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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Rwanda: Paul Kagame is a visionary leader who has ushered in development in Rwanda and should not be given allowance for genocide

In a press release dated 31/1/11 John Karuranga and the RPP-IMVURA political party make a moving and direct statement to Tony Blair for his December 2010 response to President Paul Kagames leadership of Rwanda and Blair’s assessment of the lives of African people.  In the 15 page document Mr. Karuranga states:
 “As a party, we do not have any confidence in Mr. Blair’s judgment and his AIG is bound to fail soon. His analysis of what HAS GONE WRONG in Africa is flawed. Africa, just like Iraq, which never had Weapons of Mass Destruction, does not have Weapons of Mass Incompetence. It is the tyrannical regimes like those of Mr. Kagame that have blighted Africa’s progress and the real culprits in our view are the foreign think tanks that are now prescribing medicines for African renaissance that will further impoverish Africa and put even more money into the pockets of their so-called service providers and even more into the coffers of corrupt African dictators. Mr. Blair’s agenda is furthering chaining the Rwandan people to a tyranny and making it impossible for Rwanda to recover as a nation and people and is unacceptable.”
He further states that he wishes to engage Mr. Blair in direct communications about the realities the world is not seeing about Rwanda:
“We also want to comment on Mr. Blair’s AIG. Much as we welcome his initiative, we think it is   too late because Mr. Blair had ten years in power in the UK and he could have used his influence and authority to encourage   good governance in Africa including Rwanda. But he did nothing and instead supported Mr. Kagame even when he was rigging elections and declaring a one party state. Secondarily, the AIG program doesn’t meet Rwanda’s specifications because of Rwanda’s social and economic situation. We believe that the AIG project should be reviewed to serve interests of the local people rather than serving the interests of the service providers.
The RPP-IMVURA describes what is needed to overcome the violent history and present state the Rwandan people are living in and how desperately change is needed.  In light of the situations of Tunisia and Egypt the people wanting change in Rwanda are fearful that the same fate is coming to Rwanda. Tony Blair and President Obama have the ability to effect change in this region but they first must accept the realities of those who live there. The dire conditions can no longer be ignored.
To read the full document, please click on the following link to the RPP-IMVURA website:
By: Jennifer Fierberg, MSW
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