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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hotel Rwanda Ruseabagina Foundation Decries Arrests, Oppression and Harassment in Rwanda.

Hotel Rwanda Ruseabagina Foundation Decries Arrests, Oppression and Harassment in Rwanda.

Hotel Rwanda Rusesabagina Foundation
Press Release
For Immediate Release

Contact: Kitty Kurth
Phone: +1-312-617-7288

The HRRF strongly decrees recent reports of the violent suppression of peaceful dissent in Rwanda. Earlier today (local time in Rwanda), the three primary political parties standing in opposition to President Paul Kagame and his Rwandan Patriotic Front party saw their members and leaders physically harassed, barred from leaving their residences, and in some cases arrested. Reports were of "mobs" of government supporters at each location in which the harassment occurred. This follows an assassination attempt last week in South Africa of exiled Rwandan General Faustin Kayumba Nyamwasa, who fled after being accused of opposing the Kagame government. General Nyamwasa is one of over 15 leading military officers and ambasssadors who have been imprisoned or forced into exile in recent months. The recent arrest of American lawyer Peter Erlinder is just another sign of the desperation inherent in Rwanda's government and leaders.

Unfortunately, this behavior is typical for Kagame's government in Rwanda and mirrors similar treatment of dissidents and opposition political parties prior to the 2003 presidential election. At that time, Kagame won 95% of the vote, largely because all opposition had been effectively put down, banned or exiled.

Rwandan society is tumbling toward the brink of an internal crisis, and it is time for the international community to intervene.


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