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Sunday, December 18, 2011

RWANDA:Kagame’s spies cause insecurity in France and Belgium as an offensive to both undermine state security of two nations and to sabotage any future demonstrations!

Our sources confirm that Rwandan intelligence currently deployed in Belgium and France were ordered to organize the recent Congolese demonstrations which was dominated by violence as an offensive to both undermine state security of two nations and as another move to sabotage any future demonstrations which could be organised by president Kagame’s critics in European countries .

This takes place shortly after France and Belgium failed to comply with Rwandan embassies request of denying permission to all anti Kagame demonstrations who have been demonstrating against president Kagame’s progressive autocracy . It’s in this context that president Kagame’s intelligence decided to organize these demonstration disguising as Congolese with other motives designed to convince Rwandans that their country is targeted .
This incidence was smartly organised by president Kagame’s intelligence to an extent that Congolese who had attended the demonstrations had confused the Rwandan spies with Banyamurenge. This was organised by the Rwandan Government to intimidate France and Belgium so that they could never dare to give permission to any President Kagame’s critics in future .
Sources also confirm that this staged demonstrations by president Kagame’s intelligence which were claimed to be against the Government of Rwanda yet it was the one organising and funding the demonstrations intended to most especially preempt the French judicial investigation report on the plane crash of president Habyarimana .
President Kagame is also said to be worried about the report where some of his former inner circle members contributed their accounts and can do anything to divert the attention of the world.
This also comes when the same Rwandan spies have been using their media to publish hateful articles against the French as efforts to politicise international jurisdiction and advocate for impunity .
Rwandan government has been pushing international recognized democratic countries like France and Belgium to broke the demonstrations like the way it recently managed to influence Uganda in president Kagame’s visit where a lot of Rwandans were denied their rights of demonstrating against president Kagame’s continued autocracy .
One of our sources who talked to us on conditions of anonymity said that
” All of us we are aware that this was a drama a organised by President Kagame’s intelligence , who does not know that Kagame funds Congolese opposition that he later denies to associate with ? Why were the demonstrations held at the Rwandan embassy and not at the Congolese embassies in the two respective countries,” .
Analysts of Kagame’s intelligence operations confirmed to us that what recently happened in Paris and Brussels wasn’t the first diplomatic incidence planned by the Rwanda’s intelligence in European countries . They are known of having once tried to set the Rwandan embassy in London on fire.  That time it was executed by Ambassador Gatete Claver and embassy spy  Uwizeye Jimmy in efforts to justify their reasons as why Rwanda wanted Britian to extradite genocide suspects who were in British custody who included Dr. Bajinya and others.
This happened after the British government had refused to extradite the suspects to Rwanda because of not trusting the independence of the Rwandan judiciary.
Kagabo, London

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