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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Kagame Killing Machine out of Control: Further Concrete Evidence

This article is from UMUVUGIZI and AFRICA DICTATORS
The Exiled Umuvugizi Newspaper has once again come up with concrete and extraordinary evidence of how the Rwandan Dictator and his killing machine are now running amok – determined to eliminate the regime’s real or imagined enemies. What follows is the Umvuvuguzi exposé in Kinyarwanda.

Umuvugizi provides two audio videos containing conversations between (1) Colonel Dan Munyuza, the Head of Military Intelligence in Rwanda and hired killers in South Africa and (2) Jack Nziza and hired killers. For the non-Kinyarwanda speakers, here are the highlights in the two audios: you can also listen and watch the videos here (click here for the first videos) soon we are going to have English and French captions. (Click here for the 2nd video)
  • Colonel Dan Munyuza is ordering an operative in South Africa to use poison when shooting fails, and says the killing machine in Rwanda has tested the poison and that it is effective;
  • The poison has already been dispatched to South Africa and in possession of a certain lady operative;
  • General Jack Nziza confirms that the Rwandan Dictator President has approved; the Dictator has furthermore ordered  the killing “muzungu” meaning Colonel Patrick Karegeya, who is deemed to be even more dangerous than Kayumba;
  • The killing of General Kayumba must proceed no matter what, whether the hospital staff is harmed in the process or not – Kayumba had just survived the assassination attempt, and was recovering in a Johannesburg hospital;
  • The Kagame killers in Kigali query international diplomatic visitors to Kayumba in hospital and possible evacuation of Kayumba by Ugandan authorities.
  • The rest of the story accompanying is the audios is about how businessman Tribert Rujugiro and former strategy advisor to Kagame, David Himbara are also in danger. The latter was almost kidnapped at the Nairobi airport but was saved by the fact that he was travelling on a Canadian passport.
All in all, the Newspaper Umuvugizi has once again revealed the extent to which the Rwandan Dictator has literally gone crazy. He is ready to kill anyone at whatever the cost. Paranoia has taken over – the crazed Dictator is now a mere shadow of his past. No wonder it is now his wife Jeannette and her Akazu power that is ruling the country.