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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

All Rwandans and Friends of Rwanda Are Invited to Nominate Mrs Victoire Ingabire As Your CNN Heroe !

All Rwandans and Friends of Rwanda Are Invited to Nominate Mrs Victoire Ingabire As Your CNN Heroe !

Friday, July 30, 2010
12:00am - 3:00am

go to the link below!
Click Here
Ms Victoire Ingabire; a 41-year old mother from Rwanda. Married and a
mother of three, she trained in commercial law and accounting and
graduated in business economics and corporate management in the
Netherlands. Victoire worked as an official of an international
accounting firm based in the Netherlands where she was in charge of its
accounting departments in 25 branches in Europe, Asia and

She left her dream job, left her family behind and went
in a dangerous central African country: RWANDA for the struggle of
freedom of her people. Since she arrived, she is been harassed, she was
put in jail for 1 day and then released on bail,now under house arrest.
Her American lawyer (professor Peter Erlinder) was arrested for 3 weeks
and then released after an international pressure on the Rwandan
government, now his new lawyer is also arrested and incommunicado; she's
been refused a permission to go visit her young children. Everything is
put in place to discourage her, but she continue to refuse to back

Many Rwandans start calling her "African Female MANDELA".her
courage to stand on the current Rwandan regime that doesn't accept any
opposition voices, her dedicated spirit to democracy and freedom of
speech, her sacrifice for her people is something I view as an
extraordinary act of heroism. and she is my nominee.thank you.

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