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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rwanda: State terrorism tolerated for long by the international community

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By Ghislain Mikeno – Translated from French by Ambrose Nzeyimana
In recent days, the news in the Great Lakes is dominated by revelations of the British press that the police in that country has warned some Rwandan nationals living in London about death threats against them and from Paul Kagame’s regime. These revelations have been confirmed by some of the targeted individuals themselves, be it in interviews on radio or television giving details and displaying written statements from security officials.
Thus Rene Claudel Mugenzi and Jonathan Musonera testified in the press by showing the certificate of the British police who warned them that their lives were in danger.
As usual the Kagame regime has strongly denounced this news in manners as too clumsy as useless, far from stifling the scandal, fueling instead a debate which is taking place now on the political front in Great Britain. Some elected representatives of the opposition are beginning to seriously question whether Great Britain, which is the largest supporter of Kagame’s regime, must continue keep a blind eye on the actions of a regime that openly practices state terrorism.
The Kagame’s regime is however not new to state terrorism. Soon after getting into power in 1994, it sent commandos in several countries to kidnap or kill Rwandans. In 1998, Mr. Seth Sendashonga, who was interior minister in the first RPF government in 1994 and as well part of the politico-military movement, was shot in the streets of Nairobi by a commando unit sent by Kagame. He had gone into exile in protest a few months after disagreeing with Kagame on a number of issues including the blind repression that Kagame’s soldiers had on the population. Intelligent, competent and therefore considered highly as a potential serious political challenger by Kagame, Sendashonga was wounded in a first assassination attempt and his assailant arrested by Kenyan police at the scene of the attack with still a smoking gun. The assailant was quickly identified as a diplomat of the Embassy of Rwanda in Nairobi. The second attack proved fatal.
In the same city of Nairobi, Colonel Theoneste Lizinde who had deserted the ranks of the RPF was shot at close range in the company of a well know businessman Bugilimfura, by a commando which, obviously was acting under the orders of Kagame.
Parallel to these killings, kidnappings and abductions were operated by the secret services of Kagame around the world. Thus in 1996, Karamira who was Vice-President of the MDR party was kidnapped in Ethiopia and forcibly repatriated in Kigali. He was summarily tried and executed in public. Soon after, former Justice Minister, Mrs Agnes Ntamabyariro, was kidnapped by a commando from exile in Zambia and found herself in Kigali. For more than 15 years, she languishes in jail without trial until today.
In Belgium, a reporter revealed that the Rwandan government had asked him to identify a certain group of Rwandan refugees for their neutralization. In Norway, a Rwandan exile threatened by Kagame’s death squads is under heavy police protection in that country. The threat is so serious that the individual wears an electronic bracelet so that he can be traced at any time, for his safety. More recently, in South Africa, commandos fired on General Kayumba Nyamwasa, former Chief of Staff of the army of the RPF. This terrorist act was orchestrated by the invisible hand of Kagame.
Direct or indirect threats continue to reach Rwandan exiles living in different countries. But so far, few security services had taken them seriously and they especially did not cause any political debate. We hope that the case of Britain will be followed and that police services in Belgium, France, The Netherlands, US, Canada, Norway and other countries, take this time  Rwandan exiles’ worries seriously and put in place stronger deterrents  for criminal plans of Kigali in their countries.
No compromise with a rogue regime which practices state terrorism!
Beyond the implications of this police case in London, we hope and expect that policies in different countries will be reviewed accordingly in order to stop criminal activities of Kagame’s regime on their territories. As suggested by some British MPs, financial assistance generously provided to the dictator should be cut. After which sanctions would be as well considered if he persists in practicing state terrorism. And if he carries on undeterred, why not consider hitting the facilities of Kagame’s army and his intelligence services which spread death in foreign capitals? After all, Muammar Gaddafi is an amateur next to Paul Kagame.
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