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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Conference for Peace in the Great Lakes took place in Washngton

Today people from different professional fields and friends of Rwanda gathered at the National Press Club in Washington to listen to various lectures prepared by various experts on Rwanda. The meetings was organized by the people who understand the political climate in Rwanda to the run up to the presidential elections on August 9,2010. Among the speakers were Professor Peter Erlinder who is a lawa professor at Mitchell College, Mr. Kalinganire Pascal who is the dorector and founder of Organization for p Peace,Justice, and Development (OPJDR), and Mr Gatebuke who is the African Peace Activist. He has recently been arreasted by the Kigali government when he had gone to represent  his client Ms.Ingabire Victoire who is the leader of main political opposition party FDU-Inkingi. Today Prof. Elrinder presented on the political atmosphere in Rwanda and the repressive stituation that most of the opposition members find themselves in. Among other people who presented on the political situation in Rwanda is Mr. Kalinganire Pascal who is the director and founder of Organization for Peace, Justice and Development in Rwanda a nonpolitical organization based in the United States.

From one speaker to another they all emphasized on the reason why the US government and the International Community should  intervene to establish  democratic institutions in Rwanda by not recoognizing the August presidential elections. This would bring strong institutions in Rwanda and ensure that all Rwandans are free from dictatorship and autocratic rule of Mr Kagame.

All the people in presence had opportunities to ask the panelists different questions regarding their presentations. All the panelists proved beyond any doubt that the upcoming Rwanda elections are not going to be free and fair and Mr.Kagame is ready to impose himselelf again to thew Rwandan people ans the international communities and the US government who is the major supporter of the Kigali regime still watching without saying any thing.

One of the Sspeakers quoted the Kagame's speech of Sunday when he was campaining in in Nyarugurru where Mr.Kagame said that those foreigners journalists who are reporting that there is no democracy because so many people are attending Kagame's rallies they should hung themselves or go to hell.

After the speakers have talked the Rwandan Ambassador to the United States Mr Kimonyo asked to be given opportunity to clarify on some issues that the previous speakers had talked about. the moderator  accepted his request but what the ambassador said was outrageous and unprofessional in any given political and academic domain. He demonstrated that Rwanda is a country of one man show and nothing as democracy that the RPF rule is going to bring to the people of Rwanda.Everyone who has attended can agree with me that  Mr.Kimonyo did not deliver to the expectations of the people and audience in attendance hoping that next time when he comes to do his work in such kind of gathering he should know that people know hahve full information about what is happening in Rwanda and understand what is the responsibility of Kagame's government in the human atrocities  being  committed in DRC.

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