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Africa Great Lakes Democracy Watch Blog. Our objective is to promote the institutions of democracy,social justice,Human Rights,Peace, Freedom of Expression, and Respect to humanity in Rwanda,Uganda,DR Congo, Burundi,Sudan, Tanzania, Kenya,Ethiopia, and Somalia. We strongly believe that Africa will develop if only our presidents stop being rulers of men and become leaders of citizens. We support Breaking the Silence Campaign for DR Congo since we believe the democracy in Rwanda means peace in DRC. Follow this link to learn more about the origin of the war in both Rwanda and DR Congo:

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


From Rwandan Youth For Change (RY4C) 
RY4C is a movement that emerged in response to the grave violations of Human Rights in Rwanda. This movement is meant not only for Rwandan Youths but for anyone who wishes to be part of this struggle for Freedom, Justice and Democracy.
RY4C acknowledges that Rwandans have suffered and that they are still suffering from all kinds of killings, oppression, living in exile and from other violations of Human Rights such as Right to life, to family, freedoms of speech, thinking and many more.
The Rwandans, condemned to remain silent, held like prisoners in their own country, found themselves in between the International Community which privileges their economical interests and a dictatorial regime. We believe it is time for every Rwandan to take his/her responsibility and do something about it.
RY4C is not a political party but a movement that is devoted to bring awareness through conferences and social networks to stimulate Young boys and girls to have a critical mind. Here is a forum which provides you with information, analyses, critics related to Rwandan politics. You shall find images, texts, videos and links meant to inspire you to be the change you want to see. RY4C promotes, supports and coordinates, if necessary, all initiatives of those who want change in Rwanda.
Young people are known to be creative and enthousiastic, we encourage you to create NGOs, videos, blogs, etc. and to communicate the TRUTH about our History. Thus, If you are passionated by music, sports, arts or you are an expert in any other domain we encourage all of you to use your knowledge wherever you are as a contribution to this change.

For advices and further support, please contact us at:
Twitter: RY4Change

We are looking forward to working with you all,

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