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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

RWANDA-US:The US government is willing to go all the way down to the gutter to protect its closest African ally Rwanda.

We have a serious problem here. The US government is willing to go all the way down to the gutter to protect its closest African ally Rwanda.

Their reasoning is beyond comprehension. This is the same thing they said in 1997 when Roberto Garreton of Chile documented the massacre of refugees in Congo by the Rwandan military, the same excuse they said during the two Congo wars, the same thing they said when Rwanda was caught supporting Laurent Nkunda in 2008, the same thing they said when the UN Mapping report was blocked in 2010 by the US saying that possibly genocide may have occured in Congo, and it is still the same thing they are saying now.

For 16 years... they have said this... and now over 6 million people have died in the Congo. Until when are we going to keep doing this?

"But Rice pushed back, reasoning that any move to sanction Rwandan leader Paul Kagame would backfire, and it would be better to work with him to find a long-term solution to the region's troubles than punish him. "Gerard, it's eastern Congo. If it were not the M23 killing people it would be some other armed groups," she said, according to one of three U.N.-based sources who detailed the exchange. The U.S. mission declined to comment on the meeting, which was confidential."


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