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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Rift Valley MPs Verses Raila

Can't the so called Rift Valley spare Kenyan people the theatrics of "Raila and ODM" affairs and instead engage in better issues like implementation of Constitution, peace and development initiatives?  Our ears are so tired by Raila/ODM songs every day.  In fact, these leaders don't need to preach to the world all the time if they want to quit ODM party. Kenyans are watching keenly their scheming. We understand their predicaments, as the saying goes "when someone is drowning, s/he grabs even a small floating grass thinking it would save her/him"

If Raila Odinga  is bad because he did not harbour and protect leaders accused of crime against humanity

Now back to KKK, the conglomeration of the 3 will never work thanks to  the new constitution. The 3 KKK crafters should know that new constitution provides devolution of power and resources that what Kenyans now need is not their tribesman/woman to occupy the top seat. Days are gone when people like Ruto were semi gods during KANU rule. I will be comfortable with any qualified person from any ethnic community occupying presidency but not the characters of "yester- blunderers" of the economy. Kenyans still remember with nostalgia  how forests and land meant for social amenities were dished out to political class, how funds for infrastructures were blundered; how democracy and human rights were thrown to the dogs, how driving on our roads had become all hell, etc, And we know who were at the helm of leadership. This are the people who are scheming to go back to the leaders in the name of youth. when time of campaigns comes we will tell each presidential candidates their past records, it will not be a smooth ride for some of the Ruto's friends.

Propaganda is always short lived and carries serious consequences.

and corruption, then let them go where they think the two vices can be condoned with impunity. The best thing these leaders should have done was to face the courts head-on and prove their innocence.
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