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Sunday, December 18, 2011

RWANDA:French Minister Juppé expressed concern over Rwanda’s human rights abuses.

French Minister Juppé expressed concern over Rwanda’s  human rights abuses.

French Foreign affairs Minister Allain Juppé disapointed of the ongoing human rights abuses in Rwanda!
French Foreign Minister Alain Juppé recently expressed his concern over continued human rights abuses committed by the government of Rwanda.   Speaking recently at a conference in South Africa, Juppé boldly expressed his concern over human rights abuse to over a hundred dignitaries attending the conference.
The conference entitled New Global Governance was organised by South Africa’s Institute of International Affairs and the French embassy in South Africa.
Participants at the conference included different diplomatic envoys to S.Africa, international researchers and international media practitioners.
Responding to a question from one of the RNC members which required his opinion on what was happening in Rwanda, French foreign affairs Minister Juppé expressed his concern about the ongoing human rights abuses committed by the government of Rwanda.
Juppé who happen to know much about Rwanda’s history said that the violation of human rights  in Rwanda deserved an urgent solution and should worry everyone.    
Most of the participants appreciated Minister Juppé ‘s concern most especially in such times when the entire International community and activist are also concerned of the ongoing violations of human rights in Rwanda.
Rwandan political analyst told Umuvugizi news that Minister Juppé’s words were comforting message to all Rwandans that the International community is strongly concerned of what’s taking place in Rwanda.
Uwera, South Africa

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