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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Is it possible to dismantle the RPF criminal organizations around the world?

By J.Christophe Nzeyimana,

Since 1994, the world witnesses the horrifying Tutsi minority (14%) ethnic domination, the Tutsi minority ethnic rule, tyranny and corruption in Rwanda. The current government has been characterized by the total impunity of RPF criminals, the Tutsi economic monopoly, the Tutsi militaristic domination with an iron hand, and the brutal suppression of the rights of the majority of the Rwandan people (85% are Hutus), and mass-arrests and mass-murder by the RPF criminal organization.=>ASIF]

The Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) is a criminal organization primarily national and international, well structured and very hierarchical, directed from Rwanda and active mainly in Europe and North America. Each organization is headed by regional managers to oversee the crimes of the RPF in different forms and crimes committed by members who also collect contributions made for the criminal case at the regional level.
Will it be possible one day to open an investigation by police against a number of people from Rwanda, especially those who present themselves as students, researchers, members of the Rwandan embassies not enjoying any diplomatic immunity and organizations that defend the tyrannical regime of the RPF?

Yes, it is necessary to speak about these criminal organizations inspired and directly controled from Rwanda. Yes, it is necessary to speak about these criminal organizations in the African Great Lakes region. Yes, it should be about these criminal organizations globally at the international level if they exceed the boundaries of Rwanda, but become transnational organizations working in synchronization with the central power of the RPF in Kigali. To understand the center of this great crime whose victims are often opponents of the regime, members of the exiled Hutu and living abroad.

The majority of Rwandans hope General Kagame, the bloody dictator of Rwanda and his created puppet Ms. Rakiya Omaar will be arrested this year 2010 for the sake of Reconcilation and Happyness of all Rwandans.

At European level, the organization's activities are directed from Belgium by individuals responsible for overseeing individuals based in different countries of Western Europe as well as cash income for a criminal case referred to as name "IBUKA. In Canada and the United States is the same structure but with slightly different names or added as the Rwandan community in one place or another, etc..

If you approach these organizations, you will find them with names that seemingly have nothing to do with the RPF. They are individuals who declared themselves as asylum seekers, students, etc.. This is actually the backbone of the RPF, the RPF ramifications subservient, its subsidiaries who will emerge as an organization or association or humanitarian purpose defense of human rights, organization for the promotion Women, an organization for orphaned children, survivors, victims of genocide, and not just any one of Tutsis as recently wanted dictator Gen. Paul Kagame. As you know, the planning of the genocide and wants as a springboard, the bridge was built the RPF or rather its spiritual leader Paul Kagame, open quotes, strategist, close violently quotes.

Member or Associate shall mean an individual member or not of Umuryango the RPF, organization involved in the activities of a criminal organization or associated with it on behalf of the dictator Paul Kagame and his Akazu. This organization includes the followers and sympathizers of the RPF, affiliates or associates of the RPF, greedy people who invite at any time the bloodthirsty dictator of Rwanda, others who undertake to make cans reports, distributing doctorate Honoris Causa all this is done in order to whitewash the crimes of the bloody dictator Paul Kagame, the RPF General.

Basically, that means `` Criminal Organization: It is an association or group continuously engaged in criminal activity at all levels. It includes media groups or not, individuals / terrorists or sponsors of terrorist acts, organizations and associations that are established in the community in the country.
Distinguishing marks of RPF criminal organizations :

These organizations or associations and have a structured organization, difficult to recognize as criminal organization. They often refer to human rights, put their heads of foreign criminals usually women. These associations will require organizations are composed mainly of victims of the Rwandan genocide of the Tutsi genocide now become as Ibuka, Survival, FIDH. They write articles for the vigilance of the international law, have false documents or water bottle, doing activities related to human rights, etc..
“If FDLR is a terrorist organization, General Paul Kagame would be the first to be prosecuted for standing with the terrorists. General Rwarakabije and Col. Murenzi Evariste were the high ranking military officers of the FDLR.

That is the most disgusting political rhetoric (rhetoric of shame) when Kagame accuses Ingabire for being linked to terrorism. Also leave aside the painfully simplistic and New Times -mimicking characterization of the Hutu opponent as “genocidaire, enemy and terrorist”. That demonstrates indeed the central prong of Kagame’s current strategy to "win" the August elections. What is particularly bothersome about Kagame’s attacks against his political opponents is the premise that it is improper, unpatriotic and even terrorist mimicking to arrest a mother of three children only because she challenges him by announcing to run for President of Rwanda. Such a behavior is unacceptable and will absolutely lead to the RPF peril”.
Jean-Christophe Nizeyimana
African SurviVors International
***They compile lists of enemies of the RPF regime, that is to say, those who are potential murderers, deniers, the divisive and those who eventually genocidal ideology! Who are in fact their victims? These are the Hutu intellectuals, Hutu businessmen, students, former members of the Rwandan government, the former FAR soldiers. This categorization affects all segments of the population or the exiled Hutu ethnic group for a better demonizing and discrediting pushed to the maximum. Behind this plot, there is the idea that many will have noticed a purpose: the day the murders will be committed against the Hutus, there will be nobody to talk or cry, and demand an investigation because enough singled out by the so-called humanitarian groups or design the defense of human rights!

To recognize them, these criminal organizations are fleeing the televised debates with organizations or individuals who oppose the neo-Nazi regime installed in Kigali. To initiate such debate is as if a you initiate a undesirable direct confrontation between fire and water. To recognize those organizations RPF, you will have their spheres of action everywhere, to hold meetings with slogans that have nothing to do with the work they accomplish in general while hiding their crimes. They have codes of groups, photos, training materials, clothing, appropriate literature, publications and other internal communications of a specific group apparently aimed to enhance humanitarian activities and defense of human rights while in fact, it is a criminal organization syndicated to large organized crime.
Let mention some of them:
DMI, Ibuka, Local Defence Forces (LDF), Africa Rights of Ms. Rakiya Omaar, Survie whose members include Survival Tutsi extremists and foreigners or whose wives are of Tutsi origin. Carbonare, Verschave Rutaysire Francis, Augustine Gatera, Yolanda Mukagasana Jose Kagabo (now Senator as a recompense for having enough discredited France), members of Ibuka scattered across Europe, Alain Gautier and his wife Dafroza Mukarumongi Jean Paul Gouteux, Jean-Pierre Chretien, who refused Madeleine Mukamabano adversarial on RFI, Monique Mas, Marie-France Cros and Colette Brackmann Their role is known as the RPF propaganda. In addition, you will have experienced the RPF propaganda sympathizers like Imma, Gourinovitch, Linda, Mr. FIDH that facilitated and assisted to speed u p the assassinations and mass-murder of Hutus. There are some of them like Le Soir, La Libre Belgique, RFI, Goliath, Do not touch Cain,etc.
There is no need to conclude that RPF is a 100% criminal organization. It has a government and a state used for criminal purposes and which protects the Mafioso existing in all RPF sub criminal organizations both at national and International levels. To get there, General Paul Kagame dictator uses his power to his advantage to control the entire socio-economic and cultural life in Rwanda.

As we mentioned earlier, all these organizations, is it necessary to repeat together form a community of criminals, supporters or not but greedy for money, all under the authority of the Führer and which are subordinate to intermediate between the RPF and the organization. In fact, there is a division of labor coruscated for the lobby of the RPF, to help the RPF death squads dotted around the world, wherever and whenever necessary, each member playing a specific role and adjusting other roles that are assigned by the RPF Head Quarters in Kigali, here you see the real pattern of “a regulated corruption”.

As if that was not enough, you will recognize these organizations for a considerable social harm as African Rights and Survie, organizations which are not afraid of receiving millions of dollars for this dirty work of laundering money from the Crusades of Kagame, whose professionalism and efficiency has been demonstrated. However, these groups operate on both level of propaganda and intimidation, /assassinations (including the use of poisons).
The international mafia (linked to Kagame and his sponsors) works through the infiltration and disinformation, uses dirty milled money, prostitutes, etc.. You will recognize the organizations when they claim to be the spokesperson of the of all Rwandans in the region where they are installed. These organizations have the ability to escape national and international criminal penalties when it becomes necessary to analyze the specific nature and the illegality of their activities. This loophole is normally due to their internal structure and relations of interests with the company linked to local mafia they operate with.
For example, just take Ms. Rakiya Omaar of African Rights and Survie. Like other RPF criminal organizations, both were created to be manipulated by political and military leadership of the RPF. That allows the RPF leadership to better infiltrate and participate in political processes, diplomatic and military at the regional and international levels. Their role is mainly to stigmatize all Hutu ethnic members outside of Rwanda. Thoughtlessly, observers have found out that it is ultimately the main activity to which they are relegated.
We saw amalgamation of collaboration between the RPF sub-organizations at all levels and in almost all Western countries organized again by the politico-administrative leadership of the RPF. This way the RPF leadership coordinates and controls the whole system under labels "wealth management networks, in public and private sectors , through legal denominations allowing them to carry out illegal activities nationally, regionally and internationally.
According to some of the organizations RPF sources, they have the ability to multi-level intervention that takes the redundancy of crimes between the protagonists of this mafia system. The recruitment might be on a transnational basis and network members may occupy several positions in different areas at different levels of the social system for the Kagame’s strict control of the entire life of Rwandans.

The structure also varies and depends on the position of the network in relation to politics, NGOs and pressure groups recognized in North America, the United Kingdom and in general operating abroad. Meaning that a network of actors pursue more effectively to serve the interests of the top Rwandan Nazi who has solid support in the diplomatic, political mafia at the international level especially in the West.

You know how these organizations operate, defend the RPF regime whenever it runs into difficulty at the international level. When the international community is questioning the legitimacy of the RPF regime's repressive government which is composed of Tutsi extremist criminals based on the German Nazi system’ methods. As a result, RPF crimes make difference in comparison with other atrocities known up to date. To be humble, the Rwandan dictatorship is known to be the best "criminal-political hierarchy well organized group ever in Africa and whose tentacles are worldwide." This criminal and Stalinist regime installed in Rwanda makes clear on one hand the configuration of power of the central government and the RPF on the other hand. These criminal organizations are also partitioned into grids under total control of the intelligence organizations like DIM and CID with the help of the RPF militia known as Local Defense forces (LDF).
Error: 103It is therefore necessary to emphasize that these other organizations include corrupt individual personalities and, who corrupt then after the media which replaced in many cases judges and courts to malign and portray the exiled Hutu community members worldwide. The case demonstrates the harmfulness of this system and the profound hypocrisy of some Western countries particularly the Anglo-Saxon that refuse in this case to comply with human rights and fight the existing terrorism (chosen one, which benefits the fuzzy definition to favor the RPF terrorist organization) and respect for individual freedoms.
In this context, the corrupt media that we find here and there in Europe and North America in this type of staging does not contradict us. To carry out this goal, multinationals responsible for plundering the natural resources of the African Great Lakes region are buying the media as a reward to the heinous crimes they arrange with the RPF, both nationally and internationally. Also in this same vein, RPF will have financial, diplomatic and political support to do everything possible to make them as legally recognized organizations. At the same time, these organizations hide their primary objective by using fake denominations to ensure `the well-being of criminals RPF` is maintained.
On the other hand they are to discredit ALL OF THOSE WHO REFUSE TO COOPERATE WITH THE NAZI REGIME AND THE RPF SYSTEM INSTALLED UNDER THE AEGIS OF THE RPF HEADED BY THE PRESIDENT PAUL KAGAME. These organizations are IN CHARGE of demonizing all of those who negatively react to the RPF crimes and prefer to denounce the RPF system. On the other hand, the mafia’s network has a clear objective of discrediting various internationally renowned researchers and famous investigation journalists who unmasked the criminal mafia in charge of convincing the entire the main donors and world decision-makers by all means with the screenplay of Paul Kagame about the Rwandan tragedy.
On the other hand, there is no denying that General Kagame is undoubtedly the mastermind and the schemer of all the incomparable massacres experienced by the people of Rwanda and Congo.


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