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Tuesday, September 14, 2010


We're seeing a lot of media attention to Shannon's Run for Congo, aligned with Ben Affleck's SYNERGY project, and Lisa Jackson's film THE GREATEST SILENCE -- and their many offshoot projects like  "A Thousand Sisters Women".

Like the Eve Enser V-Day Congo projects, these white based groups serve to deflect attention from the truth and further entrench misery in Africa.

This is corporate America!

Watch out Africa!

These are not organizations working for Congolese people, they are front organizations to enrich and cannonize white people (Lisa Jackson, Ben Affleck, Nicholas Kristof) and let white people feel good, while simultaneously advancing the US, UK and Israeli official agenda on Central Africa.

Congolese, Ugandan, Sudanese and Rwandan people will not be aided by these organizations, but will suffer greater injustices. But bring your checkbook to the event and fund the lies and deceptions!

The official flak agenda they are advancing serves AFRICOM and mining companies and the misery industry (CARE, UNICEF, MSF etc) by criminalizing the Lords Resistance Army and the FDLR -- offering the 'appropriate' African Bogeymen to ignorant western bleeding hearts.

Question: How does Lisa Shannon get to travel "deep into the heart of the LRA territory"?

Answer: With AFRICOM and Inteligence sector (CIA, NSA, MI6) assistance.

Lisa’s on-the-ground blogs from Congo as she traveled Jan-March 2010, deep into the regions being terrorized by the LRA for the last year and a half.<<<<<

The mission of these groups is to protect Yoweri Museveni, Paul Kagame, Hypolyte Kanambe, and to cover up the criminal roles of AFRICOM ad its partners, and the multinational corporations bleeding Congo dry.

Their partner organization WOMEN FOR WOMEN INTERNATIONAL is into all the big corporate money.

Lisa Shannon's "Synergy" Project is very pro-Rwandan, pro-US, pro big business. Shannon and her pals are into the money now, just another group helping to plunder Congo and mis-direct attention.


Not only are they aligned with the intelligence sector flack groups ENOUGH and RAISE HOPE FOR CONGO, as you can determine on the RESOURCES web page above, and not only are they advocating all the classic mainstream imperialist propaganda about Congo and Sudan and Rwanda and Uganda as if it were "news" (Jeffrey Gettleman, Nickolas Kristof, Lydia Polgreen) -- worst of all they are selling the pro-Kagame propaganda of the paid Kagame agent Rakiya Omaar.

Omaar, Rakiya “The Leadership of Rwandan Armed Groups Abroad with a Focus on the FDLR and RUD/ URUNANA” | The Rwanda Demobilisation and Reintegration Commission, December 2008

They are completely covering up the AFRICOM role.
Apocalypse in Central Africa
Apocalypse in Central Africa:The Pentagon, Genocide and the War on Terror

Remember that the establishment's latest Congo "expert?, Jason Stearns, who also worked with the International Crisis Group (who birthed the front groups Enough & Raise Hope For Congo), went on to become a grad student at Yale, where I think he resides now.
 Perhaps that explains how these front groups got their recent entre into Yale.

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