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Thursday, April 26, 2012


By Jean Paul Ndindamahina

It is always good to fight for what you believe in and have that courageous and consider yourself as the best but, as i write this,I am asking myself where an arrogance within Rwanda National Congress is going to lead Rwandan people especially those who have thirsty to go back to their motherland in peace?.
Many RNC members do  think  only they know how to push for a change and, I find that to be wholly arrogant. There are those members of RNC who believe that without RNC,all Rwandan opposition parties  will be silenced. RNC Members believe that they are the ones who are able to push for a really change in Rwanda and the contraly is the truth.

Before Lt Gen Kayumba Nyamwasa run way from his accountabilities as his friend Kagame claims, Opposition in Rwanda was getting stronger and stronger. What RNC brought within opposition climate is the state of confusion.There are those members from other opposition parties who looked at RNC leaders as  saviors who hold a lot of hell secrets about  both the Government of Rwanda and about all crimes committed in the past against the citizen of Rwanda.Most exiled Rwandans seemed to be more interested in those who claim to hold a key to secrets to what happened to them in the past.Rudasingwa claims he knows who killed Habyarimana, and many Habyarimana supporters are following him one by one. People are manupulated quickly! I have strong doubt that Rudasingwa, a simple medical officer in other words,a nurse within RPF Liberation movement, could hold key information in Habyarimana's death. It is impossible.It is just his tricks to trap people and confuse them.
When he was in France, Dr Theogene Rudasingwa said that under their efforts, they have brought together all Rwandan people for a really change "It is the first time that Hutus and Tutsis come together for a common cause" he told a mass of  exiled Rwandan refugees. For him, he thought he was addressing his lies to idiots people who would not in turn analyse his speech. But, him to avoid any question about other Hutus involvement  within RPF during their bush war,he referred to one member of FPR , Alex Kanyarengwe who was overall the president of APR and FPR. Rudasingwa, in addressing to the cloud of people including Kanyarengwe's friends and may be relatives, he said that  Kanyarangwe Alex was picked up for tricks to show to an international community that their movement was not ethnic based.
It was all tricks, he said. Kanyarengwe was used by us. The message from Rudasingwa about Kanyarengwe is that  whatever Kanyarengwe did, including signing the Arusha peace accord, it was all tricks and for Rudasingwa, Kanyarangwe was a tool used by Tutsis elites within RPF. I wonder how that can happen as until his death Kanyarengwe remained on his role as the chairman of RPF. I find it hard to believe in Rudasingwa's words that Hutus were used by Tutsis during the liberation movement when a hutu, Pasteur Bizimungu who was heavily involved in RPF liberation movement was the one who was nominated to lead Rwanda as President after the war ended in 1994.There is obviously a say that Kagame has been a president of Rwanda since 1994 which may be the truth but, That may have pushed by extremists individuals such as Rudasingwa who did not want to see a Hutu as a president. As many claim, Rudasingwa has a cotempt towards Hutus ethnic.So, i was not surprised to learn from Rudasingwa that he picked kanyarengwe up for just to be used and for political tricks.

Their tricks continue to trap many  democratics citizen. Their tricks are based to nothing else but promising their followers,a card which seems working for them so far, to bring Kagame and his crimes to book. This kind of political ideology to fight the past rather than the present has slowed the proccess of retaining the Rwanda's political ground.

RNC Leaders believe that they are the only ones who can push for actions.One member of RNC comment on facebook that other party have spent a long time doing nothing and they are now the ones to push for a change. It is true that most of Hutus who are in exile are afraid to speak up because the tricks used by RPF-led government to falsely accuse every Rwandan,  especially Hutus who  speaks out, is falsely accused of playing roles in the crimes of genocide against Tutsis. This false allegation tactics have led many Hutus exiles to keep silence to their own problems. I believe Rwandans have worked tirelessly to bring change in their motherland. It is unbelievable that many Rwandans seem to ignore that before kayumba and Rudasingwa together with his elder Brother run away from their accountabilities in Rwanda, there were deo Mushayidi who is now serving a life sentence in prison for forming a terrorists group(uncomfirmed facts) and Ntanganda a leader of  PS imberakuri and MmeVictoire Ingabire of FDU Inkingi  who are all now in prison  for pushing for a change in Rwanda. All those are heroes you can not dismiss regardless how they play their politics, they are true heroes.
What the people especially those who believe in RNC political activities,do get their misunderstanding from? For me and on my behalf, i do not see any political activities that  RNC is involved in. All i see is RNC travelling all over the world sawing their seeds of propaganda and person hatred ideology. I amy also say that all RNC followers will gain nothing but bad confusion and defeat. First of all RNC is a movement that lacks political strategy to the real problems of Rwanda. And, unless RNC and other political parties employ political strategy to fight against the current regime, RNC members will reap nothing but an arrogance and a bad defeat. Politics has many tricks  and its up to the members of Rwanda democrats to be aware of those tricks and that is our challenge.


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