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Monday, September 6, 2010

Kagame takes Oath of Office As Pr.Rick Warren Brandish his Rwandan Passport

Kagame takes Oath of Office lashing out at critics (Photos)

Kigali: At exactly 10:50am, President Paul Kagame took the Oath of Office – ushering in a seven-year term he was granted on August 09 with a 93.08 percent win over the other three competing candidates. He also got the Instruments of Office including the Constitution, Flag and Coat of Arms.

President Kagame signs onto the Oath of Office as Chief Justice Aloysie Cyanzaire looks on (Photo: Leon Nzabandora)
The Chief Justice Aloysie Cyanzaire conducted the swearing as the authority vested with function. She handed him the pen to sign onto the Oath he took.

President Kagame immediately moved on to inspect his troops as the new Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces.

There was a prelude of about half an hour which included music, dance and drama from organised groups.

American evangelist Rick Warren led the country into prayer for the new day that is coming with the reelection of President Kagame. He dismissed outside critics in signature prayer which President Kagame has adopted recently.

Pastor Warren repeatedly said “sibo mana” – literary meaning that for critics who have continuously attacked the President and his government – and therefore Rwanda, ‘they are not God’. Warren caused excitement when he displayed a Rwandan red diplomatic passport granted to him by Government.
President Kagame taking the Oath of Office Chief Justice Aloysie Cyanzaire looks on (Photo: Leon Nzabandora)

DR Congo President Joseph Kabila got the loudest applause as he arrived in the stadium (Photo: Leon Nzabandora)

American evangelist Rick Warren shows off his Rwandan passport before he went into lavishing praise on President Kagame (Photo: Leon Nzabandora)

The story of the speech and more photos of the event will be published after the function has ended (Editor)

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