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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Spanish President Zapatero Warned Against Working with Criminal Kagame

Spanish President Zapatero Warned Against Working with Criminal Kagame

by David O'Brian

Madrid, Spain.

by AfroAmerica Network

Spanish Citizens have asked their President, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, to decline his appointment by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon to serve as Co-Chair of the UN Millennium Development Goals Initiative along with the Rwandan Dictator, General Paul Kagame. The key initiators of the petition against the appointment, Joan Carrero, president, Fundació S´Olivar and Bernat Vicens, president, Drets Humans de Mallorca, argue that the UN is a corrupt institution and that President Zapatero risks to go down in history as the President of Spain who shook the bloody hands and sat the same table with one of the worst criminal in human history.

The authors of the petition to the Spanish President write: “Mr. Zapatero: this denunciation is not against you, but rather for your sake. It’s the denunciation made by people who are deeply disappointed with your behavior concerning this current major conflict, a conflict in which nine Spanish nationals were murdered following orders from Kagame. It’s the denunciation by people who back then voted for you and even now don’t want to see you stoop so low. Don’t yield once again, Mr. President. Not this time, please. It would be far too humiliating. Be wary of those people who, whether outside or even inside your inner circle, lead you to such embarrassing situations. Don’t insult so many of us Spaniards who understand the meaning of what you are about to do. Now you can’t say you weren’t informed. Or is it, rather, that you are paying off some ‘favor’ to those who call the shots in the world?

Mr. Zapatero, don’t be co-chair of the Millenium Goals with Kagame, don’t go down in history as the accomplice of such a fiend and his extremely powerful godfathers in their operations of global pillaging and deceit. They will be brought to light in the short run. Don’t lend them a hand, don’t stain your own hands with innocent blood. This attempt to clean up the image of this thug Kagame and of his criminal pillage of Congo is so blatant and preposterous that it will most certainly backfire.”


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