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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

RWANDA:Rwanda butcher Kagame invades France

A Kagame killing cell has been discovered in France. French security officials say that two former RPA soldiers, former Sgt. Jean Bosco Sasita and Second Lt. John Bosco Murenzi have been hunting opponents to tyrant Kagame.
Four major French towns –  Orleans, Lille, Rouen and Toulouse, are a target and Rwandan  living there have been warned.
Sgt Jean Bosco Sasita was an RPA, soldier and eventually worked as an accountant for the G3 department.
He arrives in France in 2006, as a refugee of convenience, with the support of the Kagame intelligence which was using hm to spy on the RPF dissidents based in Uganda and mostly members of the RPR -Inkeragutabara opposition party.
Second Lt John Bosco Murenzi, is a former bodyguard seconded to president Pasteur Bizimungu. He worked for Directorate of Military Intelligence (DMI) services, under the authority of General Jack Nziza,the butcher of Kabgayi, who was personally involved in the killing of at least 3 bishops of the Rwandan catholic church during the 1994 genocide.
While working as a military intelligence operative, Lt Jan Bosco Murenzi also  attended Kigali Institute of Science and Technology (KIST). He is now on an impossible mission in France to assassinate, terrorise, or poison Kagame’s opponents.
Observers say that Paris would retaliate to any attack from the “evil of the Great Lakes.” All Eu security services are on a maximum alert, to thwart Kagame’s plans.
Rwandans stand up! Stop this evil of the Great Lakes before he destroys our beloved mother land.


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