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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

RWANDA: This Is an Unexhaustive List of Catholic Youth Killied in Kabilizi Catholic Church by Kagame's Soldiers

Here Is the Name List of the Hutu Youth from Kabilizi Catholic Church who Were Killed by the Rwanda Patriotic Forces in 1996 While They Gathered for Prayers in RUHENGERI-RWANDA. Majority of these youth were my age-mates, Colleagues from the School, We used to play Football together. They are now gone and their bones are in display at GISOZI Genocide Memorial Hill. 
1) Gacunduri Charles together with his wife Nyiramateka Anastasie
3) Nsigayehe Gaspard
4) Marie Louise Ayinkamiye
5) Nyirandekeyaho Febrinille
6) Ndacyayisenga Vedaste
7) Nkurunziza Claude n’umuvandimwe we
9) Nicoribera Epipfanie
10) Macengu Kibebe
11) Alphonsine Uwamahoro
12) Fidele Manzi
13) Kiliseliya Umukunzi
14) Vincent Nshimiyimana
15) Melanie Uwumutoni
16) Munyembanza Jean Paul
17) Sibomana JEAN Paul
18) Nzabahimana Joseph
19) FEBORONIYA Mukandutiye
20) Gapitolina Nyirakamanzi
21) Estherie Mukandinda
22) Kabakera Antoinette
23) Odette Nyirandegeya
24) Nizeyimana Fabien
25) Vicencie Nyirakamongi
26) PAPIAS Muhayimana
27) ANDEREYA Rutambuka
28) GABRIEL Bucyanayandi
29) SERUGENDO Leonidas
30) Nyirakamanzi Alphonsine
31) Agnes Mukantabana
32) The Wife of  ALOYS Mbihoyiki
34) Mugiraneza Valens from Rubange
NB : The exact figure of the Hutu youth killed by RPF is more than 105 in one night. They are others were just dragged into the near by caves. However some of those whom the villagers managed to cover with some soil as they dodged Kagame's bullets, have some names of the soldiers who slaughtered them. 
The people of Ruhengeri still have hope that one day, only one day they culprits will be brought to justice in due time. When Rwanda will have a functioning justice without the interference of the superpower countries which are greedy of minerals in Africa.
 Please be careful about the names wrapped up in plastic bags so that you do not destroy them. 
Niyonkuru Malakiyasi. Ruhengeri- Rwanda.


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