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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Discovery of the African Old Manuscripts Is a Breakthrough of the African Scholarship

By Administrator

The Timbuktu University Library
AFRICAN MANUSCRIPTS WITH The Science, Mathematics, Astronomy, Physics, Medicines, and other disciplines of the modern world can be found at Timbuktu University. To this date many Europeans and western scholarship still doubt that the World's Old Manuscripts was found in Africa. This is especially because the African scholars were killed and the African History was burned and looted , but still whoever planned it did not succeed because there is still lot that is still being discovered as time goes by and a lot still to be discovered. As more and more Africans go to school and more scientists and anthropologists continue to be interested in African heritage, the time will tell all.

Today, the Mathematics, Astronomy,Sciene,Medicines and other academic disciplines that is studied now across the world all originated in Africa. The Timbuktu or Tumbuktu as it is known by the locals is the world's oldest University that stood in Mali from time immemorial and served more than 2,5000 students from all over Africa, Europe, the Middle East, India, and as far as China. 

As the first Congolese President Mr.Patrick Lumumba once said it. "History will have its say one day, it will not be history written by western scholars in Washington, Paris, or Brussels, but the History of ours, the history of a New Africa."

Let me tell the world that whoever is proud to be African, or whoever is proud for Africa, I must also add that whoever is a friend of Africa and Africans should know that Africa is the origin of modern sciences, technology, and political science. The system of leadership which was practiced over million of years, the philosophy which was taught throughout the universe, the technology of melting the tin, and the medical surgery that is practiced today is only new to western world but not new to African ancestors. One might ask what to do now. I should simply tell you as an African to walk straight, think straight, talk straight because  you are not an accident, yuo have a reason to believe in yourself. African has been the backbone of new innovation, world's economy, and politics. Africans must rethink their destination to preserve their heritage and the continent.Africans must know and believe in themlves to help them understand where they come from,where they are as they read this article, to where they want to be in the future. They are not the developing world they developed before the universe could realize its direction. This is because of the following reasons.
Some of the old manuscrpts
Discovery of Timbuktu Manuscripts

Discovery of Timbuktu Manuscripts puts an end to Western "Songs and Dance Theory" of African People. It is the Greatest Findings Since Dead-Sea Scrolls On the Verge of being lost.

‘The Timbuktu manuscripts’ are a symbolic representation of the impact and influence of the early schools and universities ( XII-XVIth century) that existed in West Africa ( Timbuktu-Gao-Djenné-Kano). However, the manuscripts that remain in Timbuktu are only part of the intellectual heritage of Africa. Many other manuscripts can be found in other locations in many parts of Africa.

As an academician you can help preserve this endangered manuscripts of Timbuktu where there is around 700,000 manuscripts in Timbuktu and surroundings that are on the verge of being lost if the appropriate action is not taken. These manuscripts represent a turning point in the history of Africa and its people. The translation and publication of the manuscripts of Timbuktu will restore self-respect, pride, honor and dignity to the people of Africa and those descended from Africa as the history of the humanity tells it. it will also obliterate the stereo-typical images of Tarzan and primitive savages as true representation of Africa and its civilization.

The manuscripts of Timbuktu are a living testimony of the highly advanced and refined civilization in Sub-Sahara Africa. Before the European Renaissance, Timbuktu flourished as the greatest academic and commercial center in Africa. Great empires such as Ghana, Mali, and Songhai were proofs of the talents, creativity and ingenuity of the African people. The University of Timbuktu produced both Black African scholars and leaders of the highest rank, character and nobility.

The manuscripts of Timbuktu cover diverse subjects such as mathematics, chemistry, physics, optics, astronomy, medicine, Islamic sciences, history, geography, the traditions African religion, and the government legislation and treaties, jurisprudence and much more. All those who are proud in themselves as an academic heritage of the universe can support the Timbuktu through the Timbuktu Educational Foundation.

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