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Thursday, October 21, 2010

AGI Patron Tony Blair praises Government of Rwanda’s progress towards MDGs

AGI Patron Tony Blair praises Government of Rwanda’s progress towards MDGs
AGI Patron Tony Blair praises Government of Rwanda’s progress towards MDGs
Tony Blair today visited the Kicukiro Health Centre in Kigali to see the rapid improvements the Government of Rwanda is making and meet the doctors, nurses and community outreach workers who are making them possible.
Rwanda has made remarkable progress towards the health Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), halving infant mortality and under five mortality and bringing down the maternal mortality rate by two thirds since 2000. Rwanda is committed to raising spending on health from the current 10% to 15% of the national budget by 2010, in line with the Abuja target set in 2001.
Mr Blair, who is on his first visit to Rwanda since August’s Presidential election, paid tribute to President Kagame, in particular his leadership as co-chair of the MDG’s Advisory Group and his determination that African countries unite to promote growth and development across the continent.
Speaking in Kigali, Mr Blair said:
“It is a great honour to be here and to see, once again, the great progress that Rwanda is making across the priority sectors such as health, energy, agriculture and improving the investment climate.  Rwanda needs to continue to pursue development for all its people. It is testament to the vision of President Kagame, and the dedication of all Rwandans, that it continues to do that so determinedly”.
“I am proud to be working with the Government of Rwanda as it embarks on the next stage of its journey to greater prosperity and opportunity for all.”
Mr Blair was in Rwanda to support AGI’s capacity-building project with the Government of Rwanda. The AGI team provides support to the Office of the President, the Prime Minister’s Office, Rwanda Development Board and the Public Sector Capacity Building Secretariat to improve public administration and promote sustainable development with a view to relieving poverty. In particular, AGI are supporting the Government’s innovative Strategic Capacity Building Initiative, which seeks to provide targeted capacity support to facilitate the delivery of Government priorities such as improving nutrition, which is crucial for continued improvements in maternal and child health.
HE President Kagame, said
“I am pleased to welcome Tony Blair back to Rwanda and appreciate the valuable support we receive from the AGI team based here in Kigali. We have just embarked on a new seven-year government program, and look forward to a continued productive partnership with AGI as we consolidate earlier achievements and work with all Rwandans to deliver more and faster, and continue to move our country on the path to prosperity.
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