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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

KAGAME: Rwandan President is Riding on the Back of the Poor Rwandans

President Paul Kagame of RwandaPaul Kagame
Wasting all that money travelling in western countries, paying rwandese diaspora to come and listen to him, is a sign of weakness. He is afraid of any opposition supported by the truth which may arose from the first world counties.

Anumber of people he claims to have voted for him can not afford the necessities like medicine and salt, sugar and so and he wastes billions on travels to the west and bribing the diaspora who most of them lives on tax payers money in western countries.

He does not sleep because of the western countries, Media, and the intellectuals some who have left his government and started to question his system which has no plan.

Kagame had always thought that he can sit in his house and tell the rwandese society what to do without consulting anyone, he has managed to do that for the last few years, but it has not been the same since the foundation of FDU inkingi and RNC, Kagame is an embarracement to the nation, he is a president who can not even hold a proper speech let alone a conversation, he is a dictator who will take us back to the endless wars.
Kagame bosts around for clean roads and new buildings in kigali but those roads are cleaned just to show up the face of the city where by our people in 5 kms from kigali are starving.
The new buildings belong to RPF, himself and few greedy people from his inner circle. none of those buildings belongs to the government, all of the aid money has been injected in facelifting kigali city and now the government can not afford to pay the employees, some people have not been paid for 6 months.

He has forced people to sell their cows and told them to only remain with one cow when himself has over 500 in a farm that he never bought neither the cows.

He has jailed soldiers who had some truth and sent others to an early retirement, before poisoning and shooting them.

Rwandans come together and say no to Kagame, who invests all your tax in his own pocket.
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