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Monday, February 14, 2011

"Kagame seeking justification to invade DRC"- Kayumba, Karegeya

Gen Kayumba Nyamwasa and Col. Patrick Karegeya, respectively Rwanda’s former Chief of Staff of the armed forces and former director of external intelligence, have strongly dismissed a recent CEPGL security meeting observation that the quartet formed a rebel group operating in the jungles in Eastern DRC.

International community warned against Kagame manipulations

The allegations made national headlines in the pro-government daily The New times.

In a press release sent to The Newsline, dated January 22, 2011; President Kagame’s most prominent dissidents who once formed the nucleus of the RPF/A say: “We would wish to refute those allegations with the contempt they deserve. We are not in any way associated with the said group and we do not know the officers named in the report. We are members of the Rwanda National Congress (RNC), a non violent political organisation whose political objectives were clearly articulated in our declaration of 11-12 December 2010 at Bethesda, Maryland, United States of America.”

The two, currently exiled in South Africa, further say they are engaged, together with their compatriots in the diaspora and inside Rwanda in finding a peaceful resolution to the problems of Rwanda.  As a result of this, the exiled officers who as a matter of fact present a new and first formidable challenge to President Kagame say, Kagame swiftly instituted politically motivated charges against them in a military tribunal, tried and sentenced us in absentia to long periods of imprisonment.

“He instructed the commissioner General of Police to circulate our names in all countries of the world for tracking and arrest against all international norms. The resolution of the CEPGL meeting is therefore a continuation of witch-hunt and harassment employed by President Paul Kagame on his political opponents abroad,” the release reads in part.
The officers further say that having terrorised the Rwandan people by imprisoning credible opposition leaders, having competed against himself in national elections registering 93.5% in the recent Presidential elections, Kagame has now embarked on a second project of manipulating his neighbours by extracting unholy concessions as the above mentioned CEPGL Security release demonstrates, to galvanise support for an evil agenda of invading the RDC once again.
And the two justify their most recent accusations against their former Commander-in-Chief.
For instance, they say, in 1996 , Kagame started a war against DRC and dubbed it a Banyamurenge uprising and many in the International community were duped.  He admitted his involvement after nine months to spite President Desire Kabila and his neighbours to ensure that he takes personal credit and minimize the contribution of others. This caused unbridgeable rift between him and President Kabila that culminated in another DRC war in 1998.“In 1998,
 President Paul Kagame coerced a number of DRC officers deployed in the border towns into rebellion against their government and formed an organisation known as RCD.
 As a result of his divisive nature, President Kagame caused rifts within RCD and fragmented it into several factions.  He denied the involvement of the Rwandan government until he suspected that the Ugandan troops would take credit of the rapid progress of the war and he opportunistically accepted his involvement,” the release further notes.
And in 1999, goes on the release, he subtly engineered a conflict between Rwanda and Uganda that culminated in the Kisangani battles. He kept denying the knowledge of the conflict he had perpetrated.
And most recently, in 2004, the former officers say President Kagame, who they describe as a perfect disciple of violence, started the CNDP and claimed that those were RCD officers who refused to join the DRC government. “He recruited, armed and seconded officers to this organisation. He was forced to refrain when the international community threatened to sanction him and he has since incarcerated Gen Laurent Nkunda to avoid leakage and conceal his involvement and the mayhem caused by Kagame in the region during that period,” they note.
According to the duo, President Kagame is now creating other armed groups in the DRC and associating them with Gen Kayumba Nyamwasa and Patrick Karegeya to dupe and compromise President Joseph Kabila and create and secure an excuse for his troops to go back to DRC.
“Through threats, deceit and corruption, the Rwandan security organs are engaged in a brainwashing exercise to deflect investigations in the atrocities caused by the Rwandan forces in DRC including the Mapping report on DRC. Over the years, Paul Kagame has always played victim when he is actually the perpetrator. He is trying to shift attention on Gen Kayumba and Col Karegeya,” the release further reads.
Concluding their reaction; Kayumba and Karegeya warn the international community against President Kagame’s manipulations. “President Paul Kagame is a controversial and divisive leader both at home and in the region. The media and the international community should be reminded and stand warned that this is not the first time he has manipulated his neighbours in preparation for a military adventure in DRC. We call upon the International community to keep seized of the matter and further warn partner members of CEPGL not to succumb to the too familiar manipulation by President Paul Kagame,” the release concludes.
By Didas Gasana.
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