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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Does Kagame really want to turn Rwanda into Singapore of Africa or Hell of his own people?

President Kagame says he is building “the Singapore of Africa”. Sometimes it is “Switzerland of Africa”.
People who visit Rwanda and the Capital City of Kigali in particular, are struck by its cleanliness although they often add the term “by African standards”. As if to confirm that the Singapore of Africa is becoming reality, Kigali City was recently awarded the UN World Habitat’s most prestigious human settlement accolade in the world – the Habit Scroll of Honors Award.
A few minutes from Kigali in any direction, however, reveal a different world, a dirt-poor countryside. President Kagame’s way of changing this is rather unusual – demolish the grass huts, and enforce a policy of iron sheets or tiles.
Whether Rwanda’s largely subsistence communities that make up over 90% of the country’s eleven million population can afford iron sheets/tiles or not appears to be irrelevant to the government. Rural Rwanda must look as presentable as the winner of the UN World Habitat’s the most prestigious human settlement accolade – Kigali.
In a shocking testimony to the destruction of rural Rwanda’s grass thatched houses to enforce President Kagame’s orders, a Rwandan local online newspaper sent its reporters and photographer to record the outcomes.
Thousands of families have seen their homes destroyed in this manner. Below is the result of President Kagame’s “rural development”. the following photos show us the deolished thatched houses in rural Rwanda which is mostly inhabited by Hutus who are not ruling now. Here you have to remember that Tutsis are the minority tribe of Mr. Kagame and they own most of the industries in Rwanda and they have access to the loans from the banks and they can afford modern housing without any government intervention.

This house has been demolished by the Kagame police who are following the instructions provided by Mr. Kagame himself who said that all Rwandans must destroy their traditional homes and build using corrugated iron so that Rwanda looks modern and be compared to Singpore. However majority of the people who live in this kind of housing are from the Hutu tribe and were kicked out of their famrs which were either alongside the road so that those pabout its own people or about its own teople wo are the officials of RPF could nuild modern housing and development actiities in these firms. Then the question that comes to people's mind is whether this government cares about its own people or about its own tribe onl who are mostly Tutsis who defeated the Hutu regime which brought the 1962 independence.
This mud walled and thtch roofed house in found in Bicumbi, around 25 Km from the Kigali capital. Majority of the owners of this kind of housing are Hutus because they do not have charitable organizations to support  them. Majority of the NGOs are given instructions to support Tutsi community based CBOs in the name that they are the survivors of the genocide. But when you take a closer look and talk to some of the recipients from TUTSI communities they tell you that  they either come from DRC, Uganda or Burundi. then the questions that comes into one's mind is "how come they are referred to as  the Genocide Survivor. Any way that is Kagame Singapore of Africa.
Rwandan children mostly from Hutu community in rural Rwanda suffering from malnutrition and other indications of poverty. This is what Mr. Kagame calls a Singapore of Africa
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