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Friday, September 21, 2012


From RNC Newsonline
Johannesburg – Saturday the 25th August, I had a conversation with RNC Youth Leader for Joburg Branch in South Africa. The will and courage to tell it like it is, is what drives this ambitious young man, Nsengimana Daniel.  The discussion started on a lighter note but as we progressed, the heat was on. The following are thoughts and suggestions from what he shared with us.
“If you go through the history of Rwanda, youth have always been used by selfish leaders for their own benefits and that’s exactly what’s happening in the North Kivu”. Said Nsengimana Daniel.  
“The strength of our nation (which is the youth) is wasted in Congo, in wars that they too don’t understand the root-causes”. He Added.
When asked how he feels about the recent developments in Rwanda regarding young men arrested over allegations of misconducts and various charges, he told us that “those  young men are being harassed. Those involved in capturing them, fabricates false charges so that they can carry on with their militias activities. Those young men are treated like a herd of cattle. You just drag them left and right and they follow you".
He goes further to advice them that “ Rwandan youth are the ones to take up the first step in fighting for their rights and the sovereignty of their country”. Here, he gave us an example of how the two governments starting with the ousted one and the current government, the two government have always involved the youth in wrong doings.
“during the Gen Habyarimana reign, youth were used to do bad things. The same mentality migrated to the current regime where we see, president Paul Kagame also use the youth to do more harm than good. So the youth need to be aware of all these things and rise up. The time is now”.
“ for example when there is instability, they call upon the youth to intervene. But when all is well, they forget them. So here we need to think twice and asks ourselves whether we are their tools to be used around or part of the solution”.
He also stressed on the issue of the recent attempt assassination to end the life of his fellow comrade and chairman of RNC in Africa region, Frank Ntwali,  by saying that “ it is a shameful act and we condemn it very strongly. We are aware that our lives are in danger, but yet again we know that we won’t live forever. So we will continue to voice against the bad regime however we can”.
Asked his opinion regarding the current regime, he stressed out that “the regime is in its last stage. They will do whatever they can to empty coffers of the people. Here I can give you so many examples of funds they established for the sole purpose of enriching themselves; 1 Agaciro Development Fund 2. Mutual Fund, 3. Education Fund, 4. FARG all these are mind-game type of businesses that are meant to bankrupt ordinary citizen.
He concluded by saying that “as youth, especial those still living in Rwanda, there is need to free themselves and start being vocal. There is a need for us as youth to break those chains and free ourselves from the oppressor, using whatever means we have at our disposal”.
Paul Karekezi


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