwanga”
MAJESHI yahanuriye kandi SEBARENZI KABUYE wari Prezida w'Inteko ishinga amategeko: ”Imana yantumye kuri SEBARENZI KABUYE ngo mubwire ko nategura kumwanya ariho bagiye kumwica. Nagiye aho yakoreraga ntamuteguje, aranyakira mu Biro bye, mubwira ubutumwa bw'Imana arangije arapfukama ndamusengera, Nisubiriye mu byanjye, nyuma y'ukwezi kumwe yahise atoroka igihugu”
Ibyo Imana yambwiye mu mwaka w’Ibihumbi 2000-2001: Nyuma yo kuvaho kwa perezida Pasteur Bizimungu uwari Vice-perezida yahise yima Ingoma,dore ibyo Uwiteka yanyeretse nabonye urumuri ruturutse mu ijuru rw'umuhondo maze rukwira igihugu cyose.Maze uwanyerekaga arambwira ati" uru rumuri ni idarapo rigiye gusimbura irya MRND kandi iryo darapo rizaba rigizwe n’Izuba,iryo zuba rizaba ikimenyetso cy’Umucyo ku gihugu cy’Urwanda".Uwiteka arambwira ati dore nyuma yiryo darapo rigiye gusimbura irya MRND hazakurikiraho guhunga kwa abadayimoni bakoranaga na leta ya perezida Habyarimana.Aba badayimoni yabakuye mu gihugu cya kongo abahawe na perezida Mobutu  kandi n’Ubundi niho bazasubira kandi icyo gihe igice kimwe cya Goma kizashya icyo kizakubere ikimenyetso kibyo nkubwiye".
Irongera irambwira iti" dore mu gihugu cyanyu hagiye kubaho ubusambanyi bwinshi cyane kandi butagira umubare kandi dore n’Abakozi banjye bankorera nabo bagiye kwivanga muri politiki ya FPR ,nyuma y’Ibyo hazakurikiraho kugura intwaro zikomeye cyane kandi izo ntwaro zizica abaziguze kuko ntawundi uzatera igihugu cyanyu ahubwo mwebwe ubwanyu muzacikamo ibice binne (4) kandi ni mwebwe ubwanyu muziyanga mu gahindukamo abanzi b’igihugu cyanyu".Uwiteka Imana arambwira ati" dore umukuru w’Igihugu cyanyu akoze uburiganya agiye ku ngoma nyamara igihe cyari kitaragera akaba ariyo mpamvu ibyo yibwira ko azageraho ntabwo azabigereho kuko uko iminsi izajya yicuma niko ibibazo bizarushaho kwiyongeraé.
Imana yongera kumbwira aya magambo ngo "dore umukuru w’Igihugu ariwe nyakubahwa perezida Paul Kagame yavushije amaraso y’Abantu benshi cyane none dore amaraso ararira, niyompamvu ndakajwe cyane no guhorera abatagira kivurira".Imana irambwira iti" dore General Kayumba Nyamwasa azahunga igihugu ndetse namara guhunga James Kabarebe azahita aba Ministiri w’ingabo icyo gihe  guhora kwanjye kuzaba kwegereje kuko abakoze ibyaha bose naho bahunga bakajya mu mahanga umuvumo w’ibyo bakoze uzabasangayo kandi icyo gihe mu gihugu cyanyu muzaba muririmba amahoro ariko ntamahoro muzaba mufite ndi Uwiteka ubivuze,gusa icyafasha nkagirira imbabazi igihugu cyanyu ni uko mwashyiraho umunsi wo kunshima ko nabahaye igihugu abandi nabo nkaba narabarinze bityo mu gashyiraho umunsi umwe ndetse uwo munsi mwese mu kawuhuriraho mu kajya kuri stade amahoro mu kihana ibyaha mwakoze hagati y’Abahutu n’Abatutsi niho nzabona kubabarira".Iirambwira iti" ujyende urebe pastor Rene Masasu mujyane kwa perezida wa repubulika mu mu bwire ko jyewe Uwiteka ariko mvuze.Ni mutabigenza gutyo igihugu cyanyu sinzakibabarira".

Ubwo Imana ikimara kumbwira ayo magambo nahise mfata imodoka igana iKigali kuko icyo gihe nabaga ku Gisenyi; ndaza njya kureba Masasu musanga kunzu ya KABUGA niho Restauration church yari ifite ibiro by’Ubuyobozi bukuru bwa represantation mu bwira ibyo Imana yambwiye byose nawe ansubiza ko nawe Imana yabimubwiye duhana Gahunda ko tuzajya kureba perezida ariko icyo gihe ntiyacyubahirije maze Imana irambwira ngo" Masasu nimureke ngo kuko ari indyarya".Ubwo nashatse perezida, bakajya bamunyima bigeraho ndananirwa mbivaho.
Mu itora ry’ibihumbi 2003 kuwa 25/08 Imana yarambwiye iti" ntujye gutora kuko perezida aziba amajwi ntampamvu yo kwiyanduza, maze uwiteka Imana irambwira iti" ahubwo jya kuri round point urebe amagambo yanditse ku kibaho ndakubwira amagambo akurikira" ndazamuka icyo gihe nari ntuye mu kiyovu cyo hepfo ngeze kuri round point Imana irambwira iti" ubonye iki?" nti "mbonye amagambo yanditse ku kibaho: Kagame Inkingi y’Amahoro, Kagame inkingi ya Demokarasi,Kagame inkingi y’Umutekano".
Maze Imana irambaza iti" ni iki cy’Ukuri muri biriya byose usomye?" nti nta nakimwe Uwiteka Imana irambwira iti" rero umukuru w’Igihugu cyanyu nzamuzamura amere nk’igiti kingaza marumbo Isi yose izamwubaha azagera ahantu hose,azabona abantu bose bakomeye nzamuha ubutunzi ku buryo abamubanjirije n’abazamuheruka ntawuzanganya nawe ariko nzamumanura nk’Umurwa w’Ibaburooni,kandi ubwami bwe nzabusenya nta n'umwe wabubayemo uzongera kwibukwa ukundi!".
Maze Imana irambwira iti" n'Ubwo bizagenda gutyo nta mahoro azabiboneramo ndetse nta n’Umunezero azigera agira kuko yiringiye Imana z’Abanyamahanga niyo mpamvu nzamuha ibintu byose kugirango mwereke ko ndi Imana ifuha.Kandi dore mbere yuko intambara iba mu gihugu cyawe dore ibimenyetso bizabaho mbere yuko iba:
-Icya mbere umuhanda ugana CHUK umunsi bawukoze uzamenye ko ibyo nakubwiye bigiye gusohora.
-Icya kabiri umunsi wabonye abavunjayi birukanywe mu mihanda uzamenye ko ibyo na kubwiye bigiye gusohora.
-Icya gatatu umunsi wabonye ahakorera karitasi hasenywe hakubakwa etage uzamenye ko ibyo na kubwiye byegereje.
-Ikimenyetso cya kane n’Ubona isoko rya nyarugenge risenywe uzamenye ko ibyo nakubwiye byegereje.
-Icya gatanu n’ubona gare isenywe uzamenye ko ibyo na kubwiye byegereje.
 -Icya gatandatu n’ubona inzu ya Rubangura ivuguruwe uzamenye ko ibyo na kubwiye byegereje.
-Icya karindwi n’Ubona iposita isenywe uzamenye ko ibyo na kubwiye byegereje".
irambwira ngo" Bank National du Rwanda ngo izabona ishyano kuko uzaba directeur nyuma y'Intambara azaba yararangije amashuri atandatu y’isumbuye".

Nagiye kuri BNR mbibwira umugabo witwa Vedaste utuye i Gikondo akaba directeur wa echange mubwira ibyo Imana yambwiye arambaza ati" ikimenyetso n'ikihe? nti umunsi wabonye General Kayumba Nyamwasa na col Patrick Karegeya bahunze igihugu uzamenye ko igihe kibyo Imana yavuze kiri hafi.
-Ikimenyetso cya munani Imana irambwira iti" umunsi wabonye gacaca zitangiye uzamenye ko ibyo na kubwiye biri hafi gusohora".
-Ikimenyetso cya cyenda umunsi wabonye ikiyovu cyo hepfo bagishenye uzamenye ko ibyo nakubwiye bigiye gusohora.
-Ikimenyetso cya cumi umunsi wabonye Kagugu bayishenye hakurya ya kacyiru uzamenye ko ibyo na kubwiye bigiye gusohora.
-Ikimenyetso cya cumi na kimwe n’Ubona hadutse umupadiri ukora ibitangaza n’Ibimenyetso uzamenye ko ibyo nakubwiye biri hafi gusohora.
-Ikimenyetso cya cumi na kabiri umunsi wabonye amayero( Euros) atangiye gukora mu gihugu cyanyu uzamenye ko ibyo navuze biri hafi.
-Icya cumi na gatatu n’ubona inzara itangiye mu gihugu cyanyu uzamenye ko biri bugufi cyane.
-Ikimenyetso cya cumi na kane Imana yantumye kuri perezida wa repubulika Paul Kagame kuwa 25/09/2005 icyo gihe nigaga kuri KIST maze ndamwandikira mubwira ko nabishaka yazaza nkamuha ubutumwa bwe Imana yampaye,urwandiko ararubona maze atuma ba maneko be bari bayobowe na CPT Aloys Mpenzi bansanga kuri KIST uwo munsi hari kuwa gatandatu saa ine n'igice maze basanga mfite isomo mbasaba kuntegereza nkarangiza isomo  kuko twarangizaga saa sita ndetse banambwira ko batasubirayo batanjyanye ngo kuko bari bamaze igihe banshaka ngo akaba yabanje kubakubita mbere yuko baza kundeba.
Ubwo narangije amasomo tujya murugo bari bafite imodoka ya double cabine y’Umweru tujya ku Kivugiza aho nari ntuye, njya mu gitabo cyanjye nandikagamo ubuhanuzi nkuramo page cumi n'ebyiri (12) , turajyenda ba maneko be barazimuha ambwira ko nankenera tuzavugana nkamusobanurira ibyo atasobanukiwe muri ubwo buhanuzi.
Ubwo bahise bankatana banjyana mu GP kujya kumfunga maze Imana irambwira iti" humura witinya nabateje kutumvikana ntacyo uri bube kandi barakurekura". Mbona bakoze inama yihiturwa bananirwa kumvikana nkuko Imana yavuze baraza banshyira mu modoka bansubiza mu rugo ku kivugiza bajyenda bambwira ko bari bagiye kumfunga ngo kuko ubuhanuzi bwanjye bwari burimo ko Umwami w’Urwanda KIGELI V Ndahindurwa azataha akima ingoma.Bakomeje kungenzura cyane basanga ibyo bantekerezagaho ntabirimo bansaba ko nabemerera bakampa akazi ndabahakanira kuko akazi ko kuneka ntagashobora kandi Imana itabinyemerera.
Bongera kumpamagara bansaba kongera kubandikira ubwo buhanuzi bitwaje ko ubwo na bahaye mbere computer babubitsemo yapfuye,ubwo nafashe computer mbandikira ibyo nibuka ariko mbamenyesha ko General Nyamwasa na hunga kazaba kabaye.
Ikindi kimenyetso cya cumi nagatanu Imana yambwiye ko Pasteur Antoine Rutayisire umunsi yabaye Pasteur ibyo Imana yavuze bizaba bigiye gusohora.
Ubwo nafashe urugendo njya kubwira Rutayisire ko azaba Pasteur arambwira ati koko birashoboka ko byabaho nubwo njya mvuga ko ntazaba Pasteur ati ubwo Imana yaba impaye promotion mu mwuka ariko mu mubiri nkaba demoted kuko amafaranga mpembwa muri AEER ntashobora kuyahembwa ndi pasteur.
Taliki ya 10/10/ 2008 Imana yarambwiye, turimo dusenga iti imika Umwami w’Urwanda kuko niwe uzasimbura paul Kagame irambwira iti ngiye gusenya imfatiro z'isi zose ibyo abantu biringiraga mbikureho, imbwira ko igiye guteza ikibazo mu bukungu bw'Isi ubwo na bwiye abo twarimo dusengana nti Imana imbwiye ko twimika Umwami w’Urwanda KIGELI V Ndahindurwa kandi ko ubukungu bugiye kugwa mw'Isi yose ba byumvise bose bagira ubwoba bwinshi ahubwo bananirwa gusenga ubwo nahise n'Imika Umwami w’uRwanda nkuraho KAGAME PAUL maze Imana imbwira amagambo akurikira.
Irambwira iti "dore mu bihe bizaza mu gihugu cyanyu hazaba intambara ikomeye cyane ku buryo umuntu umwe azajya kugura buji mu kayanza mu gihugu cy’Uburundi undi ajye kugura buji i Goma mu gihugu cya kongo avuye ikigali",irambwira iti" icyo gihe  hazarokoka abantu bacye cyane kuko hazapfa abantu benshi cyane ngereranyije ni hagati ya miliyoni enye 4,000,000 na miliyoni zirindwi 7,000,000 z'Abanyarwanda irambwira iti icyo gihe igihugu kizabamo abanyamahanga, kandi hazabaho amahoro menshi cyane kuko isi yose izaza gushaka amahoro mu gihugu cyanyu, irambwira iti Umwami w’urwanda KIGELI V Ndahindurwa nzamushyira kungoma niko uwiteka avuga kandi icyo gihe azanshima kandi azanyubaha kuko atazagenza nkuko basekuru bagenjeje. Maze Imana inyereka Perezida Paul Kagame akurwa kungoma yicwa n’Abantu batanu harimo umwe w’inshuti yiringiraga yinshwe yambaye ishati ifite amabara havanzemo amabara y’umweru.

Yayikuweho kuwa 14/12/2009 niho mu ijuru bakoze inama bemeza ko KIGELI V Ndahindurwa ariwe uzasimbura Paul Kagame agasubizwa Ingoma yahoranye. mbona indege nyinshi cyane zuzuye mukirere cy’uRwanda muri iyo ntambara mbona Ingabo ziturutse mu burengerazuba y’Igihugu zirwana intambara ikomeye cyane ariko ntizafata igihugu,mbona izindi ziturutse mu bice bya CYANGUGU ziganjamo ingabo ngufi nazo ntizafata igihugu,maze mbona izindi ziturutse iburasirazuba bw’Igihugu ziganjemo abasore barebare ariko bari bake cyane kandi umupaka bambukiyeho nta burinzi bwari buhari kuko abari baharinze ntibari bashyigikiye ingoma ya FPR.
Ariko barasaga ibiti n’Amabuye mbona baraje bafashe igihugu,maze mbona Umwami KIGELI Ndahindurwa ageze k’Ubutaka bw’Urwanda arunamye arabusomye maze igihugu agikuraho umuvumo cyari gifite amazi ahita adudubiza aturuka mu misozi y’Igihugu kuburyo umuntu warutunze inka imwe yaramutungaga we n’Umuryango we wose.
Amaze kwima Ingoma mbona intara ya KARAGWE mbona igarujwe k’Urwanda maze intara zose z’Urwanda zigaruzwa n’Umwami Kigeli V ndahindurwa, kandi ataha mu Rwanda yatahanye ubwami n’Umwami uzamusimbura amaze gutanga ku ngoma ye.
Imana yambwiye n’Amazina yuzamusimbura ku ngoma amaze gutanga ariko sinshobora kuyavuga kuko igihe kitaragera kugeza igihe cyategetswe. Maze mbona Umwami w’uRwanda yimika abandi bami bagomba kumukorera maze mbona nyuma yo kwimika abo bami mbona aratanze maze asimburwa n’Umusore ukiri muto kandi uwo musore azaba  yarize cyane ariko ku ngoma ye azahura n’intambara z'abazungu azahura n'intambara ya ndetse niya Anti-christu.
Nyuma yaho hazamuka imbaraga z’Umwuka wera mu Rwanda hazakorwa ibitangaza bikomeye isi yose igire ishyari ndetse bitere ishyari ubwoko bwa Israel,kuburyo umwuka wera azakwira isi yose ndetse agakiza kazahita gasubira muri Israel kuburyo abazaba batarakijijwe bizabagora kuzabona ijambo ry’Imana.
NB:Abafite amasezerano bose basezeranyijwe n'Imana bakaba baririnze kwiyanduza n’iby'iy'isi nibo bazakorera Imana icyo gihe,Abazungu bazifuza kuba inshuti z’Abanyarwanda ariko kubera umubabaro bazaba baraciyemo cyangwa bazaba bafite ntabwo bazabitaho kuko icyo gihe ubutunzi Imana yahishe FPR icyo gihe Imana izabugaragaza kandi abantu bazakira cyane ariko kuko buri muryango uzaba warapfushije ubwo butunzi ntabwo buzabashimisha,ariko hazagaragara kugwa cyane kuko ntacyo bazitaho ndetse no gusenga Imana bazaba batagisenga kuko ntacyo bazifuza byose bizaba bihari.muri ayo mahoro Umwami yesu niho azazira,kandi hazapfa aba Pasteur benshi cyane k'uburyo nta w'uzongera gukinisha ijambo ry’Imana.

Ndr: Abifuza gusoma ubuhanuzi bwa SGT.NSABAGASANI Dominiko babusanga aha:

 - Igice cya mbere:

 - Igice cya Kabiri:

Monday, April 23, 2012

RWANDA:Behind The Presidential Curtains: Does history really repeat itself?

When I was growing up as a young man in Uganda, I was told many stories about the greatest dictator President General Idi Amin Dada until his fall in 1979 by Tanzanian forces. I was too young to experience his atrocities but my family like other citizens surely had live under his terror for numerous years.
A few years after his collapse in the early 1980’s, I remember the kind of fear my Uncle who had served in Amin’s forces lived with all the time due to the atrocities of the guy he served.
Idi Amin was named “Kijambia”, Luganda language meaning “Mr.Machete” due to his brutality and extermination of Ugandan elite, the Press and any potential critic.
Un-like me and my age at that time, it is evident that President Paul Kagame who was a teenager, in high school during Amin’s regime might have envied Idi Amin’s rule of tyranny in order to oppress whoever he deems a critic. ‘That leaves me wonder if history really repeats itself’.
Here I wish to point out a few issues that make President Paul Kagame a replica of Idi Amin of this millennium:
•Idi Amin encouraged his cabinet and the Ugandan population to “Love their Country”, love their leaders, where as this a noble deed, the actual meaning from a dictator’s point of view is to be loyal to the main man himself. We continuously hear Kagame talking about “Kwihesha Agaciro, Gukunda igihugu”.
•Conflicting with the Western world mostly when they point a finger on their deeds, here it is worth mentioning that once he had a misunderstanding with his colonial master; Amin evicted the entire Asian community from Uganda. We have seen in the past Kagame expelling different ambassadors of western countries for simple un-diplomatic issues.
•Amin talked about empowering women in his cabinet and other managerial posts, although he only managed to appoint Princess Bagaya of Tooro. We see Kagame appointing women to every known position that he creates. I am not against gender equality but this actual act is done by a dictator just to show off to the world and most of all to have a much lesser opposing voice against him.
•For the dual, it is on record that Idi Amin invaded Congo and stole plentiful amounts of minerals, which he kept to himself. Kagame has continued to do the same with the guise of different factions in the Kivu province of Eastern Congo.
•Idi Amin invaded neighbouring Tanzania, Kagame invaded Congo although one lost the battle and the other dictator won.
•Self-pity; When one watches Amin’s documentary of his real interviews, while given the chance to talk about his early life, Amin spends vast amount of time talking the hardship he passed through as a child. He talks about the journeys he used to walk to go for his 2 years primary education, the way he was taken “by force” to join the Kings Rifle Army and so on. In numerous speeches given by Kagame since the time he became the President, he seems to lag on the fact and time he spent as a refugee in Uganda, he however forgets 90 percent of Rwandans have experienced refuge life either outside their country or as internally displaced people since the de-militarised zone of 1992 between the RPA and FAR.
•Depression; It is reported that at some point Amin suffered enormous mental depression, paranoia and anxiety. It is the same phases that Kagame is experiencing, he loses touch of reality, starts paying un-solicited visits to the districts measuring how much support and respects he still commands and lack of trust to even his inner circle.
•Idi Amin killed doctors, ministers, religious leaders, professors, rich businesspersons, opposition candidates and intellectuals. Kagame has done the same but worse more he also exterminates their family members unlike Amin.
•Gen Idi Amin ordered the Manager of the National Bank to print out money and make the capital city of Uganda Kampala look like Mecca. He ordered Gen Maliyamungu his then army commander to invade Congo and bring as much minerals as possible in order to get money and build roads and nice houses, hotels, hospitals, army barracks and bought jet fighters in preparation for the alleged enemy. He ended up falling out with Gen Maliamungu and actually planned for his life, but was tipped-off by his junior subordinates and survived the plot. Kagame like Gen Amin did invade the Congo looted the minerals; build only the capital Kigali a few roads although no hospital, he bought fighter jets and heavy weaponry in preparation for the alleged enemies like Amin. Kagame not only used his loot but also used donor money he acquired as sympathy for the Tutsi genocide to buy the fighter jets and his personal jets. He also has attempted the life of his Army commander like Amin.
•General Amin started killing his comrades by shooting them using his State Research, but ended up hacking the rest with machetes in damping them in places like Mabira Forest, river Nile and other hidden place. Kagame has done more or worse the same. He started assassinating the likes of Lt Col. Wilson Rutayisire, Alex Ruzindana, Col Rizinde and the like with guns and ended up hacking individuals like Kagwa Rwisereka with machetes.
•When Idi Amin forcefully took power from President Obote, he was a Colonel, in less than eight years; Amin had promoted himself to the highest rank in the military doctrine. He was obsessed with titles including being the king of Scotland, and acquired an honorary doctorate from South Korea. It is just a matter of the era between the two dictators but we see a trend of similar incidents. Kagame would spare no stone unturned to search for medals and awards like Idi Amin. He has travelled across the globe to be awarded the smallest award possible. He has recently been awarded an honorary doctorate thanks to Turkey.
•Suppresses freedom of speech and raising one’s media house; Idi Amin is well known for this, he opened up his own media house including a TV and radio stations that he hoped would feed Ugandans with his own propaganda. Kagame is another guy who is on loggerheads with the media be it local or international. Like his prophet Idi Amin, he has opened up his own media house but also a chain of his own online newsletters or blogs thanks to the new millennium.
•In recent months, Kagame has advised his henchman Jack Nziza to start up an online newspaper to suppress his much-feared “gang of four” as he termed them (Kayumba, Karegeya, Gahima and Rudasingwa). It is important to mention that as a person who spent most of my youth with Kagame as his body guard and driver, have noticed a wide change of behaviour since he lost these four individuals. I all along knew Kagame’s slyness and callousness just after a few incidents with him, which involved loss of our comrades while on duty to protect his life. On reading one General Jack Nziza and Kagame’s new online website ( ), I had to recall the same sort of words Kagame used on any individual he did not feel comfortable with. This so called exposer or voice of Kagame is so callous that leaves you wonder if we Rwandans really deserve to be ruled by such a wild man. This all reminds me of General Idi Amin Dada, the dictator of our lives and for sure “History could be repeating itself”.
Noble Marara
Edited by Rwema Francis

Sunday, April 22, 2012


BY Rose-Marie Mukarutabana

Kera Urwanda rwagiraga Abanyabwenge bitwa Abacurabwenge, bakaba ari bo bamenyaga ibisekuruza by'Abami n'Abagabekazi. Abashakashatsi b'Abazungu, nka ba Padri André Pagès (1933) n'abandi, bagiye bandika amwe muri ayo mazina, ariko bakandika ibyo bakuye muri Rubanda, bituzuye, kandi bidakurikiranya ayo mazina neza. Padri Alexis Kagame ni we waje kumenya ko haba abagenewe uwo murimo. Arabegera, bamubwira Ibisekuruza by'Abami n'Abagabekazi. Arabyandika, aza kubisohora mu gitabo Inganji Kalinga, mu gice yise "Ubucurabwenge".
Ubundi ariko, ijambo "ubucurabwenge" si ukuvuga iryo rondora ry'ayo mazina gusa. Ahubwo ni ubumenyi bw'icyo ayo mazina agenda yerekana, uko Urwanda - ari yo si yose nyine - rwavutse, rugakura, rugaca ubwenge, rurerwa n'Abami. Abacurabwenge batubwira ko Abami ba mbere na mbere bakomokaga mw'ijuru. Bavuka kuri Sabizeze, mwene Nkuba, "Umwami wo Hejuru". Sabizeze rero yari yavutse mu gicuba, nyina yabuganijemo amata, akagishyiramo umutima w'imana yeze (reba Inkuru ya Kigwa). Amaze gukura, yumva nyina Gasani avuga uko kuntu yavutse, biramurakaza, arivumbura, ati sinduraramo. Nibwo rero amanutse kw'isi. Ni n'aho izina rya "Kigwa" ryaturutse.
Kigwa amanuka mw'ijuru, aza kw'isi, yururukiye ahitwa ku Rutare rwa Kinani, mu Mubari. Akaba yaramanukanye na Mukuru we Mututsi, na Mushiki wabo Nyampinga. Ahasanga abo bita Abasangwabutaka, arabahaka, nabo baramuyoboka. Bigezeho arashaka, abyara Muntu, Se w'Abantu bose bo kw'isi.
Abo Bami baturutse mwijuru bitwa Ibimanuka. Bibera aho, ibihe birahita, ibindi birataha. Kera kabaye, bene Muntu bamaze gucura ubwenge, Ibimanuka birataha, bisubira mw'ijuru, Urwanda bisiga biruraze GIHANGA cya Kazi. Bene Giihanga rero ni bo bitwa Abami b'Umushumi.
Se wa Gihanga, Kazi, yari Ikimanuka, ariko yari yarashatse Nyirarukangaga rwa Nyamigezi ya Kabeja, umwami w'Abazigaba, bakaba Abasangwabutaka. Murumva rero ko Gihanga yari "ikivange" cy'abaturutse mw'ijuru n'abakuriye kw'isi. Abami b'Umushumi nabo bakazakurikirwa n'abitwa Abami b'Ibitekerezo. Ng'iyo inkomoko y'Abami b'Urwanda, kandi ni nayo y'Abantu bose.
Abami b'Urwanda
Ubucurabwenge bwigisha ko Urwanda rwimye Abami 43, kuva ku ngoma za mbere kugeza ku ya Mutara Rudahigwa, kuko Alexis Kagame yabwiwe Ubucurabwenge ku ngoma y'uwo mwami, aba ariwe aheraho. Ayo mazina yose yarondorwaga mu gihe cy'imihango yo kwimika umwami. Bavugaga amazina y'Umwami n'ay'Umugabekazi bamaze kwimika, bakarondora n'aya ba se na ba nyina, n'ibisekuruza byabo bombi, bagakomeza batyo ku bami bose, kuzageza kuri Nkuba, ari we Shyerezo, akaba inkomoko y'Abami b'Urwanda.
Ayo mazina murayasanga mu gice kiyarondora nk'uko Alexis Kagame yayanditse mu Nganji Kalinga (Amasekuruza y'Abami b'Urwanda). Hinga dufate ay'Abami n'Abagabekazi gusa, tutavuze ibisekururuza by' Abagabekazi, maze tuyakurikiranye, dukurikije bya bihembwe tumaze kuvuga: Abami b'Ibimanuka, Abami b'Umushumi, Abami b'Ibitekerezo.
IbimanukaDuhereye ku Nkomoko y'Abanyiginya, Shyerezo Nkuba, dore amazina Ibimanuka:
  1. Syerezo Nkuba
  2. Kigwa
  3. Muntu
  4. Kimanuka
  5. Kijuru
  6. Kobo
  7. Merano
  8. Randa
  9. Gisa
  10. Kizira
  11. Kazi
  12. Gihanga
Uyu mubare wa 12 tuwugeraho iyo tubabariyemo Shyerezo Gihanga. Ariko dushobora kutababariramo. Uti kuki? Nti kubera ko Shyerezo, n'ubwo ari we Se w'Abami bose, ni "Umwami wo Hejuru, kandi ntiyigeze amanuka, ngo abe yabarirwa muri ibyo Bimanuka. Gihanga na we akaba yari Ikimanuka ku bwa se, ariko nyina ari Umusangwabutakakazi, utari Ikimanuka. Wakuramo ayo mazina yombi rero, umubare w'Ibimanuka ukaba 10.
Ibi by'imibare ariko na none ni ibya kizungu. Iyo bavuga amazina mu kinyarwanda, bayavuga nyine nk'ibisekuruza, batya:
"Gihanga ni uwa Kazi ka Kizira cya Gisa cya Randa rya Merano ya Kobo ka Kijuru cya Kimanuka cya Muntu wa Kigwa cya Nkuba, ari we Shyerezo".
Iyo bageze aha, bongeraho iri jambo:"Ngaho iyo mwamaMukuru wa SamukondoMu mizi yanyu mikuru".
Ibi rero ni ibivugirwaga mu mihango y'Ubwimika, babwira Abami bati "Aho mw'ijuru kwa Shyerezo ni ho mukomoka, kandi ni yo mwama", kuko Abami bahorana n'Imana. Ni nako baramutswaga, ngo "Gahorane Imana, Nyagasani!"
Nimureba mu Nganji Kalinga, aho Kagame asobanura uko yabwiwe Ubucurabwenge, murasanga aho avuga ko bwamenywaga na benshi batari Abacurabwenge, nabo bakajya babuvuga. Kandi koko nta banga ryabagamo: ibi bisekuruza Abami babaga babisangiye n'abandi banyarwanda benshi bahuje ubwoko, kandi byabaga ari ibintu bigenewe Rubanda, bigangazwa ku Karubanda, Abami bamaze kwima, ngo igihugu cyose kibamenye amavo n'amavuko.
Hari n'ubundi buryo bwo kuvuga aya mazina, bije nk'uca umugani:
  1. Inkomoko y'Abami n'Abantu ni Shyerezo
  2. Shyerezo yabyaye Kigwa
  3. Kigwa abyara Muntu
  4. Muntu abyara Kimanuka
  5. Kimanuka abyara Kijuru
  6. Kijuru abyara Kobo
  7. Kobo abyara Merano
  8. Merano abyara Randa
  9. Randa abyara Gisa
  10. Gisa abyara Kizira
  11. Kizira abyara Kazi
  12. Kazi abyara Gihanga cyahanze inka n'ingoma
Imibare na none ni twe tuyiyongereyeho, kugira ngo twerekane uko bigenda biringanira, uko bivuzwe kwose.
AbagabekaziNta Bagabekazi kandi bavugwa ku ngoma z'Ibimanuka, usibye Nyina wa Kigwa, ari we Gasani, Umwamikazi wo mw'Ijuru, na Nyina wa Muntu, Nyampundu, ari na we mushiki wa Kigwa. Nta wundi bongera kuvuga, kugeza kuri Nyina wa Gihanga. Muntu yari afite mushiki we akurikira, Sukiranya, imfura ya Kigwa, waje kurongorwa na Sewabo Mututsi, babyarana Serwega na Mukono na Muha, ari bo Ibibanda bikomokaho. Ibibanda ni bwa bwoko bubyara Abagabekazi. Ibibanda biba bine: abo tuvuze batatu bakomoka ku Bimanuka - Abega, Abaha n'Abakono - ubwoko bwa kane bukaba ubwo mu Basangwabutaka. Abagabekazi ba mbere bavukaga mu miryango y'Abasangwabutaka, b'Abazigaba n'abandi Basinga. Mwibuke kandi ko Kagame yatubwiye ko Abazigaba, hamwe n'Abarenge, mbese n'abandi benshi mu Basangwabutaka, ari imiryango y'Abasinga.
  • Nyirarukangaga nyina wa Gihanga yari umukobwa w'Abasinga b'Abazigaba bo mu Mazinga ya Mubari, Nyamigezi ya Kabeja.
  • Nyina wa Kanyarwanda Gahima, mwene Gihanga, yari umukobwa wa Jeni rya Rurenge rwa Kabeja.
  • Nyina wa Ruganzu Bwimba yari Umusingakazi
  • Nyirarumaga, wa Mugabekazi wimanye ingoma na Ruganzu Ndori, yari Umusingakazi.
Ariko uwo ni we wabaye uwa nyuma: kuva kuri Ruganzu Ndori, Abasinga ntibongeye gusubira ku ngoma. Bashimbujwe Abagesera.
Abami b'UmushumiAbami b'Umushumi bakomoka kuri Gihanga. Se wa Gihanga, Kazi, yari Ikimanuka nk'uko twabivuze. Ubwo rero Gihanga yari "ikivange" cy'Ikimanuka kiva mw'ijuru, n'Umusangwabutakakazi.
Dore Abami b'Umushumi, n'Abagabekazi babo:
  1. GIHANGA Ngomijana + Nyiragihanga Nyirarukangaga
  2. Kanyarwanda Gahima + Nyirakanyarwanda Nyamususa
  3. Yuhi Musindi + Nyirayuhi Nyamata
  4. Rukuge + Nyirarukuge Nyirankindi
  5. Nyarume + Nyiranyarume Nyirashyoza
  6. Rumeza + Nyirarumeza Kirezi
  7. Rubanda + Nyirarubanda Nkundwa
  8. Ndahiro Ruyange + Nyirandahiro Cyizigira
  9. Ndoba Samembe + Nyirandoba Monde
  10. Nsoro Samukondo + Nyiransoro Magondo
  11. Ruganzu Bwimba + Nyiraruganzu Nyakanga
  12. Cyirima Rugwe + Nyiracyirima Nyakiyaga
Uku ariko si ko Kagame yabyanditse: n'ubwo atandukanya ibyo bice bitatu - Ibimanuka, Umushumi, Ibitekerezo - akavuga n'uko bihererekanya, aho yandikiye amazina yabo ntiyagiye ayatandukanya atyo, ahubwo yayashyize hamwe. Kandi hari n'ayo yagiye areka, akayakuramo, ngo n'iby'amarenga. Icyiza cye ariko ni uko atubwira aho Abacurabwenge bo bayashyiraga, akanatubwira n'igitumye ayakuyemo. Ubanza rero twayasubizamo yose, kuko mu by'ukuri ayo azina yose arimo amarenga. N'irya Gihanga ni amarenga, ashaka kutwumvisha ko ari we wahanze byose. Dukuyemo amazina afite icyo aduciraho amarenga, ngira ngo ntaryo twasiga.
Ikindi, turayavuga tuyashyize muri ibyo bice bitatu, dukurikije ibivugwa mu Bitekerezo no mu Migani, mu Bisigo no mu bindi bya Kinyarwanda. Tuzi twese ko Ibimanuka bitangirira kuri Kigwa mwene Shyerezo, bigaharagarira kuri Gihanga cya Kazi. Ubwo hakaba hatangiye Ab'Umushumi, kuzageza kuri Nsoro Samukondo n'umuhungu we Ruganzu Bwimba. Ab'Ibitekerezo rero bagatangirira kuri Cyirima Rugwe, ikimenyetso cyabo kikaba gukurikirana kwa kundi muzi, babisikana batya:
Cyirima - Kigeri - Mibambwe - Yuhi - Mutara - Kigeri - Mibambwe - Yuhi - Cyirima - Kigeri - Mibamwe - Yuhi - Cyirima - Kigeri -etc.
Ubwo buryo mu kizungu babwita "succession en spirales cycliques", ou "en cycles spiralés". Aho rero ntawakwibeshya. Icyakora Kagame yakuyemo amazina abiri, avuga ko yari ay'abami b'inzibacyuho (Karemera Rwaka) cg se bateemewe (Mibambwe Rutarindwa), ariko ibyo ntawabikurikiza: ibyo ari byo byose, babaye abami b'Urwanda, nta mpamvu yo kubakuramo. Dore amazina y'abo Bami:.
Abami b'Ibitekerezo1. Cyirima Rugwe + Nyiracyirima Nyakiyaga2. Kigeri Mukobanya + Nyirakigeri Nyankuge3. Mibambwe-Mutabazi Sekarongoro + Nyiramibambwe Nyabadaha4. Yuhi Gahima + Nyirayuhi Matama

Ndahiro Cyamatare + Nyirandahiro NyirangaboRuganzu Ndori + Nyiraruganzu Nyirarumaga

1. Mutara Semugeshi + Nyiramavugo Nyirakabogo2. Kigeri Nyamuheshera + Nyirakigeri Ncenderi3. Mibambwe-Mutabazi Gisanura + Nyiramibambwe Nyabuhoro4. Yuhi Mazimpaka + Nyirayuhi Nyamarembo

Karemera Rwaka + Nyirakaremera Rukoni

1. Cyirima Rujugira + Nyiracyirima Kirongoro2. Kigeri Ndabarasa + Nyirakigeri Rwesero3. Mibambwe Sentabyo + Nyiramibambwe Nyiratamba4. Yuhi Gahindiro + Nyirayuhi Nyiratunga

1. Mutara Rwogera + Nyiramavugo Nyiramongi2. Kigeri Rwabugiri + Nyirakigeli Murorunkwere3. Mibambwe Rutarindwa + Nyiramibwambwe Kanjogera4. Yuhi Musinga + Nyirayuhi Kanjogera

1. Mutara Rudahigwa + Nyiramavugo Kankazi2. Kigeri Ndahindurwa + Nyirakigeri Mukashema
Murebye mu Nganji Kalinga, cyangwa se no mu bindi bitabo bya Padri Kagame, muzasanga avuga ko Umugabekazi nyina wa Ruganzu Ndori ari Nyiraruganzu Nyabacuzi. Uwo koko yari nyina wamubyaye mu nda (ku by'umubiri). Ariko tuzi ko Ndori yimye nyina yarapfuye: yaguye muri ya ntambara y'Abashi, ha handi Mu Miko y'Abakobwa, ajyana n'abandi Bamikazi, n'abagore n'abakobwa bose bari kumwe. Kubera rero ko Nyabacuzi atiyimye ingoma, ntitwavuga ko ari we Mugabekazi wa Ruganzu Ndori. Iyo Umwami yimaga atagifite nyina, bamushakiraga undi mugore w'iwabo wa nyina, kuko nyine ari uwo muryango wabaga uramukiwe ingoma, akaba ari we umubera umubyeyi, akaba Umugabekazi w'Urwanda. Ibisekuruza by'uwo Mugabekazi rero byabaga ari bimwe n'iby'uwabyaye Umwami mu nda.
Icyakora Ruganzu bavuga ko ari we wihitiyemo nyina, kandi atari no mu bwoko buramukiwe, kuko yari Umusingakazi, kandi icyo gihe ingoma yari iy'Abakono. Yihitiramo Nyirarumaga, umukobwa w'Abasinga, kandi bari baraciwe ku ngoma na Ruganzu wa mbere, Bwimba, kubera ubugome bari bagize kuri iyo ngoma. Ruganzu Ndori ibyo ntiyabikurikiza, ahitamo uwo Musingakazi Nyirarumaga, kubera akamaro yari yamugiriye, amuhisha abanzi, akanamucisha muri wa Mwobo w'Inyaga, akazatunguka i Rwanda. Ibyo tuzabivuga mu magambo arambuye nitugera ku gitekerezo cya Ruganzu Ndori. Ng'iyo imhavu umuntu atashyiraho iryo zina rya Nyabacuzi.
Nyamara ntitwahita tubyemeza, kuko hari icyo tutazi: ese iyo Umwami yimanaga n'umugore utari nyina, bamwtiriraga uwo agiriye mu cyimbo, izina rye bwite akarireka, mbese n'ubwoko? Nihagira ubiturusha yazatubwira. Ibyo ari byo byose, uwo Mugabekazi yagize akamaro cyane, aba Umubyeyi w'Urwanda, aba n'Umwigisa mukuru warwo. Mu nkuru ye (reba mu gitekerezo cya Ruganzu), tuzakoresha izina rye, kuko ari ko bivugwa nyine. Nihagira utubwira ko mu Masekuruza izina rigomba kuvugwa ari Nyabacuzi, tuzabihindura.
Ikindi twahindura ku byo Padri Kagame yanditse, ni kwa guha Abami inomero, nka Kigeri Mukobanya akamwita Kigeri II, Yuhi Musinga akaba Yuhi IV, bityo bityo. Ibi rero ntibiri mu byo Abacurabwenge bamubwiye, ntiyanabyanditse mu Masekuruza y'Abami. Ni we wabyishyiriyeho, abona ko bifite akamaro mu gutandukanya Abami bitiranwa. Ariko ubanza atari ngombwa, kuko buri mwami aba afite izina rye bwite, bita izina ry'ubututsi, rimutandukanya n'abandi bami basangiye iry'ubwami. Izo numero ahari uwashaka yazireka.
Ngayo amazina y'Abami n'Abagabekazi b'Urwanda. Nihagira ufite igitekerezo yatwungura, azatubwire, dukosore ibi cyangwa se tubyongere.