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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Rwandan Media Council releases new list of accepted media organs

  by RNA Reporter
Media Council releases new list of accepted media organs
Wednesday, 28 July 2010 16:21 by RNA Reporter
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Kigali: The High Media Council on Wednesday released a new list of the media which will be accepted to operate in the country – leaving out almost all the controversial tabloids some of which have been suspended.

From a review process which started August last year, with deadlines extended twice up to July 16, the Media Council said 19 radio stations and 22 newspapers are the ones which qualified.

“This list does not include media organs licensed or approved for license after the promulgation of the media law but specifically those that were in existence before the publication of the above law in the official gazette,” said Patrice Mulama, the Council Executive Secretary.

Available statistics suggest there were up to 70 newspapers and about a dozen radios – with just a single local TV station.

The two were suspended in April for six months, and are now not on the list. The Media Council has a case in the courts seeking to have them banned completely

All media organisations including the Rwanda News Agency – which also has a newspaper Grands Lacs Hebdo, were required to submit several documents including an operating business licence and CVs of senior staff. The practice was launched with the coming into force of the new media law in August 2009.

Looking at the list which was made public Wednesday, the notable absentees include controversial tabloids UMUSESO and UMUVUGIZI which were suspended in April.

UMURABYO, whose editors Agnes Uwimana and Saidath Mukakibibi are facing prosecution over several charges, is also not on the list. Others missing are small publications that have largely been irregular on the market such as UMUSEKE.

“The Media High Council (MHC) congratulates all the law abiding media organs and their managers and requests them to keep up the effort of transforming the Rwandan media into a credible and decent profession that effectively contributes to national development,” said Mulama in a statement.

“All law enforcing organs are also hereby called upon to ensure compliance.”

Only German broadcaster DW – which has an FM frequency, is missing on the list of radios, which includes BBC.

The full list below:

Radios and TV

1. Radio Rwanda
2. Rwanda Television
3. Radio y’abaturage ya Huye
4. Radio y’abaturage ya Rusizi
5. Radio y’abaturage ya Rubavu
6. Radiyo y’abaturage ya Musanze
7. Radiyo y’abaturage ya Nyagatare
8. Radio 10
9. Flash FM
10. Contact FM
11. City Radio
12. Radio Isango Star
13. Radio Maria
14. Radio Izuba
15. Radio Salus
16. Amazing Grace Radio
17. Voice of Hope
18. Umucyo Community Radio
19. BBC


1. The New Times
2. Izuba rirashe
3. Imvaho Nshya
4. La Nouvelle Releve
5. Umwezi
6. Rwanda News Agency/Grand Lac Hebdo
7. Ishema
8. East African Business Week
9. Huguka
10. Oasis Gazette
11. Rugari
12. Kinyamateka
13. Isimbi
14. Umusanzu
15. Le Reveil
16. Amahoro
17. Impamo
18. Amani
19. Umusingi
20. Imanzi
21. Ibiyaga bigali
22. Rwanda Focus
Source: High Media Council
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