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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Breaking News: Rwandan journalist in exile escapes assassination attempt

Godwin Agaba is a Rwandan journalist in exile currently residing in a neighboring country in fear of his own safety tonight. Mr. Agaba has been in exile since March of 2010 in fear of death and legal persecution. Mr. Agaba, a formerly jailed reporter for the newspaper Umuvugizi and website 256 News, faced re-arrest in 2010 in reprisal for his critical reporting. He reports that his news site was hacked and taken down in November 2010 and that he lives in constant fear of his life.
Last night Godwin Agaba faced a horrifying attempt on his life at his home. His account of what happened is stated in his own words below:
Godwin Agaba is quoted as saying to this writer, “Last night, (Tuesday 9th Feb. 2011), I narrowly escaped being assassinated in my residence by unknown gunmen.  They shot  and killed one dog at the gate around 3:30 am before fleeing on motorbikes.
Fortunately, I and other members staying in the building remained unharmed physically but one of the two guard dogs was killed.
The police have registered a case against the unknown assailants and started an investigation in this regard.  It may be pertinent to mention here that my landlord told me in the morning that this has never happened of the many years they have stayed here.”
There are the reports saying the Uganda police are holding two Rwandan spy suspects in their custody and one was found with the photos of other Rwandan exiled journalists."
This writer has been informed that the local police are reporting that they have arrested two Rwandan suspected spies.  One claims that he is working with East African TV.
Action to protect this brave journalist is imperative and needed immediately. Mr. Agaba has been supported in the past by the Committee to Protect Journalists and while calls, emails and faxes have been made the urgency to protect this journalist is imperative. Those of us who work to expose the continued injustices in Rwanda and neighboring countries urge CPJ and HRW to act on behalf of this man in an urgent fashion to assure his safety
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