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Monday, May 30, 2011

From June 1991 to June 2011: Did the the RPF Interfere with Democracy in Rwanda?

Refugee camp for Rwandans located in what is n...Hutu Refugee camp in Kibumba DRC
From News Kigali to Brussels NKB
Monday, May 30, 2011In his most important, the regime in power in Kigali in July 1994 is included in the first place to stop the genocide against Tutsis and the massacre of opponents of all ethnic groups - and their families - for those nostalgic for the old party Single MRNDA few years ago when the late Dr. Joseph Ndahimana from Brussels facing Tom Ndahiro Kigali disputed this version ofinterpretation of the history of Rwanda in a debate of Contact FM (Mu Ruhama, 2008), he was told he denied - not genocide - the truth. The position of the doctor could be accused of Holocaust denial as opposed to the RPF he did not pretend that genocide had been arrested but he had held that until the end despite the RPF. According to him, the few thousand survivors saved by it, by United Nations forces and the French operation Turquoise could not justify the claims to have stopped the genocide against Tutsis and Hutu moderates lasted from April to July 1994 (100 days for short).But beyond this legitimate discussion on the ruling or the complete realization of the Tutsi genocide in Rwanda, we must also wonder about the impossibility of repetition of genocide or other crimes against humanity as serious. And here we must wonder if the Kigali regime has arrested the risk that new large-scale massacres of genocidal nature do not occur one day on Mille Collines. We said "never again" because the country has developed security services disciplined, well armed, well trained and in sufficient numbers to patrol the 26,338 km2 of the Republic and to protect its nationals, even beyond the handkerchief pocket.But what we protect against this formidable military-police apparatus if its members were diverted from their mission of protecting the population by a negative force ... ! Nothing. We would go again as Eighty-fourteen!20 years ago to the day in 1991 when the multiparty system was allowed again in Rwanda, it was about democratizing the country - in fact of Rwandan society - to prevent multiple exclusion suffered by these children. The genocide was not committed as part of this democratization, but to prevent it and it is the absence of democracy and war that led the massacres.It is ironic that today the name of the fight against genocide, democracy in Rwanda is under surveillance and is prevented even when she is the only safeguard against the genocidal and murderous madness in general , sir!To stop the genocide forever, do certainly not stop the democracy that allows the education of young soldiers, policemen and militiamen themselves so they do not perform criminal orders.Stop the genocide but do not stop democracy ... and critical thinking!NKB 30/05/2011
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