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Sunday, December 18, 2011

RWANDA:Protests against President Kagame at the Durban climate change conference in South Africa.

300 took the streets of Durban demostrating aganist Kagame's dictatorship .
News reaching Umuvigizi reveals that that what was supposed to be a conference on climate change in Durban, South Africa also known as “Cop 17”, turned out to be loud protests against President Kagame’s dictatorship.
Participants of this conference which was scheduled on 28/11/2011 to 9/12/2011 from almost 200 countries including presidents and the head of the United Nations, Ban Ki Moon were shocked to see the number of protesters who included Congolese, Burundian and friends of Rwanda from Europe and USA protesting against the progressive autocracy of President Kagame . The protests took place on 7/12/2011 and was prepared by RNC.
Defined President Kagame as a threat to the environment as he has killed and continues to kill thousands of people!

300 protesters organised by RNC took to the streets with placards splashed with bloody fingers protesting the brutality of the regime, saying that Rwandans have had enough, while others defined president Kagame of being a threat to the environment as he has killed and continues to kill thousands of people. They also demonstrated against the impunity of president Kagame’s regimes which has assassinated innocent civilians of different nationality and went un punished . Johnson, Europe

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