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Monday, May 30, 2011

RWANDA: Forced Modernisation and Forced Vasectomy

Musanze districtThe red mark is where youth have been forced to practice vasectomy by Kagame's government
It is unfortunate that we are now forced to live a pretending life in our own country where we are forced to even walk the style that Kagame's government wants. It first started with the issue that all Rwandans must speak English from the traditional French language that our forefathers, our fathers and us were educated in. They imported 50000 Ugandan and Kenyan mechanics to come and teach English. That one went unnoticed. Next it was the Kagame government told us that we are not supposed to wear patapata or sleepers in the city of Kigali. All poor people were banned to step in the city centre forever. Then came the city cleaning crusade that saw all poor people in slums being forced out of their ancestors land to pave a way for Tutsi elites involved in mineral business in DRC to come and erect their houses on our fathers land. my family was the victim and we were never compensated. We had to go back to the village and beg for a piece of land where we all settled in 1acre in Musanze. my mother died of heart attack and my father went to court protesting. He was jailed without charge. That was not enough, recently the government asked all Rwandans, mostly young people to practice castration with its euphemism "vasectomy" those who opposed this forced family planning which target the poor who are mostly Hutus who comprise 85% of Rwandan population and make the majority of the poor who have no genocide survivor's funds to start business in the country, to comply if not I have been seeing young people being arrested and whisked away by the Rwandan police, simply because they have refused to go and undertake forced vasectomy. Now recently I got a casual job that pays me $2 a day working in pyrethrum farms , I have to use all wages to buy corrugated roof for my 2 room houses because the government came to our village in Musanze and set the entire village on fire in their anti thatch campaign in February 2011.

I want to ask the audience to advice me. Rwanda is poorer than her neighboring countries such as Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. These countries still have thatched houses across their borders and yet Kagame is saying that we must demolish our houses and build modern houses and yet we do not have money to do so. This is creating market for Kagame's Tristar company which owns the monopoly of making and importing Mabati in Rwanda, but where will us poor go? every body wants to live a decent life but 60% of Rwandans are living in dire poverty. How are we going to survive this dictatorship if we cannot even feed our children 2 meals a day? Is the international community really care about the plight of basic human rights such right to reproduce?
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