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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Defiant Kagame tells critics: You “can go hung"

Kagame in campaign – Gicumbi – Aug 2010
kame-in-campaign-gicumbi-smKigali – President Kagame stood Monday before tens of thousands in Gicumbi with just one simple message: that if his critics do not see the support he has, they can find another place to live.
“Give RPF another chance to develop the nation,” he said amidst wild cheering, on the latest leg of his campaign in Gicumbi, northern Rwanda.
“This is a struggle for democracy,” Kagame said, and put to question the authority of his fierce critics in the west who have recent raised concerns over Rwanda’s democratic credentials.
“Democracy is when people gathered in such a place to decide on their own what they want.
This is the time for Rwandans to make their choice and whoever is not interested may go and hang,” he fired as the crowd erupted in repeated chanting, dancing and drumming.
“When people choose what they want, that is democracy. When they reject negative forces and divisionism, that is democracy. When they choose the leadership they want that is democracy,” Kagame said. “Whoever does not like the Rwanda way of democracy should go and hang.”
President Kagame praised the attendance at today’s rally as a sign of support for the ruling Rwandan Patriotic Front’s policies.
“I am so happy you came in large numbers, which means you love your country and its prospects for democracy,” Kagame said. “Foreigners who write that there is no democracy in Rwanda should come and see.”
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