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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Majority of Rwandans are living in dire poverty in Kigali
Kigali City is clean as we like to say in the newspapers and by visitors who spend passengers in Kigali but it's just a small part considered a stand of visitors who come to stay in Kigali, but they were astonished when able to leave the stand to go a little in the neighborhoods of the city.

The money that is domande these simple peasants to help with elections and other activities of government will help the development of families living in the slums of the city of Kigali. Rwandan authorities should ensure that their people have a better life rather than gather the little that he has.

Since the houses above - are in the city of Kigali, 500 m from MAGERWA and 1km from the clandestine prison Gikondo commonly known in Gacinya Kabuga and in the children of families living in these houses are supposed to attend other districts close to that - and these authorities and the government should take to ensure that these children are not arrested because they are poor to be taken to these secret prisons that are also transit points for the concentration camp Iwawa. Iwawa is a hill located in Lake Kivu in western countries. This camp is known as a place of torture of children arrested in huge all over the country. The testimonies of those who have left this concentration camp are horrible.

The government should be savior of his people rather than its predator.

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