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Monday, April 16, 2012


The hinges of the Kigali regime are on fire slowly burning up to the periphery, now we have  the top military brass transferred from previously house arrest to an incommunicado places unknown to no one, not even their families for two months now.
 This started a while back when Brigadier  General Richard Rutatina, DMI( director of military intelligence) chief together with his colleagues Col Dan Munyuza, external security chief, Gen Fred Ibigira chief of staff of  reserve forces ( Garrison),and division commander Brigadier general Wilson Gumisiriza contacted their counterparts in Uganda to lender them a hand in their escape plan to exile, the Ugandan intelligence let president kagame’s  intelligence in on their escape plan and they were apprehended on their way to exile through Uganda. What is rather more appalling is how Brigadier general Richard Rutatina cried and pleaded to his wife to follow him saying “please follow me up now that I am moved from my house they are going to kill me, please inform everyone and don’t forget to look after my children”. Hahahahah very funny from a man who used to call others crooks and detractors of Kigali regime.  
Information we have from a well trusted inside source is that, after their arrest they revealed a long list of fellow military officers that had the same intentions to follow suit into exile, we can only hope these people are still alive since nobody knows their whereabouts, their families are crying foul and they have been asked not to talk about it or else they will follow them into the oblivion.
Let us remind our readers that these four men apart from Brigadier General Gumisiriza, in the list of too many, president kagame used them to exorcize, demonise, exterminate and mudsling people with dissenting views like Gen kayumba Nyamwasa and Col Patrick karegeya   who are currently living in exile in south Africa under heavy security due to life threats men like Col Dan and Gen Rutatina posed on their lives, they had a sole mandate from his excellency president Paul kagame alias the butcher to find and liquidate them at any cost, conversations on internet of them bargaining with the supposed killers can confirm it.
 One cannot also forget to mention journalists wondering around in exile and political prisoners as a result of trapped up charges and persecutions, These men sold their souls for President Paul kagame, I think they forgot the saying that says, “one cannot live for ever by ignoring the price of coffins”, they were in a better place to know what was coming for them because lively examples where in front of their noses but rather they choose to ignore it for a few pennies.
We plead to all Rwandese men and women still helping president Paul Kagame to consolidate himself to power by exterminating people with different views and opinions to stop, please remember history will judge you and one way or the other you will end up like those four men.
And for president Paul Kagame this is a piece of advice, you won’t need to pay for it like you pay consultation fees to Tony Blair, that ranges into millions of dollars a year of Rwandese tax payers’ money with regard to how to improve your image abroad more especially when requests pour in for you to open up political participation or when you ridge elections by 95% , this is my piece of advice -  holding onto power is much like trying to secure a handful of sand- the tighter you squeeze the less you can have.


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