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Monday, June 20, 2011

Question to our Rwandan spiritual Leaders

Hope Kanyarwanda

by Hope Kanyarwanda on Wednesday, 08 June 2011 at 07:13
Question to our spiritual Leaders, What in name of reasoning are you doing?
Churches are mushrooming all over our country, more people are claiming to be called by god; churches and mosques are full every weekend even during the week, yet tension among believers is mounting, corruption among church members is increasing, Kigali is becoming more scary. Fear is increasing among people, rumors of war again.. Promiscuity is new fashion, raping young kids is becoming a norm. Among many churches some leaders still oppressing other leader using ethnicity. People are spending beyond their means on ravishing weddings they can't afford, unnecessary baptism parties, people who live here arguing with those Rwandan who live abroad,  and so on, yet none of church leader is putting foot down and say enough is enough.

Are you going to remain silence like what we experienced in 90s? Are you going to keep telling us that things are okay when you know that nothing is improving, and some of your are taking your shopping around overseas looking for a country where you can send you children just in case...

Can you call a day of prayer or a day of fasting and pray for our country? Can you start teaching beyond you respective congregation about true repentance? Can you pass message on your website, Ministry Television and newsletter a message of hope not those gimmick messages of prosperity? Is that hard to do?
Rumors of war, division among government officials, corruption in church, yet nothing is said. Take courage and do something... if you can't speak out in time of peace, are you going to stand up in time of trials? That time is near... Pastor Rick Warren, Apostle P. Gitwaza, Apostle J. Masasu, Pastor Ezra Mpyisi, Pastor Desire H. Ntawiniga, Padiri Obaldi Rugirangoga, Mufti  Habimana Saleh, Ev Michel Zigirinshuti and many more.. People are divided. Some are using orphans for person gains, other still using Genocide as means to oppress those they don't like or they want to rob. Most of you Pastors are quite about the distortion of Genocide - i.e. nobody want to make a collection about the message we have been teaching our children and lies to the western countries that Genocide was against Tutsi only - It was genocide against all Rwandan.. How can I grieve my family, my relatives and it is okay but Hutu who lost their families, children and relative can't do it openly? You know what I am saying... People died since 1990 til recently are not Tutsi only... If we need true reconciliation, let us be fair to each other... I am saying from experience, for the past 15 years, I was angry and bitter, not only because of the people I lost also because of lies we were fed.. By the grace of God I started sharing with other victims, I realized that we are all suffered and lost our beloved ones.

Rwandan people need you more than ever; we need you to speak without fear and without favor. Our Leaders need you, so they can govern according and stop being arrogant.

 Like many young Rwandan generation here in Rwanda even among those outside the country, we understand that you have to build your churches, ministries and other projects, that is good and honorable. Yet you seem to forget that the most important calling is to lead in time of trials... Our government is full of corrupt people, I can't call them leaders; our military is divided, people inside the country are afraid, Rwandan outside are divided and preparing for war; people are throne in jail for voicing their views, other are killed. Prophecies concerning our country of Rwanda are increasing most of them speaking of another period of killing, death and so on..

If I am not mistaken, in bible there are many scenarios of people of God coming together and seeking the face of God and saved them... Why can't you call the nation to pray together? Do you fear our government more than you fear the God you claim that He called you?
Hey don't get me wrong, I lost many people I loved the most in my family, I survived that heinous killing, I am grateful to what God did in my life that why I have no fear in saying what I am saying...

Please speak out for the sake of your children, for us who has no one to defend us... You may ignore this message; I know God will raise people who will stand in gap for Rwanda and its people. Remember a nation do not perish because of evil doers, it perishes because righteous people seat and do nothing.

PS. This note is not politically motivated, it is human broken heart speaking.


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