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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

RWANDA-DRC:BREAKING: President Kabila’s Residence Under Attack

 DRC President, Joseph Kabila DRC President, Joseph Kabila

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Latest information coming indicates that DRC President Joseph Kabila’s residence in Kinshasha has been attacked.
Details remain scanty, with some reports suggesting that the chaos at State House was sparked by an exchange of fire among Kabila’s guards.
If true, Chimp Corps report, this will be the second time Kabila’s residence is being attacked in less than a year.
In February 2011, six gunmen were killed and seven arrested in an attack on Kabila’s house.
However, he was absent during the assault.
Information Minister Lambert Mende later told press then security was trying to identify the perpetrators of the “coup attempt.”
"A group of heavily armed people attacked the presidential palace. They were stopped at the first roadblock. Our soldiers fought with them, arrested some of them and six people were killed."
The attack came on the heels of controversial presidential electoral reforms which, opponents claimed were designed to entrench Kabila’s presidency.
Kabila rose to the highest political office in the land following the assassination of his father, Laurent-Désiré Kabila, in 2001.


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