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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Behind the Kigali nice buildings There is the Reality

Kigali city is as clean as we like to say in the newspapers and by visitors and passengers who spend their time in Kigali, but it's just a game considered a booth visitors who come to stay in Kigali, but they are astonished when they are able to leave the stand and go a little in the neighborhoods of the city such as Bicumbi and Bugesera.

The money is simple demanded by the RPF from the public to help in presidential elections and other activities of government should assist the development of families living in the slums of the city of Kigali. The Rwandan authorities should take care of their people have a better life instead of gathering the very little that the country has and take it away.

Saw that the houses above - are in the city of Kigali in 500 m of MAGERWA the National Warehouse and 1km from the clandestine prison of Gikondo ,where thousands of young Hutu refugees forced to go back to Rwanda after destroying the Hutu refugee camps in DRC were incarcerated and torutred until they succumbed to death. This place is commonly known at home as Kabuga's and  Gacinya's place.  children from families living in these homes are expected not to walk in the clean streets of Kigali with sleepers because they are poor if they are caught by the RPF police then they are taken to the concrentration camp of IWAWA ISLAND found on the Kivu lake around 500km away from their home, friends and relatives. Click here to watch a video of some of those Hutu children removed from Gikondo slum. 

to attend other neighborhoods close to that - and these authorities and the government should stick to what these children are not arrested because they are poor to be fed into these secret prisons that are also transit points for the concentration camp that Iwawa is a hill located in Lake Kivu in western countries. This camp is known as a place of torture inconsiderable children arrested all over the country. The testimonies of those who were able to leave the concentration camp are horrible.

The government should be the savior of his people rather than its predator.

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