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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

FDU-INKINGI:PRESS RELEASE: Politicized justice and election irony.

Kigali, 03rd August 2010.


Only a few days before the presidential election masquerade, politicised Kigali courts are still busy loading the regime’s jails with political prisoners. Last week the bail appeal for Mr. Bernard NTAGANDA, the President of PS IMBERAKURI was rejected and the case of Mr. Deogratias MUSHAYIDI was postponed. Today, it was the turn of Mr. Martin NTAVUKA, the Nyarugenge leader of FDU INKINGI to join them in the Kigali maximum prison on charges of illegal protest. He did not protest because he was arrested and beaten in my residential premises with a bunch of “democracy and fair justice” T-shirts on 24 July 2010. In June 2010, Mr. André KAGWA RWISEREKA, a leader of the Green Democratic party of Rwanda was beheaded, and until now there is no independent investigation and instead the authorities are still conning the world that they have a suspect in custody, freed some days ago. Members of the opposition have disappeared, or have been victim of torture and ill treatments. The justice is quiet. What kind of justice is that?

While some members of the international community and even a handful set of militant diplomats fool the world that the ongoing sham election has some sort of credibility, the country is getting closer to the brink of chaos. The world is failing Rwanda once again, and the democracy ideal is thwarted. A new long crisis is looming.

The presidential campaign circus has reached its pick with four candidates all backing the incumbent electoral pledges and hyperboles. Those who are backing this electoral mockery are powered by their selfish interests well known to them and their countries.

Again we call upon the Rwandan government to give back total freedom to all detained or bailed members of FDU INKINGI, to return my passport and to register our political party.

Soon or later, Rwandans shall overcome.

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