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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Is the gang rape in DRC an Rwandan tactic to divert international media's attention to the UN Leaked Report?

A part from "big fishes" who had something to do with the genocide, FDRL is mainly made up of young men who grew up in Congo since 1994 or who fled to Congo running away from Gacaca and other RPF controling tactics. Many of them have n...ow married congolese women, have congolese children and are members of local communities they live in. Rape and looting is not what they would do to their own communities.

But if any Kinyarwanda speaking soldier rapes a congolese woman, it's very hard to know which faction he belongs to. RPF has exploited this and has made atrocities in such a way that it is accredited to FDRL because once FDRL men are hated by congolese communities, it will send them in the run instead.

You know that RPF was aware of the UN Report since a month ago and was trying hard to suppress it. The gang rape was a way to divert attention or to counter-balance the impact of the report if it still goes out. Why would FDRLcommit such an easily detectable crime with the UN troups in the nearby? I heard the same soldiers who commited rape had had contact with villagers in the afternoon, identified themselves as FDRL men and then came back at night to rape them!!! (My guess is that the early visit was to make sure that the disguised soldiers where firmly accepted as FDRL men and therefore FDRL could be the prime suspect). Think about this. 

The truth is that Kagame can do any thing to make sure that he remains in power and it is disappointing that the UN might not see that the recent rape against the DR Congolese women who are mainly from the Hutu tribe is another Kigali tactic to divert the attention that the leaked report has created recently.

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