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Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Ms. Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza was once again taken to GASABO Court House for further Prosecution grilling. Despite her visibly weak state, the police brought and returned her in a on open pick up convoy, always in handcuffs. It was a lengthy 6-7 hour interrogation. She is supposed to be paraded again tomorrow at 14:00 for a confrontation with the state-prepared key witness.

Some of her collaborators have been harassed on the spot and searched by security officers. Military intelligence staff almost forced Ingabire's colleague to give a list of medicine she normally takes when she is sick. Instead of taking her to the hospital or to allow her to be seen by an independent medical doctor they just want to buy drugs over the counter.

The recycled criminal charge is now almost formulated: creation of a terrorist group CDF.
CDF is said-to-mean “Coalition of Democratic Forces”, a not yet known rebel movement with no base, no leadership, no clear programme because it does not exist yet. Nobody in the FDU-INKINGI in or outside Rwanda has ever heard about it. Only the regime seems to have a mountain of information and a chaplet of witnesses being all in common ex-FDLR repatriated, demobilised or not.
This accusation keeps on changing. Some witnesses allege that the so called terrorist group is an FDU-INKINGI military wing in the making while others say it is operating somewhere in the Eastern DR CONGO as a branch of FDLR, curiously composed by its deserters. Neither the MONUC (UNITED NATIONS force deployed in the DRC) and operating in the area nor the DRC army do not seem to know anything about this CDF.
What is clear is that the prepared state witnesses seem to have a huge amount of accusations: phone calls, emails, transfers, multiple fake identities, facilities of movements and contacts in Rwanda where everybody know the omni-presence of intelligence and security operatives. The current key witness, Major Vital UWUMUREYI, has been meeting security officers and carrying out missions in and out the country since February 2010 on their behalf. This is the person helping the regime to keep Ms. Victoire INGABIRE in jail.
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