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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

UK Police confirms in writing that Kagame killing machine has beed deployed in the UK

Kagame against his People
The London Metropolitan police warned some key Rwandan opposition figures about imminent threats to their personal safety. The alert came on the eve of a meeting convened by Rwandan opposition to Kagame dictatorship in London.
Scotland Yard have issued a “threats to life warning” notice to at least two organisers of the meeting. We are in possession of the warning issued by the London Metropolitan Police dated 12 May 2011. The warning reads in part as follows:
Reliable intelligence states that Rwandan Government poses an imminent threat to your life. The threat could come in any form. You should be aware of other high profile cases where action such as this has been concluded in the past. Conventional and non-conventional means have been used.
Rwandan opposition leaders arriving in London have been warned of the danger and advised to contact the police regarding any suspicious incidents associated with this threat. Hotels where they are staying are under police surveillance.
The Metropolitan Police adds that all steps will be taken to minimise the risk, but declined to provide a 24-hour protection to those threatened.
Speaking to the BBC, Jonathan Musonera, one of the organisers, confirmed he has been advised to take all remedial actions necessary to increase his own safety measures including the option of leaving his own neighbourhood for the foreseeable future.
Kagame: We are watching you, Scotland Yard says
Evidently Kagame dictatorship is totally out of control. Only last month did British M15 warn the regime’s High Commissioner Ernest Rwamucyo about his constant harassment and intimidation of Rwandans living in the UK.
M15 warned that Rwanda stands to lose some 83 Million Pounds per year of taxpayers’ money that props Kagame dictatorship. Still, the Rwandan leader has deployed his killing machines on British soil, disturbing the very people who feed him and damaging the reputation of Britain, ahead of the Olympic Games.
Kagame’s audacity was already shown by his assassination attempt against General Kayumba, former Rwanda army chief of staff, in South Africa during last year’s Soccer World Cup. That is why. South Africa pulled its ambassador from Rwanda. Likewise, several European countries have warned the Kagame regime of dire consequences if it continues to harass Rwandan residents.
The Scotland Yard notice is clear as it is chilling: ”Conventional and non-conventional means have been used” by the Kagame regime to kill his opponents.
Reports from the UK say that  the  Rwandan Ambassador who called  for a counter-gathering of Rwandans in the town of Coventry this Saturday to coincide with the opposition meeting in London, had nothing to say when contacted by the media on the latest unbecoming Rwanda behaviour in UK.
It is time for UK and other countries that prop up the Kagame menace to tell the dictator in Kigali in no uncertain terms that “enough is enough.”
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