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Friday, October 12, 2012

RWANDA-GABON:Where are the souls of Rwandan refugees who were forcefully deported from Gabon: They souls are criying out for justice

This is a comment posted by a grieving Rwandan victim of Kagame's brutal regime which was posted on the Politico Online Newspaper: the comment is a heart-breaking comment. It starts like this:

Dear author, I am glad that some Britain scholars and populace as well have come to understand our agony here in Rwanda. It has been 20 years of torture, despair, hunger, hopelessness, death, and has been a rule full of first it started as a gentle regime and a saviour of Tutsi minority but not any more...Kagame has been and still is killing all Rwandans irrespective of their tribal affiliation,,, I want to bring attention to the research done by American professors from both Michigan and Notre Dame Universities found on this link:http:// after that Rwandans continued dying like flies no body cared because "according to Andrew Mitchell" all Hutus were murderers deserve to be killed."It continued under his watch. Let me bring your attention to unfamiliar or familiar sto
ry of a groupe of young people deported by force from Franceville in Gabon...I am writing to you because I was among those people deported...I am 30 now and I was 15 story goes like this...the UNHCR asked all young Rwandan refugees that were living in Franceville and its environs to come out and register so that the UNHCR could sponsor their any young refugee person,, we were thirsty for solace and hope,,, education was one of them...When all Rwandan young refugees heard that the UNHCR represented by Ms.Louise who claimed to hail from Cameroon, we all flocked around Franceville...we were tired and hungry,, they first gave us water and food,, we thought waooh,,, this is the end of the tunnel...after that we were put in different rooms then later we started hearing rumors that Rwanda had dispatched Col.Charles Kayonga to come and deport us... this is what happened...we saw Gabonese police all over the hotel and asked us to board the military trucks which took us to Mvenge International we were hurled into a warehouse where we waited the last order from UNHCR....I remember a catholic priest called Father Lorenzo of Franceville Catholic Parish pleading with both UNCHR and Gabonese officials not to forcefully deport innocent refugees...but they did send us back to Rwanda where on our arrival they subjected us to all sorts of torture... the RPF soldiers put red-pepper in women's vagina after raping them...these were our mothers, sisters, and aunties...for us who were men they pulled our penis and asked us to cry like a motorbike ride...we were put in a warehouse where we were subjected to all torture. shockingly, there were children as young as 4 years old among those who were of them is a young boy called AMANI.....and Gilbert...more than 3/4 of 1200 refugees deported from Gabon and Brazzaville were killed by RPF on Kagame's our group of 500 refugees both women and men, children and old as well,, only 17 people managed to survive,,, If I am not wrong in my calculation...we used to be beaten three times a day according to the times that free humans get their meals...This means that we were beaten up very early in the morning between 3-4am as an early morning breakfast...this kind of drill could last between 1 to 2 hours as long as they felt energetic and enjoying our screaming due to pain...they could go on.. then there is another session used to be called a late lunch session..this one was modest because it as a change of guards at around 6 to 7pm...after than there is what the RPF soldiers used to call a heavy was a torture session that used to last from 11pm to was the bloodiest torture could hear the women screaming because of the massive rape going on and children crying as they witness their mothers being were beaten up using both blunt or sharp objects plus pulling their genitals to maximize the pain...This happened between July 1997 to 2000...Ever since no one has ever talked about it to establish the role of the UN humanitarian body involvement in the torture of innocent Rwandan refugees who had fled far away from Goma to Franceville on foot because they were fed up with conflict...PLEASE ASK THE UNHCR-GABON OFFICE to tell us where the refugees they forcibly repatriated to Rwanda are....I was with my other three siblings, Pascal, Rwamuningi,, and Elisabeth who succumbed to the inhuman torture supported by UNHCR.