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Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Dictator General Paul Kagame should be expelled from Spain immediately.

The Dictator General Paul Kagame should be expelled from Spain immediately.

By Turikumwe

Can someone who killed your sisters and brothers come into your house?
Can you shake the hands of someone who killed your sisters and brothers?
Can you share a meal with someone who killed your sisters and brothers?
Can you sit in the same room with someone who killed your sisters and brothers?

Will Kagame apologise for the killings of Spanish people while for the last 16 years, he has been demanding the apologies from the international community for the Rwandan genocide that Kagame triggered himself.

The UN decision to impose PM Zapatero to co-chair the UN meeting with the Dictator and killer General Kagame is lack of respect of Spanish families whose relatives were killed by Kagame.

Kagame should be expelled immediately from Spain. Then UN should find immediately someone to replace Kagame. No-one can comprehend the rationale behind the choice of Kagame to co-chair this meeting. This choice demonstrates how the UN Secretary General is not a wise man. This demonstrates his lack of experience. He does not know who take decisiosn on his behalf. He is just a follower of the decisions taken by his staff.

Kagame did not complete the secondary school education. Being the President of a tiny country like Rwanda does not give you the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to
to deal with the issues regarding international development.

The so-called economic achievements in Rwanda are based on fake statistics. We all know that in Africa and most other developing countries, having accurate statistics that show the true picture of socio-economic development levels is impossible. Even when few statistics exist, they are exaggerated for political reasons. NGOs and other development agencies (mainly the British ones) exaggerate the statistics to justify the need for more funding to dump in some developing countries. This is really the case in Rwanda.


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