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Saturday, October 2, 2010

100 Hutu Refugees Died of Suffocation in a Train in Kisangani:Los Angeles Times Once Wrote

Dear Edotor
Today I am surprised that as I was browsing I came across this article which were talking about us when we were the forgotten species brandes as criminals in the DRC jungle 13 years ago. I never knoew that I will ever have a chance to read anything written about us when Kagame and his men majority of them Tutsis with some young men hutus forced to hunt their relatives, were hunting us like a Guinean fowls. No one wanted to hear about us but I thank you that you published this article though I do not believe it made alot of impact on the ears of people whose eyes were blinded by the 3Ts in DRC.

Kagame came killing the guilt and innocents, there was no distinction between a genicidaire from a baby child as long as there was some Hut blood flowing through your feabble veins you were destined to die either by a bullet, grenade if you were like but by a hammer. I remember they used to hit the forehead then you could see the brain coming out from the back of the head. Soldiers both from RPF and DRC could start laughing celebrating their brutal systematic killing. This day, for sure I knew we were destined to died that is what Sadako Oghata told us when she came to Tingi Tingi. She stood in front of these weak and malnourished kids whose bones stood out as barricades then she pointed at us and said, "YOU, YOU ALL, YOU ARE GENOCIDAIRES, AND YOU MUST PAY FOR IT,... THEN A 4 YEAR BOY ASKED...."I am a 4 year boy who has spent most of his time in a refugee camp far away from where the genocide took place,,, if I may ask, when did I commit genocide? either your mother or father cimmitted,Sadako replied...I knew we were all as hutus destined to die because Clinton had said so.

On October 1, 2010 that is when I heard something like justice in my ears. When the UN MAPPING REPORT was finally published. I just cried and I couldnt stop crying. I did not go to school as usual, I did not read any other article or any academic paper except reading the UN MAPPING REPORT letter by letter word by word because it was like reading myself when I was a boy. Then I took a deeper breath than I have ever taken since the RPF spray killing of South Kisangani at Ubundu in 1997. When the RPD masquerading as red cross staff they come and start shelling at us and over 500 people took their last breath there.

I always wonder, who brings jutice to the world if the mighty decides the fate of the weak. I always believed and I still believe that Tutsis were murdered in 1994. I still believe it was wrong for the Hutus to attack innocent human beings simply because one of their tribesmen was going around the country killing any living being on his way. I still believe that those who killed innocent Tutsis should be brought to justice and punished. But I always wonder why all people start from April 7, and end July 28, and not from Apirl 6, 1994 and 2004.

I remember in Mbandaka when a priest of Mbandaka gave Hutu refugees a ship to help them cross over Lukolela in Congo Brazaville and after around 1500 refugees had boarded the ship exploded because of the bomb that RPF had put inside the ship. the ship sunk with all my friends at the tributary of river Ubangui and River Congo. No body talked about it, why, because those who died there were Africans, to make the matter worse, Hutus from Rwanda. We were unwanted species that is why Clinton wanted us to die all.

Just without going too far,I just wanted to thank the Los Angeles Times to have covered us in this terrible moment when no one wanted to hear about us. When we were eating roots, walking 50 miles a day on foot to keep a good distance from RPF led by Kagame, when every body had turned the back on us...when we were all destined to die... you covered our miseries and apocalypse.


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