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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Planned terrorist acts by Rwandan intelligence against exiled Rwandans living in UK

Ambrose Nzeyimana
Since 9/11 the Western world has been regularly fed by mainstream media with terrorist frenzy and terminology. Some developing countries followed suite and have been referring to terrorist acts to imprison and victimise their political opponents. The Rwandan government has excelled in that area. While it accuses individuals who oppose its policies of being terrorists, the tactics that Umuvugizi reveal that are being used to silence Paul Kagame’s dissent voices are close to state terrorism.
In the online edition of the newspaper Umuvugizi published Saturday 8th, Gasasira reveals plans by the Rwandan government through its military and intelligence services to perform terrorist acts against members of its community who oppose its policies and live in UK. It is recommendable that UK authorities take seriously intended criminal actions in order to protect Rwandans who sought refuge in the country. The source of the information is the same which in May 2010 was the first to indicate that its investigation had found that the Rwandan government was behind the assassination attempt on General Faustin Nyamwasa in South Africa at the time.
If people remember, as this was to emerge during the following months, the South African government recalled its ambassador in Kigali, because it had found strong evidence linking the Rwandan intelligence services in that criminal act. The incident occurred in the middle of the World Cup which was being held in that country. The perpetration was visibly intentionally performed at the time when mainstream media would be focused on the football major international event; therefore the assassination would’ve been out of their radar or newsworthy.
With regard the planned terrorist acts that the Rwandan government intends to perform against its exiled citizens living in UK, the newspaper explains that Rwandan military and intelligence authorities invited Colonel Mupenzi who is currently studying in a UK institution. He was speedily invited to Kigali to explain the situation, suggest strategies which would have an effective immediate impact. The meeting also included intelligence staff working at the Rwandan High Commission in London. They agreed on plans to assassinate by strangulation, poison, and destroy unity of members of exiled Rwandan community which is opposed to Paul Kagame.
The newspaper adds that Ambassador Rwamucyo Ernest, intelligence officers Jimmy Uwizeye and Murego are all working with Colonel Mupenzi to implement the strategy discussed and agreed during the mentioned meeting of Kigali last December. Among other tactics to be used, there is identification and involvement of British citizens in the planned criminal activities. The paper highlights as well the fact that Ms Abera, one among top spies of Paul Kagame regime in UK, is using the cover of an organisation of Rwandans in Diaspora to identify and locate where the community lives. Rwandan intelligence agents, disguised as regular refugees, have been gathering at her house. She has apparently transformed it into an unofficial bar where her colleague intelligence agents gather to discuss work and spend their income benefits they receive from the British government.
At the time the Rwandan president is loosing his international credibility following the evidence of his criminal credentials, as exposed through the UN Mapping Report, or during his humiliating visit in Brussels early December last year, he doesn’t restrain his drive to harm any dissent voice wherever it could be anywhere around the world. This is happening while in Rwanda imprisoned opposition leaders and journalists are being dragged in front of his parody of judiciary system for fabricated crimes against national security. As a measure of caution for the Rwandan community living in UK, though its members must need to be more vigilant, they should continue to support democratic change back home to end the system of oppression and injustices that the Rwandan Patriotic Front has established since July 1994.
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