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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Britain urged to review Rwanda ties

Sun May 22, 2011 8:19AM
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The British government is under pressure to review its close ties with Rwanda over reports that Scotland Yard informed two Rwandan expats in UK they could be targeted by the African government's hit squads.

Scotland Yard has told the two critics of Rwandan President Paul Kagame's government that they should be on their guard as Rwandan assassins are pursuing them in Britain.

This comes as London and Kigali have developed strong ties following the 1994 genocide in Rwanda with the British government hailing Kagame's efforts to rebuild the country.

The bilateral relations have grown so close that International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell has paid several visits to the country and Conservatives dispatch their MPs to the country every summer for voluntary work.

"Clearly such a suggestion of foreign nationals sanctioning violence on the streets of London is a very serious matter. The Government should ensure there is a full investigation and make public its findings where appropriate," said shadow Foreign Secretary, Douglas Alexander.

The call was echoed by chairman of the All-Parliamentary Group on the Great Lakes Region of Africa Eric Joyce, who said ministers should make it their “priority" to investigate the allegations.

"I have a lot respect for what Kagame has done, but the Rwandan government has a reputation for not brooking any opposition," Joyce said.

This comes as Rwandan High Commissioner to London Ernest Rwamucyo insisted that his government “does not threaten the lives of its citizens wherever they live”.

Department for International Development has announced such reports will not deter them from giving Rwanda £83 million in annual aid payment.

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