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Friday, June 4, 2010

Rwandans Who Fled Kagame in 1994 Beware He is still after you

Rwandans in Exile Beware!
Posted on May 5, 2008 by sunkissed

There are groups seemingly to be mostly concentrated in the U.K. who have it in for Rwandans in exile who do not share Kagame’s ideology and who do not support his genocidal acts against Hutus and Tutsi who are critical of his regime, and other innocent Congolese citizens. The most recent perpetrator among these organizations, African Rights published a report accusing a Rwandan student of genocide crimes, and informs him and others that he has been sentenced with 30 years in prison in absentia by highly revered “Gacaca Courts” with less than an ounce of international credibility. After they finished shaking up the U.K. as published in The Asylum of Extreme Exclusion, they are now on track to shake up Rwandans in the USA, specifically in Dayton, Ohio.

The first step to framing these Rwandans in exile is to start smear campaigns with these incredibly heinous accusations of having taken part in the genocide, by providing false witnesses and testimonies against them. These tactics are also meant to scare the exiled Rwandas, and on some level to make an example out of a few in the respective Rwandan communities, in order to teach all others a lesson in either speaking out against Kagame, or protesting the falsified propaganda spread by the RPF. It is utterly outrageous.

When I looked up the “African Rights” organization to get a sense of what the organization purports to stand by, I came up empty handed. The website is expectedly not working. And the only information I could garner was from another website which stated that African Rights “is an organization dedicated to working on issues [of] grave human rights abuses, conflict, famine and civil reconstruction in Africa” and that the organization’s director is named Rakya Omaar. I’m not sure if any of this information is correct, since I had no other way of immediately verifying the information.

But if the information is true, African Rights (based in London by the way), could not find anything else to do other than publish a report about a supposed genocidaire attending a University in the U.S.A.? I mean really, of all the human rights abuses happening, especially in Rwanda itself, committed by the ruling regime, they are going to fabricate information, more propaganda, and fear monger within the Rwandan communities, people who are rehabilitating and in the process of rebuilding their lives? It’s insanity and borderline desperation.

According to various sources, African Rights believes that there are at least 7 dozen perpetrators of genocide living in Dayton, Ohio. Supposedly U.S. officials have been warned of some of these people’s genocide perpatrator status, even though they are not being accused or being indicted by the ICTR. Who, other than Kagame sympathizers, whose sole intention is to continue the suppression of information and the accusation and persecution of innocent people actually takes the “Gacaca Courts” seriously? I suppose anyone who has bought into the propaganda does too, which happens to be a lot of people, unfortunately, and these fabrication of information, and falsification of accusations will serve to alienate these Rwandans in their communities, making it even harder for them to continue their rehabilitation.

I know what you’re probably thinking. “But these people committed genocide!” But actually, many of them didn’t and are being falsely accused, and their lives are being ruined due to propaganda. And if they did commit crimes, they are being disproportionately accused, tried and convicted of war crimes while the RPF antagonist continue their lives with impunity. It’s disgusting, and it’s a shame that anyone can call this justice.

So once again, Rwandans in the U.S.A. beware. They are coming after you. And anyone with enough sense needs to aggressively oppose this blatant disregard for justice.


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