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Friday, October 8, 2010


Ingabire Victoire, Rwanda Opposition Leader
During the swearing-in ceremony of his Ministers, a very angry General Paul KAGAME stunned the audience by saying that there was no more political space left for the opposition and that he has no lessons to receive from perfidious donors. He was reacting to calls from foreign countries for more political space in order to defuse the current political stalemate.
Mocking some western bilateral partners which are advising on governance issues while they are unable to appoint their own governments at home, the President divulges his strategy to listen to them but continue his plans or to tactically hibernate until  they get tired and keep quiet. This follows his August speech when he loudly said that Africans did not need democracy. He cannot endlessly rubbish advises and calls from Rwandans and friends of Rwanda. Enlarging political space is a must for national reconciliation and durable peace in Rwanda.
The assumption that there is no more political space left is another step forward towards political exclusion of a large section of the population from the governance of their country. Exclusion has always been the root cause of cyclical violence, genocide and crimes against humanity that rocked the country and still hangs over the heads of future generations.
His public confessions on the particularly very difficult challenges he is facing to govern the country is not a secret. The answer is to go beyond political narrowness and not to threaten opponents and dissents or to belittle the good intentions of bilateral partners.
Democracy and justice are universal values. There is no room for a sub standard yardstick for Africa and  Rwanda in particular. Rejecting all calls for more political space is putting at risk the future of our country.
We encourage all the good friends of Rwanda to tighten the pressure until democracy and justice  are implemented in this country.
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