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Monday, August 16, 2010

Kagame Continues to Deploy hit-men to kill innocent Hutu Intellectuals Especially in Zimbabwe

by Staff Reporter

THE Rwandan government has reportedly deployed spies and hit-men into Zimbabwe to pursue suspects of the 1994 genocide in a development that could spark diplomatic tensions between the two countries.
Kagame Vowed to Eliminated Opposition
Rwanda’s strongmen Paul Kagame is pursuing leaders of the genocide which killed nearly 800 000 people mainly from his minority Tutsi tribe.
Reports from the country suggest that agents have been deployed in Zimbabwe to pursue two high profile suspects who were named as Charles Bandora and Protais Mpiranya.
Both are believed to be hiding in the country.
Mpiranya was the commander of the Rwandan presidential guard at the time of the genocide while Bandora is accused of working closely with militants blamed for the killings.
Speaking after the arrest of one wanted suspect in the Rwandese capital Kigali last week, the country’s prosecutor general, Martin Ngoga suggested agents were operating in Zimbabwe, pursuing the suspects.
“In the recent past, we complained about some African countries not co-operating in bringing genocide fugitives to book. A certain fugitive was arrested in Malawi but he was released a day later for some reasons we have never understood.
“He went to Zimbabwe, we pursued him from there; he went to Belgium where he was arrested, but still fled to Norway. He was, however, arrested from there and is still in custody,” Ngoga was reported as saying.
However the deployments were done without consulting Zimbabwean authorities.
But similar operations in other African countries have soured relations with the Rwandan government.
South Africa recently expressed recently concern after agents believed to have been deployed by the Rwandan government shot and injured a genocide suspect in Johannesburg.

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